1. We always improve moving forward, one day you won’t need stop losses. You can do it

  2. You do it without stop losses? Really??? Please explain 🙏

  3. Price isn't the only factor in determining an exit. How the stock gets to a certain price also matters.

  4. The data for the live realtime price.

  5. Hey man, don’t want to hate on you for asking a newbie question.

  6. Thank you for trying to help and guide me. I saw Tradovate'a software has real time for paper trading, is that actually real time paper trading???

  7. You think you can share with me any or all of your unlisted YouTube links? I was present at your Zoom webinar asking questions too!

  8. Haus is 100% legit. I traded with him and watched him trade a lot. Such a. Beast. He doesn’t care about selling stuff. The posts are to see your guys reactions lol. Mans been doing this for a decade and there’s people way better than him too as well believe it or not.

  9. just join a zoom and watch him. Calling me an idiot yet you’re so stupid to come on Reddit degrading someone else’s success.

  10. I saw one of your posts tryna' roast me first 🤣

  11. Can you give me a link to watch? Sign me up???

  12. What? He has a job along with trading?


  14. I typed the question in Google now I see why I missed the trees for the forest.

  15. How is everyone here sharing their personal details so casually? I wonder if you guys care about irl safety as there are bad actors lurking out there.

  16. So you are using the risk-reward model to trade.

  17. Lol BTC is going to zero long term. Zero intrinsic value. They are digital tulips

  18. They are a store of value. It never went to 0 in its entire decade of existence.

  19. Bitcoin is valuable because it represents an intrinsic store of value. You do not need permission of anyone to transact, you do not need approval to spend, you can globally send bitcoin everywhere, anyone can implement systems to take in Bitcoin like for example the big credit card companies banning porn services won't be able to ban bitcoin transactions.

  20. Is having an edge similar to having a cheat code? Like in World of Warcraft, if you find a way to duplicate items - it eventually gets patched.

  21. yeah, that's a non starter. stocks and sector etfs have been demonstrated to work extremely well using rsrw in relationship to spy because they correlate. you'd be hard pressed to find any futures product that offered anything close.

  22. Actually the main guy trades futures and has futures challenges.

  23. I am deciding between the two trading instruments. Which one makes sense for someone who has a small account (less than 1k) but wants exposure to a trading instrument that has no PDT???

  24. You’ve read the posts where I said the only paid tool you need is a trading journal, right? Or the 10 steps that explicitly says to hit a number of benchmarks before even spending a dime on your trading?

  25. I have read the wiki but I may have to re-read it again. I did recall you saying that.

  26. What do you think the pros/cons of day trading vs. swing trading are?

  27. Yes, you do need either cash or equity from other investments before you can have margin/futures added to your account. You can start small though. There are micro Futures contracts which are 1/10 of the size of the e-mini contracts, and the margin requirements are 1/10th less too. These are the primary ones:

  28. Thank you, I'm currently going with options since I don't have to have money upfront but will look into this too hopefully in the future!

  29. Ninjatrader margin requirements for trading the micro ES. /MES is only $50. It is a great way to learn with real money and low risk. The commissions is only $0.51 per contract each to buy or sell.

  30. Alright. I'm getting intrigued. I just need to have $50 up-front to buy into a position?

  31. It is basically cheating on reporting. There is also something call 3 step process: sell stocks, buy call options, then buy stocks. All of those are substantially identical so 61 day period is applied. Expiration of call option is, theoretically, considered as the sale of option for $0 so buying back stocks should occur out side of 61 day period not to carried the loss to those shares.

  32. How is it cheating when it is legal in the tax code?

  33. There is no tax code saying it is legal. Expired option is also a sale. Buying with in 61 day period is wash sale. Article is not tax code.

  34. Again, saying "options that expire on a Friday" is like saying "cars that have 4 wheels."

  35. Yes. A market maker will always take the order.

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