1. Peak Design just made one which is effectively a 20 minute Black Friday ad. Definitely tongue-in-cheek and catering to an specific audience, but to make something which is obviously just trying to sell, and then for people to watch it all the way through, it's definitely doing something right. The inclusion of story and recurring humour would be key points.

  2. I thought that when imported to your phone they were done in low resolution. When I do to my phone (pixel 2) from my camera (a7riii) in RAW, they're definitely reduced, something around 1.5MP. But it may be different since you're using JPG and RAW.

  3. I used my Pixel 3 with my OG Mini for years and had no issues.

  4. Good to know! What are you using now? Did you switch to a different phone or the RC with the screen?

  5. I'm using my Pixel 4a5G with my Mini without any issues. It's more stable than my iPhone 12 which gets really hot during longer flights. My Pixel also dims in strong sunlight after 5 minutes I would say.

  6. Thanks. I wasn't sure if it would dim at all so that's really good to know! At least it's more stable than the iphone.

  7. What for? For wildlife, the 200-600, probably with the 1.4x when the light is good enough. For landscapes or travel, or wildlife at a push if you're prepared to use the 1.4x and/or crop, the 100-400. Or I know you didn't include it in the picture, but for events, music, portraits, etc, the 70-200 v2.

  8. I decided against them because I've heard a few of interference and - rarely but really bad if it happens - completely cutting out. I've got a Zoom F2 instead, which is a classic lav recorder that stays on the subject and needs the audio syncing later.

  9. Right. So going for the best of both worlds then.

  10. Yep, hopefully I'm going to give it a try. I'll post my thoughts about it when I do.

  11. Wizard / artificer maybe? You lack the high level spells, but still have many slots and the good defensive options from artificer.

  12. Sounds good. I have a Artificer [1 or 2 or 3] / Wizard [the rest] build in the works too, with everything reflavoured as a witch/shaman.

  13. It's been a while since I looked at a rule book but I think a good one would be druid barbarian. Why? Poof, I'm a black bear. And now I'm an angry black bear. Grrr.

  14. Absolutely. I've not played that combination but it sounds pretty powerful actually, considering how strong moon druid is as a bear already.

  15. Mechanical shutter isn’t infinitely fast, it’s just faster than the electronic shutter. So depending on the frequency of the flicker, yea it’s possible the electronic shutter is so slow there’s so many bands they end up being smoothed out.

  16. That makes sense to me. It's good to know and not often mentioned that electronic can be better! I think the flicker is quite fast with this panel (on video the bands appear very thin) so I think that's what's happening.

  17. If you look at the banding, it's not the same size. It looks like the flickering of the LED panel is catching the motion of the mechanical shutter.

  18. I noticed that, it's closer together at the top in these examples. In video the stripes appear to move in different directions so the LEDs obviously aren't in complete sync with each other - I'm not surprised the anti flicker mode can't deal with it!

  19. Happy to help. I have a R5 3600/3060 12GB at home and a similar 5600 setup at work and have no complaints. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  20. Thanks. Just done a bit of research - looks like gen4.0 m.2 speeds would be up to 6600Mbps, gen3.0 m.2 around 2400 or 3300Mbps, and regular SATA SSDs or HDDs around 600Mbps.

  21. Tough call on the PCIe 4 at the moment.

  22. That sounds like a good plan - I'll try to make sure the motherboard can support it in future, whether I get gen3 or 4 m.2s right now. Thanks for the help!

  23. Yeah, that's basically what I was suggesting to op - if it's going to be rendered more than once, using a less compressed format, rather than something like MP4. But I now see I worded it in a pretty confusing way!

  24. I have limited computing power, but i have a long video to edit from a trip. Could I edit shorter sections of the trip, like work on each day as a project, render them and then merge them into one longer video, or is there a downside to that?

  25. I think if you render in MP4 or something else with aggressive compression each time it will then stack up and you'll get additional compression on the finished film. If you use something uncompressed like dnxhr this wouldn't be an issue. If someone else can confirm this that would be great!

  26. I'd say the a7iii or a7iv is a better hybrid for you, but in case it's of interest my a7riii also does the iso grain flash thing - every time it passes ISO 800 (and a couple of other spots too). I set auto iso to be either 100-800 or 800-3200, or more recently just use it in manual.

  27. When I'm on holiday I do want to take photos (the hobby of landscape and people photography came first, before I made it into a business) so I take my normal mirrorless camera and whatever lenses I want for that. At minimum, a standard zoom, usually a wide and a telephoto too if I'm doing landscapes. Often I do want to make a little holiday film too - it's a really nice way to remember it, particularly if there are other people going too because I can send it to them a few months or more down the line, to relive it all. So I use the same camera with a VideoMicro, and if I'm being more serious (and not short on bag space) also a side handle which I attach onto my normal photography l bracket I'd have attached to the camera already. For lenses I'd make sure I have a standard zoom, and a wide for if there's anything in a vehicle or a small space. That's it! No lights, no reflector, no cage, no audio recorder, no monitor. If I had them I'd be having to think about technical perfection rather than enjoying myself. Bear in mind my style of holiday - exploring, backpacking, hiking - could be very different to yours! If I was going to Disney I would no way take that setup.

  28. It's a known issue with Resolve's poor h.264 encoder. Render with keyframes turned to 1, or possibly 2 or 3 (towards the bottom of the render settings tab), or render in Dnxhr and then convert that to h.264 via another software such as the free Handbrake.

  29. No major changes since August; still dealing with health issues so it’s unfortunately not a huge priority for me.

  30. No worries, I'll use the August one. Best wishes for your health, and thanks for everything you do get chance to do here!

  31. I use a Shinobi which I bought second hand but in good condition for a 25% saving over new, bringing it in line with some of the cheaper competition which is otherwise very similar. For that I get a brighter and touchscreen display which I really appreciate - some of the others are dimmer and use buttons instead. If I could afford it I'd have got a Ninja (and in future I will), for the recording ability. Then, having both, they'll both be using the same OS, which will make using them at the same time easier.

  32. If you are on a Mac, you can use Keyboard Maestro to create shortcuts that do almost anything:

  33. In this case, sadly I'm on Windows. That sounds a good workaround for anyone on Mac, so thanks on their behalf!

  34. In the Studio version you can write scripts (see manual page 3938, workflow integration plugins).

  35. Good choice! There was another very similar question posted a couple of weeks back, you can borrow some answers from there too!

  36. I saw a someone replacing the lock with a copper one (I think they made it from a pipe part but it was German so couldn't understand all of it) might think about doing that but it would like a bit funky maybe (darker carbon with copper ring and oak handle)

  37. It would be pretty unique! I don't really like the sound of copper and oak together personally but if it appeals to you then go for it! I would say that if it's your first mod maybe fabricating the Virobloc is a big step but then again, maybe it's not - I've never considered it before. Whatever you choose to do we'd love to see when it's done, post a picture on here!

  38. Isn't the virobloc just a ring with 2 cut outs? One to lock the blade in the open position and one in the closed, and then you have the bump that goes around which is already on the part the German guy used (

  39. I think it's slightly tapered too but that could be done. That's very interesting, it does look like a good fit for a copper replacement version. I might have to try it myself too! I have a pre-1955 one without a Virobloc waiting to modify, so it could end up on there. The copper lock with a black handle (and maybe a black blade too) is what I'm thinking. Thanks for the inspiration!

  40. When nearby Kenilworth castle was destroyed after the Civil War the 'Whispering Door' (two doors with a common jamb) was moved to Maxstoke:

  41. Yes! When I visited, the visitors' route set up through the rooms went through it (with both doors open). You aren't allowed to take pictures inside the castle though.

  42. The pictures are beautiful and ominous in a complementary way. Forgive me, I am ignorant, why is it only open one day a year?

  43. That's a lovely setup. Both the camera and lens are very capable, able to do most things you want them to.

  44. I wonder why Pixel 1 got so much negative responses. Is that because by now most of them have failed due to the memory failure, manufacturing issues or battery wear? I have had the OG Pixel, Pixel 3a, Pixel 5 and Pixel 5a (still have the 5).

  45. I think it's just that they're reaching the end of their life now, generally the battery. If people said 'its still going but I had to replace the battery' I counted it as a slight negative because they're cheap on the used market here and battery replacements are about the same price. But my mum's OG pixel battery went so I'll consider getting it repaired as a spare or a primary phone - I think the only thing I'd miss over my 2 is the alway on display, which I love.

  46. you still get free photos storage for getting older Pixels? i thought that was only a thing for existing users

  47. Yeah, we still get it in 'storage saver' quality - which means video is downscaled to 1080, photos are capped at 16MP (not a problem when the cameras only 12MP), and also some jpeg compression applied. I'm fine with that - they look okay to me, I'll use my professional camera for anything serious - and it saves the cost of storage or the time sorting them out. Other than the pixel 1 which still gets full size uploads.

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