1. Sweet. Let me make you crush on this dick. You cum on it whenever you want to. That goes for my face too.

  2. Hell yes. We doing some Slipknot? Mushroomhead? Korn? I'd actually lick you to anything honestly.

  3. They are absolute perfection. That's some next level sexy right there.

  4. From here it's an easy 10/10. But I would need to have my face in it first, then bend you over and clap your cheeks to be completely thorough.

  5. No, but from I can see, I'm sure I'd love too because it looks fucking delicious

  6. It would be my pleasure. I'll make those cheeks clap so loud you'll swear we were getting applause.

  7. Wouldn't be a distraction because 100 percent of my attention would be on watching you suck my extremely greatful dick

  8. That's a fucking incredible idea. Put it on my face too and you got the best idea ever

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