1. sephora has brainwashed us into thinking 20% off is a good sale. 😂

  2. you poor thing. 😔 thrips were my worst nightmare. i almost threw all my plants away i was so defeated.

  3. I have some marks like this and I think they're sunburn on mine. Any light changes? Maybe it's getting more light if you observe daylight savings time or maybe it's getting an unfortunate angle from the winter sun.

  4. ya?? you think it’s a burn from the sun? could be. i get a lot of south facing light for a couple hours. i only water when the pot is super light too. do you think it’s going to spread? this is my favourite leaf. 😔

  5. Mine popped up after I moved it under a grow light and it's like this, gray brown crunchy circles. It had something like 12-15 hours of light when it burned though, so if it's burn for yours the light must have been too intense or direct at some point, that's why I think it may be a weird angle with the seasons changing.

  6. ya definitely. i’m in canada so we don’t get long day light hours for sure. i hate that it’s difficult to pinpoint. oh well. it’s still very small and i know this leaf will die eventually. i’m just very OCD with my plants and have to realize that all plants will have imperfections!

  7. Try phoning a local clinic? One in our area has web chat triage.

  8. not a lot of clinics have answered unfortunately. i may just end up going to a hospital.

  9. i got the mini one too! have not tried it yet. i’ve only ever used UD all nighter and de-slick

  10. dr. jart ceramidin skin barrier moisturizer

  11. apparently they’re not. the page loaded for me and then it sent me back to the waiting lobby. 🤬

  12. I’m still in the waiting room lol. I should just take the L and enjoy the rest of my day

  13. so is my boyfriend. 😔 i’m pretty sure i was put at the sizing page then it just booted me. fucking assholes.

  14. i’m sorry about that. 😔 maybe she was scared. I hope it goes okay. update us!

  15. So the mole was removed this morning and the biopsy results will be ready in 4 weeks, the doctor will call when he has the results and told us she will have to do some treatment. Thank you for your support

  16. My artists recommended the ointment so have applied that, I won’t be able to see a doctor until Saturday earliest unfortunately

  17. your tattoo artist isn’t a fucking doctor. don’t get a tattoo overseas if you aren’t able to access medical care if you have negative repercussions from getting said tattoo. only use what a DOCTOR recommends.

  18. Don't touch, use a saline spray or rinse a few times per day.

  19. saline isn’t going to help much just get rid of debris. you need to get rid of the source of irritation. with that amount of redness though, i would consult with a doctor just to rule out infection. ☺️ also make sure you’re wearing implant grade titanium jewelry.

  20. that’s a beautifullllll colour! i’m sorry it wasn’t what you had hoped but it’s a stunning colour! i would totally go that colour if i could pull it off. ☺️

  21. not the same IMO. Stassi and Kylie are like sisters

  22. I’m sorry that you feel so helpless. Unfortunately, I don’t think Toronto will be more affordable anytime soon. It doesn’t build enough houses (despite all the houses it seems to be building) to keep up with the growing demand to live in Toronto. Lots of professionals are moving to cities as far as south-west Ontario because they’ve been driven out by the prices in Toronto.

  23. thank you that’s really kind. ❤️ it would be easier if my partner wanted to live with me for sure. but he’s unfortunately not ready yet and he would actually be spending more money to live together to an extent because his rent is absurdly cheap.

  24. we don’t talk about kanye no more. 🙅🏻‍♀️

  25. I know, but it is the jewelry the piercer put in so I generally trust that it's okay

  26. there’s more bad piercers than there are good ones unfortunately.

  27. Jewelry is also internally threaded, same jewelry I was pierced with, I've only tried to change it twice when it was at the 3 month mark, couldn't put in a ring because it swelled up really bad when I did Jewelry is slightly long, my lip is an odd size so the size that I think might work is practically non-existent

  28. just as an aside, jewelry can still be internally threaded and not great quality! :)

  29. It might be better to switch to a small titanium stud (or 14K, glass, niobium) to see if that helps! This jewerly might be too much for a healing helix

  30. could be! i ended up just taking it out. my piercer will repierce it once i’m off accutane! :)

  31. you are so beautiful! set up is beautiful!

  32. jesus. that’s scary. i’m really starting to hate this city. ☹️

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