My supervisor told me today that he could have another person ready to take my job an hour after I left if need be, I was only inquiring about a raise I was supposed to get anyway, this was also during my break surrounded by other coworkers. So I said “start the timer” And I left.

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  1. Oh no, they let all the 5G out. It going to turn on the Covid chips. /s

  2. This is both sad and wonderful at the same time. I hope the supreme law of the land realizes that people are people and put a stop to this nonsense. Best of luck to this girl and hope she triumphs over this stupidity.

  3. Nice try boss, I work for money so I can afford to buy a pizza with something other than pineapple on it.

  4. The jackass that initiated this can burn in hell. The jackasses that continue to emulate it, one question, have you not seen how stupid people look in every video?

  5. It’s your account, block anybody you want. I know it is extremely difficult nowadays but your private life should be kept private. Your boss wants to follow you, then direct them to your LinkedIn on account. What you did on the weekend, and with who, is your business.

  6. 20 years later: The killer was once caught on video throwing a cat from a 22nd story window.

  7. This ended in the eighties. Today it’s about looking out for yourself and doing what works best for you. Companies are not going to give a hoot about you or even your talent. This is why completely incompetent people are hired or promoted into management positions, they have no idea what the job is or what their subordinates do so they manage through fear, “if you do or don’t do this, write up, or termination.” Chase the money and the benefits because no body is going to recognize your worth. The company owes you nothing and you owe them nothing.

  8. This is getting silly. Learn to use a measuring tape and it doesnt matter what configuration it is, itll be perfect every time.

  9. This is what that common core education leads to. 2 +2 is about 4 or 5 but sometimes 3.

  10. No problem. Yes the $10,000 quote is correct. You have an hour to approve it if you need it by 4:00 today. I need to get material and get it set up.

  11. You start looking for a replacement because you are going to need it.

  12. Lol. Our survey says!:.

  13. I surveyed all my friends so that means that 100% of Americans wants this.

  14. For real. Every job listing that says “necessary qualifications: 5+ years of experience” when they know they’ll take two years is just as guilty as Kendra. I hope some student points that out.

  15. My preferences, in order are 1. Milwaukee, 2. Makita, 3. Dewalt. My reason for that is that I have never broken a Milwaukee tool, I have worn them out, after 20 years, but with a few dollars they were ready for more . My first cordless drill was a Makita it ran, and ran, and ran until I could no longer get batteries for it and there were not many other tools at the time that used the same batteries. I don’t believe this to be an issue any longer. So Milwaukee was a more versatile brand at that point. My experience with Dewalt has been a lot of broken tools, relatively new tools, from drills that would break at the chuck and impact wrenches that would break the drive. This seems to have been improved but I still have my reservations. This has been my experience for the last 30 years and my preferences have not changed. Currently, my coworkers, in an industrial facility, also seem to favor Milwaukee, a few Dewalt and the least is Makita. The Dewalt guys seem to replace tools more often than others, on the other hand, I have never heard any complaints about Makita.

  16. Take this as you will, only poor people talk about money, rich people don’t talk about money.

  17. I bet they are also the first people to complain that stuff is too expensive completely ignoring the fact that someone has to pay for the damages they cause.

  18. My favorite is when they're scared of it because it's "too sharp". Bitch, that is literally a a knife's entire purpose: being sharp.

  19. Ha ha I always tell people that knives are like pencils, if they are not sharp they’re useless.

  20. This guy got the camera pointing in the wrong direction for a selfie. Not even in the same zone.

  21. idk why the runout of my parts is off boss i have no clue what it could be

  22. Unfortunately this is the guy who could do it cheaper. A real tech would have a ladder, a fiberglass ladder, would turn off the power, especially in an area where an electrical problem can hurt someone else. Also the lack of professionalism demonstrated by standing on the customer’s appliance says a lot.

  23. Give me your old bosses number so I can call and ask him if he knows where you are working now.

  24. I watched a guy die in a meeting once, a workaholic, after the paramedics rolled him out, the president of the company said “where were we?” Too bad he was not there to realize how unappreciated he was.

  25. Oh I was there. This is the most egregious thing I have ever witnessed at work. On a more regular basis I have heard bosses tell people who lost someone “get over it, it been a week already.” It’s the classic bad boss who lacks empathy and does not realize that he needs those people more than they need them.

  26. With my master googling skills I have come to the conclusion that her name is Ssunbiki

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