Leaked Kremlin documents claim Russian President Vladimir Putin is secretly battling Parkinson's disease and pancreatic cancer

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Saudis tell US that Iran is prepping attack on kingdom

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Quebec politicians refuse to swear oath to King Charles III

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  1. The same as before. He never attacked before and actually he was never one for starting a war. He is very cautious and strategy on what he does.

  2. https://www.timesofisrael.com/netanyahu-urged-us-to-attack-iran-after-trumps-election-loss-report/

  3. If he wanted too, no one could have stopped him . The price was too high . As I said cautious . Hell I think he should have bombed the Iranians nuclear facilities

  4. Considering Hezbollah fought the IDF to a stalemate, I don’t think triggering a war on Iran, with vastly more consequences, was in anyone’s national security interest

  5. Ohio is a state within the US country. If the US country allows Ohio forced birth of raped 12 year olds, then Ohio can legislate that. See supremacy clause, and common sense given that the US is a country and Ohio a region within the country.

  6. The US has incoherent abortion laws and is therefore less liberal towards abortion than a country like, say, Iran.

  7. LoL what? Did you even try to check what's up with abortion in Iran before writing us liberal than Iran?

  8. Congratulations to Israel for electing their most racist government yet!

  9. I have some questions. These may be dumb (or they may sound like conspiracy theories) but there are a few geopolitical rumors, speculations, and stories recently that I have absorbed without being able/willing to verify. And a few more general questions that I don't have the answers to.

  10. The Italian electorate deserve this for the absolute shamelessness they've shown towards their parents and grandparents who did the hard work and liberated themselves from Mussolini.

  11. The Saudis have both wealth, western weapons/training, and spite in ample supply.

  12. Actually, Saudi has a much higher literacy rate, much…MUCH higher university ranking, and higher university graduates per-capita. Also, higher academic yearly research output.

  13. They also couldn't beat the Houthis. They can't attack, end of story.

  14. Ukraine have no shame by mixing politics wih sports? What else? Just hand them the cup or play every game until they win because they're in war?

  15. Give them the trophy and cancel the tournament while they’re at it

  16. I don’t remember the US being banned for invading Iraq or destroying Libya, Syria, etc.

  17. I’m curious why their country openly shows this on the news and the USA keeps CCTV extremely secret

  18. If they showed the footage of Uvalde, Parkland, or Sandy Hook, guns would be illegal in the US by now. And certain rotten elements can't have that, can they?

  19. Yup you’re practically saying what I said - Islam is inherently a political force unlike Christianity, and thus hasn’t progressed or been as progressive as other monotheistic religions/ideologies have. That’s ultimately the main difference. Beyond that, the reform movements I’m aware of are mostly based and directed by the west and not Islamic forces in and of themselves.

  20. The US is already the largest trading partner of Cuba. It is the leadership of Cuba that has to take the initiative.

  21. 6 decades of spiteful embargo on Cuba and they're the ones who need to take initiative?

  22. They're not thinking, they're behaving in a way consistent with their indoctrination

  23. They behave like any ultranationalist of any stripe does, loudly, rudely, and proudly.

  24. https://www.npr.org/2021/04/25/989546260/i-remember-them-screaming-afghans-detail-alleged-killings-by-australian-military

  25. I chose god and stolen Iraqi antiquities

  26. "Well, just about time to kick back and enjoy retirement after a long career of funding terrorism, looting Iraqi cultural heritage, and spreading that same theocratic fervor at home."

  27. Imagine being so deranged you turn every single news story into a "hurrdurr republican bad".

  28. Huh? Their English-Language division isn’t that bad from what I’ve seen other then the pro-US and pro-Qatar bias they have. (The emir of Qatar owns the company and likes the US and his emirate, therefore his media company isn’t going to produce media that might threaten their funding.)

  29. Al Jazeera is surprisingly well-balanced especially considering who it's run by. Legacy media in the US has become totally unwatchable.

  30. I watched the clip on Hasan’s stream too, but the thing is, he’s not wrong at all. You would need a C-RAM type system to intercept Shaheds which are low flying, slow, and most importantly numerous. The systems they just received for air defense like the NASAMs aren’t a sustainable air defense weapon for loitering munitions. They are best kept in reserve until cruise missiles/jets are in bound, because they only have like 8 shots per unit, and considering it’s about $1 million per shot, theres not a whole lot of spare ammunition to go around right now. The C-RAM on the other hand, is quite literally built for defending against this exact kind of threat from the drones.

  31. Yeah but Raytheon charges out the ass for their weapons systems. American drones cost like $90 million a pop. Why do you think Russia is buying Iranian drones? Because it's cheap to build a drone. Same reason why they aren't buying the Turkish Bayraktar drones.

  32. I think they are buying Iranian drones because that’s literally the only nation that allows them to buy drones. Good luck to the Russians trying to buy a Predator from General Atomics out in San Diego. They are only cheap because they aren’t anything that special under the hood, since it’s a loitering munition. A Switchblade 300 for example is around $5K. A reconnaissance drone that costs millions is that expensive since it can be flown by a dude a hundreds of miles away, fly for days while beaming the pimples on a camels ass from 50,000 ft, carrying weapons and interfacing its data with pilots. That’s a lot more complicated technology than just a civilian drone or a kamikaze drone.

  33. Interesting, not really a hardware person myself so I appreciate the insight. It's clear drones/swarms on the battlefield are the new norm, ever since Nagorno-Karabakh conflict a couple years ago, also preventing Addis Ababa from falling to the TPLF in Ethiopia. Ukraine's position is entirely contingent on the continued transfers of these advanced weapons systems from Western countries with deep pockets.

  34. You’re not interested in their perspective, you’re interested in hearing your already formed opinions repeated to you by someone old enough you can point to them as an “authority” figure and say “See I told you so”

  35. I'm genuinely interested in their perspective. American nationalism during WW2 was by and large good thing, considering the stakes.

  36. Here's a video about peonage - the practice of charging and convicting black men of bogus crimes, and then using them as "slaves" (essentially unpaid, involuntary labor).

  37. Peonage- whether the type you showed here, or debt peonage from medical or education debts- is further forming the basis of our society, which is spiraling and about to transcend capitalism into a new form of techno-feudalism.

  38. a lot more liberals can now, as some liberal/progressive sites have been providing updated maps showing russian control of ukrainian areas as the war has progressed.

  39. I mean the vast majority of Americans who are unconcerned with such matters and aren't as plugged into these kind of politics. More nominally associated with one party or the other, either for social or familial reasons.

  40. That insult would mean something if the vast majority of Europeans could point out the names of states in the United States or in Mexico. Regional Geography always take precedence in schooling.

  41. It's not an insult (our gutted education system is the real insult), it belies the fact that most everyday Americans simply do not give a shit about foreign policy and never have. I don't necessarily blame them considering they have more pressing issues at hand, like how to afford rent etc. But it's had negative effects (see trillions wasted in meaningless wars across the Middle East)

  42. Highly recommend you check out Peter Zeihan on YouTube. Very interesting and well spoken geo political commentator. China's ships are surprisingly ineffective as their range is terrible. The US' carrier fleet on the other hand is the greatest military power in human history aside from nukes.

  43. Zeihan is obsessed with saying the downfall of China is imminent. People have been saying for 40 years the downfall of China is imminent. Never seems to be the case.

  44. You are forgetting the most important sanction of "Just fuck'em up"

  45. Interesting, by the way, can you remind me of how our 20 year war in Afghanistan went? If I recall it was against a bunch of bigoted hicks with AKs. We definitely won that war, right? Right?

  46. Cool, sounds like it's long past time to deliver the Iranian people some freedom anyways.

  47. Don't take me out of context, but what's stopping the UN/NATO from doing a Desert Storm 2.0 to topple the current Iranian Government and establishing a democracy there?

  48. Lol, the term terrorist has been thrown around for so many things that it has lost all meaning.

  49. No. It hasn’t. If someone were to legally label you as a terrorist, your life would never be the same. Not even a fraction of what it is now. Look up what Canada was labeling protesting truckers last year if you need some context.

  50. If Canada is labeling protesting truckers as terrorists then what clearer example do you need the word has lost all meaning

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