1. additionally, you can also find them in daily quests which have peony boxes.

  2. Seeds for these flowers are dropped from level 6 vases and above, which are dropped from the chest of drawers

  3. Most of mine, I cycle through hobbies. I generally gain interest again at some point

  4. “God does everything for a reason, you know?“ this was said to me the day, my brother died, he wasn’t even in the ground yet

  5. has tons and tons of books you can read for free! Also, if you’re looking for activities to do with friends, critiquing weird houses on Zillow is really fun

  6. Treat them like a person, not a partner in potential. Be kind, everyone wants to be around a kind person. Always respect when a person says no; a person who can’t hear the word no is one of the most scary things there is

  7. Be kind to people in service jobs. Cashiers, waiters, security staff, bus drivers, and custodial staff are very often not treated like people by the people around them. Say hi, ask them how their day is, it makes a difference

  8. Cats. My friends being happy. People nerding out about what they love

  9. Become catholic nuns and priests, then there’ll be no intermarriage due to celibacy.

  10. Does part of your name translate to “religious” in feminine singular? I am learning hebrew.

  11. That’s my religiosity descriptor, and that is exactly what it means!

  12. My wife always tells me I should have been a history teacher because I can just gush about the speicific dumb historical periods I like and assault you with facts you can't possibly care about - jokes on me though I'm just on the spectrum.

  13. I'll jump on the "cool far East burial" train since that guy below respoded before I did!

  14. On An Infant Which Died Before Baptism

  15. Maybe I should post stuff from the bannerlord subreddit then. There's many posts asking how to murder your wife or if that's possible to marry your daughter. Sometimes both at the same time

  16. Empire dresses were originally designed for pregnant women. I think if you search empire waistline dresses as opposed to maternity dresses you might find stuff that’s not photo shoot oriented. Would recommend going for stuff made out of knit fabric bc it has more give

  17. I saw that you mentioned Ben Shapiro. In case some of you don't know, Ben Shapiro is a grifter and a hack. If you find anything he's said compelling, you should keep in mind he also says things like this:

  18. That is a genuinely worse than anything I heard in high school about Palestinians, and I went to a Zionist Orthodox Israeli public school

  19. I saw Putin's car within twenty metres of me, which isn't an interaction but is probably the closest I've gotten to a famous person

  20. I had the misfortune of working in an Israeli chain bookstore when Benjamin Netanyahu released his autobiography, and he came to film an interview in our store

  21. That is BONKERS and a serious red flag. People who feel they are entitled to your time and don’t respect the word no are bad

  22. If you read through the comments he made on the post, his parents are literally her legal guardians

  23. Favorite song according to Spotify is Manish Boy by Muddy Waters, favorite movie is shawshank redemption and favorite book is republic by Plato. I know you didn't ask but idk.

  24. Tell me more about why you love the republic please? (Asking in good faith, will not attack your answer)

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