1. Best part is to see these games with the main players playing. Would never see that in Ranji

  2. It's pretty rare in Australia, to be fair. They used to all play during October-November before the Tests but there's always a meaningless ODI series somewhere these days.

  3. Still much more than we will ever see at Ranji

  4. He's bad- but is he as bad as Prithvi Shaw? Or Yuzi Chahal? I think not.

  5. Problem is management does not seem to have patience with him. If he messes up even one game (when he gets the chance), he will again be put away. This year's ipl will also be critical for him.

  6. Sponsors need screen time for their favorites

  7. why do you think there are SO many medals for swimming as compared to hockey/badminton/tennis/TT etc.

  8. They have their 50 medals covered via water, track and gymnastics. They dont care about other sports

  9. Ofcourse it is. But they control the olympics so they do whatever it is they want. Like fucking 3x3 basketball. Probably the sarcasm in my comment was not clear

  10. TIL there are two Punjabs one in India the other in Pakistan

  11. Pakistan's is the (far) bigger Punjab too

  12. As a Hindi native who has learnt nastaliq over last year, can share my thoughts:

  13. A question to those familiar with Archer's injury history, I am aware there was the fishtank incident (which is not linked to his overall injury issues), but I see this on wikipedia

  14. I can’t wait to hear someone say “and RCB beats my women”

  15. Urdu uses the Farsi/arabic script but the language when spoken is similar to Hindi as it got origined in India only. Read this.

  16. Hindi and urdu are not sister languages, they are the same gal wearing different make up

  17. Dil bhi hindi hai. Khayal bhi hindi hai. We dont need to thank urdu for it. Only farsi.

  18. Two players from the undefeated world cup winning team.

  19. Australia crushes this team every day.

  20. That's quite a weird overstatement given the individual records of many of these players against the Aus. Not to mention the Aussies on the team itself

  21. Said in a light vein - this is a good team. But I do feel a full strength Aussie team might beat this team..

  22. I’m not trying to shit on their ODI Team but I don’t think it’s a hot take to say T20 is their format

  23. Would love to see a Pak vs Afg game at Peshawar. Have we had one of those before?

  24. Surprised India didn't make 450. After 30 overs, they were 243/2.

  25. If you have watched India's odi team for past 3/4 years, that should not surprise you

  26. I wasn't talking about just this guy. And I've seen a lot more of weirdly east asian like influence than this guy in phenotypes of haryanavis.

  27. Old thread but sharing as a Jat. I have seen this as well in I would say about 5% of the Jats I have met give or take a few.

  28. So basically Rahul Tripathi and Prithvi Shaw will perform till 2 months before the wc and irrespective of how they perform they are going to be replaced by Virat and Rohit

  29. Absolutely. All the test regulars who can still run around a field will be prioritized for the T20 WC. (edit: and those who are not totally ruled out for T20s - e.g. Puji)

  30. Watching the Day 5 replay of the 2006 Ashes test in Adelaide during my gym hour these days (available on

  31. Damn! Great post! I had no idea CA uploaded full day replays to their Youtube channel. Unfortunately there are not that many to choose from, and the awesome 1 run test in Adelaide vs the West Indies is only available in highlights form. I was hoping that one would be a full day replay. I remember seeing that one as a kid at home.

  32. If i had robelinda's library, i would never get anything done.

  33. Some hype for a meek semi final surrender at best.

  34. Kohli and Pandya dont sit right with me. SKY ofcourse deserves to be there.

  35. My half khatri half jat nephew also had brown hair as an infant. Now they are gradually turning darker.

  36. Not sure what I feel about the French/Balkan guesses, but I can give them the benefit of doubt as she seems to be showing a lot of “Palaeolithic” IE influence. Excellent example of what I think the Steppe people must’ve looked like when they came to SA.

  37. Not an uncommon Jatni look in villages around Baghpat Baraut as well (part of Western UP doab closer to the yamuna)

  38. We bench him in the format that doesn't matter, to save him for the one that does

  39. Would you mind letting others win the world cup in the useless format then..

  40. No point asking him. Will have to wait for his retirement.

  41. its all good untill u realise that bose only gave 2 subjects, but still am very proud and the statement is purely neutral, no hate.

  42. Proceeds to name 95% of South Asian commentators..

  43. Some hindi comms are great. I love Irfan Pathan and Mhd Kaif

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