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  1. My guess is that they don't think the player base would be big enough on next-gen to justify making a next-gen version without having crossplay.

  2. I bought the game because one of the things promised was a 'next-gen update' to be released in 2022. They also mentioned mods, something they have scrapped.

  3. She would rather be blown apart by white people than live next to brown people? That’s some grade A level logic.

  4. Oh wait, is that Kanye as a fair skinned Turkish ice cream salesman on the sweater?

  5. Oh wow. New map. Never seen this one before. I would have loved to have tried it out already during beta.

  6. Add a little bit of snow and swap out the Mexican flags to Canadian flags

  7. The all new Taco Shipment. When the cartel needs some downtime, they hang out at Taco Shipment.

  8. Go ahead, spend that extra $20k for the entertainment room. You won't be needing the extra cash for your funeral, which is just a sneeze away.

  9. Has anyone else noticed a recent uptick in Gordon Ramsey content online? Wondering if it’s just my algorithm right now.

  10. Gordon Ramsey? You mean Steve Harvey.? Noticed it all too well with Steve Harvey. It happened very suddenly maybe about two weeks ago. Bunch of his clips from his Family Feud show was flooding my feed on insta.

  11. Ultimate cheese. I've trialed playing with bumper ping and it's pretty broken with live pinging. This is such a major oversight given what that wall hack perk did to Search and Destroy in Vanguard last year.

  12. With an elite controller I have pinging (primarily for Warzone) on one of my pedals. Makes pinging so useful and easy in Warzone, but also in MP now.

  13. I'm begging you to do 5 minutes of research on who the director is and the already pre-existing attention this film has received on the circuit. This isn't a conspiracy and it's not connected to GME. Calm down.

  14. It's dumb morons like OP that makes this sub feel like a cesspool of imbeciles.

  15. Is there something in the settings to fix it or is it just the way these controllers were designed? Would be a pretty bad design flaw if it's purposely designed this way. I tried flipping through all the options there, but the result is the same.

  16. The only thing it tells me is that turtle neck industry is going to be booming in the near future.

  17. So where the hell did it get the "significant amount of debt on its balance sheet" from?

  18. In guessing chatGPT parses whatever info is out there and uses the appropriate content to create a coherent piece. It's just a bot after all.

  19. WOW, just WOW. I mean, we knew the whole system was rigged against us. But more and more evidence pours in everyday. I've been holding a long time. And during that time, I've never seen any evidence to dispute our central thesis. I'm sure they'll try and screw us from being paid what we're owed, but at this point, I'm holding to burn the whole fucking corrupt system to the ground. I don't even care if I get 'rich' anymore. I just want to watch it all burn and the crooks go to jail.

  20. All the women that complain about not having pockets in their clothes need to start buying dresses from this lady.

  21. I think he thought that Romania was so corrupt, that he'd never go to jail there. I love when they fuck around and find out. 😎

  22. Still sad though, as in it's still common criminals that are given proper 'criminal treatment'. I'd like to see more corrupt politicians, bankers and financial criminals serve the same kind of prison sentences.

  23. Brother he is accused of sex trafficking lol he’s definitely ascended past common criminal. Agree with the rest of your point though.

  24. Agree. But for the 'elite criminals' sex trafficking while getting caught for it is common peasant shit.

  25. You don't connect your European bank on CS for buys. For buys on CS, you use Wise account.

  26. Yes, I know I can't use my European account directly on CS. What I am wondering is how to connect my Wise account with my CS account?

  27. To place buy orders in CS there are two prerequisites:

  28. Not even Flex Tape can keep this shitty market together.

  29. They use double sided tape, one side for puts, the other calls. Balance in crime.

  30. Turns out it’s easy to make 16 bil in a year when you can just restart the game when you’re losing.

  31. Equivalent of flailing your hands up on the Monopoly boardgame when you bought too much and show up on someone else's property with nothing but your short dick in your hand.

  32. It's stuff like this that makes DMZ more interesting, & memorable than the boring handful of core MP PvP maps, & unlocking crappy skins for guns.

  33. It's not just that, it's also about coming across potatoes like those three getting mowed down like it's their first time in their life picking up a controller to play a game 😂

  34. Lol, fucking ripoff. For that price you could buy a secondhand phone that you exclusively use just to run an app that shows you the ticker and even a chart at all times.

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