1. Had the same response to it and the Aleste series in general. I even became obsessed with Zanac on NES for a brief stint as well, which I’ll argue is one of the best games on that system. I 1CC’d everything on the Aleste Collection and enjoyed every bit of the 50+ hours I put into.

  2. Love Noona’s as well. Their Signora is my favorite.

  3. JBGB’s in Remington has excellent gourmet pizzas.

  4. How have I never heard of this place? It’s right around the corner from me and their menu/food looks delicious. Can’t wait to try it out!

  5. That's just the way Under Defeat is. Also that little dramatic pause when you get hit.

  6. Just add, this is actually a thing in game design:

  7. People kept complaining about time to kill as if that's what we all wanted from this stupid dang game was a bunch of one shot bs.

  8. I mean, if you were playing DPS, you were shooting shields more than enemies most of the time, which doesn’t feel great. It just slowed the pace of the game down too much.

  9. It’s in the patch notes under “Season 2 Map Pools”:

  10. Same for me and my wife. We had never eaten there, but we were always curious, so gave it a try one night a few years ago. Wouldn’t wish dinner from this place on my worst enemy. It’s so overpriced and astonishingly bad!

  11. It seems like it has to do with personal performance in comparison to everyone else for whatever hero(es) you’re playing. That’s the only conclusion I can come to. You need to either perform better (not just wins, but statistically for your hero), hence improving in some way, or stay hard stuck.

  12. My experience was getting placed low with my initial placement, then jumping an entire tier with my next placement. After that, it’s been slower and more incremental. I’m still climbing though.

  13. Diff means difference and it’s basically saying one Moira was better than the other. If you won, you were better. If you would’ve lost, you would’ve been the worse Moira.

  14. Thank you. I've never played overwatch before so i was confused

  15. No problem! OW has a lot of lingo. Here’s an old reference guide:

  16. Pay attention to your K/D instead of just damage. You want to shoot for less deaths and more kills. Whoever you’re maining, the system is just comparing you performance wise to other players to try and determine your skill level. So you may very well belong in Bronze if you keep ranking there.

  17. It does. I use open queue to complete the weekly challenge where you need to win 3 games with each role.

  18. Good advice, do you think that my main choices of Lucio , ana and kiriko is a good variety?

  19. Those are all strong picks in this meta. I’m also a Zen main, but I play all of those supports you listed a lot too. Kiriko is definitely my second favorite right now. Her utility is just some of the best in the game and you’ve got a lot of ways out of bad situations for yourself and your teammates. Plus her ult is basically almost an automatic fight win which comes in clutch, especially in a tight match.

  20. I haven’t gotten around to it; life has just gotten in the way since I bought the cap kits.

  21. Yeah, a good tank enables your entire team to pop off. As a Rein, if you’re creating space while not overextending/dying before someone can get you heals, you’re doing your job.

  22. I've tried Winston, I truly have, but his gun feels so weak and finicky to properly aim. Granted it may be because I need practice, but my God if I can't create space pretty damn well. So I've been told anywa lol

  23. Try this: Assess what their team comp is and determine their weakest squishies. Go scanning for them ASAP and pounce one landing on them as best as possible. As you’re doing that, you’ll be aiming at them, so just start zapping them with your Tesla on the pounce and give them a punch on the landing as well. Go back to zapping them on the ground and wait until you start taking damage to pop your Bubble; if you can wait 2–3 seconds, you should be good. This gives your leap time to cool down. Once you pop Bubble, start dancing in and out of it to mitigate incoming damage from anyone focusing you. Sometimes it’s tough if the other team has good peel, but you’ve got your leap to get out if things start to turn. Once you start securing kills, especially on supports, you’ll see how insanely powerful Winston can be.

  24. I've never really delved in to the Darius series. What are your thoughts on which is a better buy, Darius Burst Chronicle or G-Darius HD on Steam? Thinking about picking one up while they are on sale.

  25. Go with G-Darius 100% based on what you’re into. Great level and boss design with tons of replay value for scoring/difficulty with the different routes.

  26. And be sure to turn on subtitles! Jaimers drops a ton of knowledge on scoring and mechanics in a lot of his runs.

  27. Correct. I missed Xmas Sweater S76 one Christmas and I hate that I don’t have it and have no way to get it.

  28. That goes for Giga Wing, GW2, and Mars Matrix as well. Those were all developed by Takumi. Additionally, 1944: TLP was developed by 8ing/Raizing.

  29. Just as an FYI, there’s one sole mod on

  30. Flats(or any tank. Hrs good for masters stuff): Winston ML7support (on twitch) : kiriko

  31. Just to add, KarQ has been playing a ton of Kiriko and dropping some great knowledgeable on her as well. He’s seems like an awesome coach.

  32. Yeah but is it more like individual or group based? Like do “how much I helped my teammates” matter more than a victory or what?

  33. I don’t think anyone really knows, but I’ve found personal performance seems to matter quite a lot, even if your teammates aren’t doing well and/or you lose. So just focus on you and being a player that adds value to your team and you should climb.

  34. I found the LWV of Baltimore City’s 2022 Voter’s Guide super helpful in filling out my ballot:

  35. I'm more upset they're actively removing heroes from the game.

  36. You’d rather they leave broken heroes with glitches in the game, making it easy for anyone to grief those they play against? No thanks. I’m fine with removing them until they’re fixed.

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