Alex Roca Campillo becomes the first person with a 76% physical disability to finish a marathon


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  1. That fucker wearing the cap, he's the one who put the firecracker

  2. Going by the omens, cant tell what perils lie hidden...

  3. ChatGPT is Jack Nicholson, you can't handle the truth!

  4. He had the right gear - safety glasses, bulletproof vest, gloves

  5. I'll say the victim that got the most justice is the one whose assaulter / perpetrator got the more severe sentence. So personally, i dont know what race the victims/girlfriends were. That will tell the whole story.

  6. Where i am from, parents smack kids. Its not violent but its delivered on misbehavior , just as an immediate disapproval. Societies that follow this usually don't deal with brats, have more kids getting into university and generally stay on the right side of the law. I think something very primal probably in the limbic system of the brain is activated by the reward and punishment meted out that alters behavior for the overall good. This is something that western societies need to consider because there is a very visible level of entitlement, brattishness etc thats visible from societies that dont dish out punishments and only resort to persuasion and stern chiding.

  7. The problem with hitting kids is a bunch of shitty parents would see it as a free pass to just beat the fuck out of their kids with free reign. In a perfect society we could handle that level of smacking a kid just to correct behavior, but there are too many abusive ass parents out there that blur the lines too much with it.

  8. This is such an awesome video!! Your dog is a rockstar!!

  9. I have been fortunate enough of knowing many Odia people throughout my college and professional life. The ones i have met have been genuinely helpful and well behaved. Many of them have gone on to become my friends. However, here are 2 observations I have on this matter.

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