1. I broke my thin ass rubber bands once, then I got even more mad than I already was 😭

  2. Hey! I wanted to make this too, and I was thinking of using the five senses; sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. Soothing stuff like a favorite candy, nostalgic scents or essential oils, pictures of people or things you love, or stress toys! Personalize it to fit you 💕✨

  3. True! Really does remind me of cottage core baking haha :D

  4. Hey! Yes, she’s improved! Vet gave us some medicine and thankfully nothing was broken but maybe it was tissue that got injured.. we were taking care of a crazy dog at the time so I wonder if she bit her.. 😢 Butttt no more limping and shes happy and normal now :)

  5. Thank goodness !!! Did you confine her to a certain place? I live in a two story place and think the cat running down the steep steps may have caused it. Im thinking of confine to bathroom but she loves to roam 😢

  6. Yeah, she mostly stayed in my bedroom. My cat also likes to roam, so it’s kinda hard. Your cat should be fine though, as long as she doesn’t run and jump a lot 🫶

  7. Girl in Pieces. A lot of sh in it. It can be really triggering though, so just be wary of that! It’s a good book I rlly enjoyed it ❤️

  8. Movie theater. I remember going to watch the Demon Slayer movie and omg. We were all sobbing 😭

  9. Cool and you have great taste in music. Maybe you like crystals too? :)

  10. Is there a fictional character that gives you gender envy? If so, which one?

  11. Any women's perfume (I prefer body mist, but there are others)

  12. I absolutely love Fabuloso. I’ve told my family before that I love the smell of it so much that I wanna drink it 💀

  13. Slip ups always happen. We can't be strong all the time. But we can rely on others. I hope you have someone who can lend you their strength while you need a rest and hopefully help you recover. Nothing wrong with relapsing, it's all part of the process XX

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