1. The can, a servo or actuator, battery, and Arduino is non-trivial weight. Do you have a drone that can lift a pound or two payload?

  2. No but I can get one. I'm sure its no big deal. But assembling and operating the Arduino sounds like something that I will find challenging for a project like this but I also want to do it out of curiosity anyway more than anything else.

  3. Assuming the weight isn't a problem ( and it will be unless $$$ ), you could totally do it. I'm no expert, but I've built a 'useless box' with servo motors, and had fun doing it. Similar guts -- switches and motors. You'd trigger the pins connected to a relay which in turn starts a motor actuating the spray mechanism. I think the hardest part would be generating enough force to trigger the can. Maybe with a gears to make up for low torque motors? 3D printed can holder and trigger lever?

  4. I think a can with a sensitive lever can make up for that.

  5. You can take this further and open a second chat, pasting chat 1's response to chat 2 and vice versa so ChatGPT can collaborate with himself and make it even better. That's how he made a simple, functional webpage with Css and Javascript included

  6. I love how Sting is just sitting there, knowing they are watching him on camera, attempting to make pleasurable faces.

  7. The whole performance is kind of a giant inside joke among Puerto Ricans because the singer in question is actually a national icon to Puerto Ricans.

  8. Con cada dia que pase, realidad y sátira se asemejan mas y mas....

  9. Gets shot with a rubber bullet afterwards then wakes up dazed by medication in an ambulance talking to the guy who confesses that he shot you to teach you a lesson about sharing is caring and to apologize to your wife for cheating on her and wearing flashy clothes despite turning down 3 prostitues earlier that day and getting their pimp sniped to death.

  10. And he's still working in Back of house past his 30s. Damn. I wonder how Mr. Krabs lasted so long as GM of the restaurant.

  11. - Dynamic Nav Mesh generation: Opens the way for randomized maps.

  12. He should pluck his own head off like that ostrich did 👀

  13. https://youtube.com/shorts/rJUCy85bW_Q?feature=share

  14. Scrape it sideways with a Spatula. Ease in from the walls of the pot, sink it sideways on the rice. Carefully loosen the stuck rice at the bottom of the pot and slowly make your way around the edges like a can opener and you should get most of it out.

  15. Yup! He can do much more than that. Right now you are only limited by your imagination but if you want a step-by-step guide from ChatGPT, here's a neat experiment you can try:

  16. This could actually help OpenAI in their research ngl.

  17. Now you need a unified pulley that is connected to the pulleys on each lawnmower to rev them up simultaneously.

  18. cat fishing? is a pickup line indicative of someone’s entire personality? lmao

  19. In this case, its indicative of someone's lack of personality.

  20. Not hard to figure out when you use a bot as a crutch to get laid.

  21. Switch/Unreal Halo Confirmed lmao also, here is a summarized version of the above comment form ChatGPT:

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