1. They announced this back in July of 2021. Still haven't heard another word since. My hopes are not high.

  2. Kino "insider" on the forums when asked if it was getting close last week:

  3. I can see LADWP is missing from this list, wonder what other municipal utility providers are as well?

  4. If you do upgrade, get a region free player so you can import European discs. There’s other great labels in addition Criterion

  5. “Ur going to hell for cutting down a tree that u couldn’t identify.” Quercuses 3:16

  6. Thank you all so much! I’m usually on Reddit reading and learning but have never really posted. This community is so wonderful. I read every comment. I really appreciate all of your help.

  7. He's also the only player willing to sacrifice his body.

  8. Because you always treat ANY gun as if it is loaded. He pointed a gun at another human being and pulled the damn trigger.

  9. Witnesses like the assistant director who already agreed to plea.

  10. AD is in charge of safety on set, so maybe their guilty plea is an admission of responsibility rather than ducking it.

  11. August- September are the only times these trees should be trimmed, so you have some time to research

  12. If you accept the estimate that 50% of residential water use in California is for landscaping, and generously allocate most of that use to lawns in particular, you could save a whopping 4% by eliminating all residential lawns in the state

  13. 4% is a lot for such a precious resource. Don’t try and minimize their impact. Lawns also use a shit ton of chemicals. Also, there is a big carbon foot print associated with transporting the water for lawns.

  14. I really like bush anemone (Carpenteria californica). It's pretty narrow but can be a bit floppy.

  15. Maybe go by director. For example, Robert Siodmack directed several bangers in the glory days. Jules Dassin too.

  16. Saw a busload of Iowan tourists hit Zankou Chicken in Pasadena a couple weeks ago. They were confounded.

  17. Doubt there's much you can do now, trees work on their own time schedule.

  18. No, IF you decide to go back and actually read her thread, you can see she's talking about public, wilderness places. Like in this article, which she mentions:

  19. Wonder if Washington knew about whatever this is all along.

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