1. tbh all I could think of watching this scene is how lucky that boy was

  2. I still occasionally switched balrog modes by accident. I think I prefer Beowulf's simplicity

  3. I like that DMD change up the enemy placements and I think some of them got new moves too (right?), so you can rediscover the game again

  4. in my strat, I only stay on the left side of the arena. when PV appears, I jump on the wall, if it's the summoned nails I'd just slide down and dash to avoid them, if he do his thrust or slash atk I'd jump and pogo on him.

  5. Same, I had to "forget" the 5GHz one to stop it auto connecting

  6. I've used a 120w charger before and it's fine. If you're worried, get a cable that with a display that shows the wattage while charging

  7. You can, but it's gonna eat you up inside every time you see the back

  8. Maybe it was exam day and those were cheat sheets that he tried to flush down?

  9. for a second I thought he was wearing Lady's jacket

  10. but in the scenario that they switched, Nero wouldn't exist.

  11. Ok so this is a weird one, what I did is I had file manager downloaded from Xiaomi since I moved over from there and then I recorded the audio with nothing recorder and I couldn't find it anywhere other than in the app.

  12. Thanks for the tip. I eventually got it by sharing it to Google drive and sending the link to my other email.

  13. Flower is definitely easier than pantheon if you know what route to take

  14. In my case, I skipped FFT at first because I couldn't get into the story and there were other FF titles I'd rather play. Then I got into playing FFTA on my phone using emulator. The story was much simpler, and I could play at a faster speed and use save state. Then I went back to FFT (the WotL version)

  15. stay off this subreddit until you get the first ending

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