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  1. I suspect he means the perfect setup for blowjobs. Lol.

  2. Wait a second... she goes for skinny guys because "you can't make a s'more with 2 marshmallows", but dislikes men of color, despite the fact that you can't make a s'more without some chocolate either.

  3. Lea was so good at Rachel Berry because she wasn’t actually acting. She was being her terrible self.

  4. Cindy Adams is a grade-A cuntwaffle. A pretentious, self-righteous snob who writes with the skills of a high school dropout. No doubt in my mind she drove as far North as OOB and claims to have experienced Maine. Downcoast and Upcoast? She can't even google the correct regions of Maine. Get back in your twatmobile and go away. Stop sucking all of our fresh air up your not-so-lardy-ass. NYC deserves you.

  5. I may get crap for this couple, but Ben and Jen this time around are definitely PR trying to prove love can happen after 20 year.

  6. Lord. 5 years? I think they’ll do well if they make it to one.

  7. True. She's going to push and keep this marriage together for a few years cause its her 4th marriage and she likely knows the public thinks she's a joke who can't tay married and has issues with being alone.

  8. You know what? You’re right about that. And we’re going to watch Ben slip back into the throes of alcoholism in the meantime.

  9. She, Julia Fox, and Brooklyn Beckham should just fuck right off into the sunset together.

  10. I don’t think people in the states understand what you mean by cow so you’re getting downvoted lol.

  11. Oh okay - thought you were a Brit! My family is from there and cow is used as an insult but it has nothing to do with appearance.

  12. And that’s exactly how I meant it. She’s acting like a major cow with her attitude 🐄 😁

  13. Last night was date night with bendypretzelbaby, so they have to act like he was up all night with the masterful lovemaking that has her all giggly and smug today.

  14. Totally not sticking up her her because she’s trash but I suspect she has eyelash extensions and those stay on all the time until they shed off.

  15. I always try to use Nookazon to see if the person has reviews — much easier to trust people with a good track record.

  16. Someone tried to scam me on a Nookazon sale in January. I shut off my Switch and stopped them, but I’m still bummed about it. People suck.

  17. Here to say that Joe’s Pizza is delicious. Had some on my last visit to the city in the spring 🤣

  18. I can see the pinkish moon belly, it’s under the plaid shirt. Plaid shirt is covering the seam. Moon belly is smushed down in the leggings.

  19. Yeah, was coming here to say this. It’s there, the angle is just weird.

  20. Gotta show the “happy” faces after that video with the SUVs came out the other day.

  21. I read he went to the police but then wouldn’t cooperate so likely nothing will come of this.

  22. He hired an attorney and is now threatening legal action. Giant eye roll…

  23. Ugh. Hopefully Tyson’s attorney squash him like the cockroach he is.

  24. He was Nikolas during my high school day (aging myself here) and man I thought he was so hot.

  25. Hilaria Baldwin please let this be your second real pregnancy done just to spite us. Yes I know you will have another Mommy Makeover just like you did post Carmen, but spite is a drink you will be swallowing forever.

  26. Holy giant mouth. She could pull her bottom lip up over her head and swallow herself whole 😳

  27. Just starting out so would be happy for any! Thank you :) 3NWC2

  28. She is in a coma while pregnant? The new life growing inside her rarely survives. It’s called a still birth As opposed to a live birth

  29. Quora opinions don’t come from medical professionals. Or from women who have survived being in a coma


  31. I’ve never liked Nina from the beginning. And when they switched her actress I liked her even less. But I don’t like how everyone’s pushing her to go have sex with a married man because they love each other. Also knowing that he is a little bit crazy right now doesn’t help. It’s almost as if she’s taking advantage of the situation. And I don’t like it

  32. *pushing her to have sex with them because everyone hates his wife

  33. It's completely horrible. Nina is a flipping freak (now we know where Nell got it from) LEAVE SONNY ALONE!

  34. “Could you imagine wrapping up all of the craziness surrounding Peter in one episode?!”

  35. Why are people just posting the same comment?

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