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  1. Looks like Stanley Cup is back on the menu boys!

  2. I legit cannot stand the movie anymore because of this subreddit in particular

  3. Alan Rickman and David Bowie died in the same week.. that was so unfair

  4. the two that surprised me the most were Taylor Hawkins and Grant Imahara

  5. Having seen them twice in concert waiting nearly 8-10 hours in line to get to the front - twice! - I was extremely crushed and heartbroken when I found out Taylor Hawkins died

  6. The Godfather usually is my annual thanksgiving watch, usually due to length it’s a passive watch

  7. Donny’s Bar Mitzvah is maybe one of the single handidly worst things I’ve ever sat through, and I’ve sat through a lot of shit

  8. Circle was so bad. And the ending I can understand why it’s on this list, because it gets so stupid you can and can’t believe it does what it does

  9. That is not what his teeth look like..

  10. I meant to reply to this but made a comment on the post instead, but if you comment teeth on his videos he has it shadowbanned

  11. If you comment teeth on his videos they get shadowbanned

  12. I live in Dallas, there’s two white Xs on the pavement showing where he was shot each time, it’s always surreal driving down that road…

  13. Visiting the museum there, we were right at the area where they show you where Lee Harvey Oswald would have been and what his vantage point was

  14. Okay for real though, when people call them “flicks” it bugs the hell out of me

  15. We went to Cast Away opening weekend with family and extended family I had never met until that weekend, and I’m pretty sure every single one of us were in tears there too

  16. Blew my mind when I discovered what Zardoz really means

  17. Picnic is kind of a guilty pleasure melodrama, maybe worth a watch to someone out there

  18. Nope (2022) - disappointed with it honestly, I was hoping for Jordan Peele’s version of “Signs” instead of “Jaws”

  19. Excited Criterion getting into the 8K game finally too with this release. I bet it’ll look AMAZING

  20. Carefully cut through tiny space in between the digipak case and the actual Blu-ray holder - then just take the plastic off of course

  21. It wouldn’t be so bad if the people would time it out better when to either take your payment or pick up/deliver your food

  22. Dude was a staple on the convention circuit, seemed to genuinely love the fans he interacted with. RIP

  23. Saw him at many conventions but never met him personally, his lines were always massively long compared to others and the interactions he’d have seemed so good and genuine

  24. Gonna be needing a funeral tonight on stream :(

  25. I have menus that give me ptsd from falling asleep during the movie and those playing endlessly for hours.

  26. I suppose it’d be Death Wish 3 and Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

  27. I wish that’d get a re-release or something or get it streaming! There’s good copies of it on YouTube but it’s not the same

  28. quick! sell it to a small midwestern Iowa town!

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