1. goin to hell goes hard, ngl havent heard a bad artist song yet

  2. Heat is literally one of the hardest songs of all fucking time. Uses a gun for the beat and literally says “The DA can play this motherfuckin’ tape in court, I’ll kill you”

  3. eh he’s still not really mainstream his music doesn’t really chart yet

  4. idk about depression but drug use can fuck up how you feel at times, depends what he's on and how frequent he's using

  5. How come nobody said Got Rich, bro had like 10 turbans on😭🤦

  6. Finally someone understand this was nudys song and not cartis 😭

  7. or the merchant from resident evil 4 lol

  8. Skrillex really bout to drop another great album. Honestly he’s always been an incredible producer even if some of the older stuff is kinda cringey to look back on. He’s always killed his projects

  9. It was only scrapped because songs leaked, listen to his songs they don’t take any effort, it’s hard but u Carti fans gotta stop acting like bro some musical genius

  10. the fact that nobody can decide on a ranking just shows how good xtended is, ken went 5 for 5

  11. I tend to use the special sniper with a high luck & crit build, so honestly no idea the stats of the holorifle or what it looks like 😅

  12. Subjective but carti better in terms of everything

  13. Btw, I can tutor you for the entrance exam. If you need help (especially for the first year material) don’t hesitate to PM me!

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