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I needed this today

AITA for asking (not insisting) that my BF switch meals with me when I don’t like what I’ve ordered at a restaurant ?

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  1. Done ( although there's no credit scores in Ireland hope that doesn't mess things up !)

  2. Hi ! Same thing happened to me I live in Ireland and I didn't get a match :( we could match with each other if you like ????

  3. Take l-lysine. You have a vitamin deficiency more than likely.

  4. Cutting out SLS taking L Lysine and a good strong multi B vitamin shoul help a lot ... helps a lot with cold sores also !

  5. omg I am obsessed with his voice ..... sigh

  6. Also thanks, your response helped me get out of my head and think about things from a practical pov

  7. Also if you have injuries caused by human nails you shuld go to the dr on campus for a proper checkover , you might need antibiotics for the scalp lacerations. There will then also be a record to show ro the school authoritiesa and or police . The paperwork is 100% replacable . Get as much help and support as possible on campus there will be student counselling and an apointed member of staff or tutor to help you liase with the University to sort the paperwork out . Your ordeal sounds terrible, take time to recover today and over the next few weeks & hopefully you can make long term plans to avoid your sister in future. Big (((( hugs ))))

  8. In America with checks . This is a different scam .

  9. No shame in it mate Im a nurse with tons of experience in loads of different areas I eneded up in the west of Ireland due to accommodation issues a few years ago and ended up on social welfare because of a recruitment ban in the HSE ! That's why we all pay taxes and look after each other in this country :)

  10. no shes buried in the cematary in the next town over and her normal gravestone is still there i think this was just like for more of a memory type thing

  11. You have nothing to apologise for .... sounds like you have been living in her shadow your whole life . I'm sorry youve had so many crappy birthdays that really sucks . Stop apologising to him , he is the one who owes you an apology AND all the adults around him who have let it get this out of hand NTA BIG ((((( HUGS))))

  12. YTA. In what word are you not a mega asshole? Apparently you usually get him to switch with you, how about stop ordering shit you don’t like? Or better yet, maybe be an actual adult and finish the food or accept the L you’ve taken and just eat something at home.

  13. I know and WHY order calamari at a sports bar ? Its bound to be frozen and rubbery and gross .... unless you are in a fishing village having dinner and its explicitly fresh on the menu .... The pretentiousness of you ordering crap and dumping it on the poor guy.... I'm delighted he had a prepared speach , although it 100% sounds you didnt bother to take his concerns on board YTA oh and unless someone is dead, don't ring #ANYONE at 530 am

  14. Are you adopted ? What the hell is this question ?

  15. I gave him a second chance just once. ONCE! I dont think I was stupid for giving him a second chance on one occasion. I agree it would be daft to give him another chance after this. I'm simply asking for advice on how to cope with a split family.

  16. Well I think the first thing you need to do is reframe it in your head . The whole " broken family " thing is only going to hurt you and your kids if you use that term . I would definitely suggest therapy for yourself to learn how to cope with this. I'm a single parent but my kids don't come from a broken home . The answers are different for everyone BUT getting outside help and support is definitely the way forward . You can do this xx

  17. YTA omg I so wish this wasn't real and I'm so desperately sorry for your EXwife .

  18. All available items will be delivered Wednesday and Thursday. One item coming Nov. 7. Glad I can help.

  19. Ooohhhh haven't had that in a while .Do you have a recipe ?

  20. Most drinks now the same. I can’t drink them with that awful artificial sweetener taste, would much rather pay a bit more for sugar

  21. I KNOW so much gack ! Ribena is horrible now :(

  22. i feel like lucozade has becone so much more watery now

  23. It has ! And we can't use it as an emergency drink for diabetics in A/E anymore either !!

  24. Brilliant ! I was thinking of you , well done ❤️

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