1. It sounded like he was planning to set your house on fire and had planned an escape route for himself. I would walk away

  2. This. 80% of matches go absolutely no where if you even get a response to the opening message. Then of the 20% that respond another 70% just string you along and never went to meet in person. I know I’m not Prince Charming or something but Jesus Christ it’s so fucking annoying to talk to people and know that there is like a 5% chance you actually make it to in person dating.

  3. 70% of the time they are AT LEAST 10-20 lbs heavier than their profile showed and with all the filters and angles girls use they just aren’t nearly as attractive in person. I think I’ve realistically been on one date out of like 12 from online dating where the person looked exactly like their profile in 4 years.

  4. I used to smoke weed and talk to my dad who has ALS and dementia(probably not the healthiest coping). He is in the early stages of ALS and moderate stages of dementia so a lot of the time we are repeating the same things over and over. I found just accepting his medical conditions and still talking to him or interacting with him was the best thing I could do. I don’t want to have regrets when he passes about not talking to him cause him and I have had a tumultuous relationship over the years. He has had dementia symptoms since 2019 and they have slowly gotten worse over the years and the ALS was recently diagnosed after years of having random physical issues.

  5. In the actual golden, silver, bronze age comics, crossover and continuity was usually like icing on the cake. Nearly easter egg level. Now it weighs things down. I’m almost surprised that Feig is so oblivious to this.

  6. Yeah I remember reading the comics and it was pretty cool to see Spider-Man use the help of the fantastic four like once every 50 issues. Now they can’t make a film without dropping 3+ cameos or references to other marvel movies

  7. All the movies are the same. At least early on in the marvel movies of the early 2000’s the movies felt unique and like they had their own identity. Toby maguire’s Spider-Man felt very different from the fantastic four, daredevil, ghost rider or the first iron man. Ever since the first avengers movie all the marvel movies have felt more or less the same. Introduce character, show them learning their powers, introduce powerful item, introduce bad guy, fight over powerful item, hero wins. End of movie. Now tie all the stories together, have little cameos/Easter eggs, and very light hearted and predictable humor. Of course there are exceptions to the rules like Deadpool or the Logan movie.

  8. Are you swiping on model-looking women 60-70% of the time?

  9. bro. you telling me it takes days for you to determine that some woman is only there to promote an OF? you playing yourself.

  10. There are obviously profiles that are just there to advertise their social media or onlyFans or are bots trying to scam you. I know about these and auto left swipe or instantly unmatch if I didn’t catch it at first. I’ve just had tons of experiences with regular girls who are side hustling onlyFans or private snaps and after a few days of talking all the sudden they either put me in a private story on their snap advertising their onlyFans or when I ask to meet up they let me know they are just trying to promote their adult content.

  11. I'm 25M and this is extremely common on OLD, especially as a young man seeking young women. You learn to deal with it and navigate it better as time goes on. There is no secret sauce or combo of words you can say that will magically bring them out for drinks with you. Either they want to, or they don't. A lot of women are on the apps without any pressing desire to actually go on dates, you have to weed those ones out.

  12. That’s a good point about the responses. I have noticed those ones almost never result in angthing as well now that you mention it

  13. I'm the same man, no luck on OLD. I do best in person. If you see a woman, at a bar, club or even supermarket, you like just go up to her and talk to her. Make her laugh and the bag is secured. Get her phone number and not snap/insta. Good luck brother u got this, ur the goat.

  14. Yeah I’ve noticed getting someone’s Snapchat or Instagram is essentially useless. Also it sucks more cause you see the girl all the time on those apps

  15. iPhone chargers, computer cables and useless gadgets. Father bought an earwax cleaner for $300 a few months ago made in Lithuania from a scam email he got :/

  16. I graduated over the summer and have already received my diploma. I just want to walk at the fall graduation since there was no ceremony for summer grads

  17. He sounds like my mom except she only has dementia (69 yrs old). I read someone else on this sub describe the "right time" is when you feel like you're caring for a toddler. My sister and I moved her into a memory care unit just last month.

  18. My brother who lives in CA and only sees my dad two or three times a year came home for 2 weeks and he was really concerned about him. We all sat down and talked to him about moving, my dad not driving and POA. He said he was open to the move but didn’t think he needed to be in a memory care facility so I guess we are at the point where even he knows we need a change but he doesn’t want to not be with my mom 24/7. It’s understandable but honestly I think their relationship would be way better if they lived separately at this point. POA he wanted to talk with the lawyer about and driving he said he would take a driving test for people with Parkinson’s and ALS in a year(to me it means he can’t drive anymore and knows that he will fail the test).

  19. My dad has frontal lobe dementia and became hypersexual over the past few years. I was going through his email to eliminate scams and there were tons of emails about sex, sex toys, sex enhancements, books about sex and a bunch of podcasts about sex and the same shit you are describing.

  20. You could break off the stems and plug the hole. Just don’t pull too hard and you should be fine for a few hits.

  21. My dad got diagnosed with Parkinsons and dementia when I was a freshmen in college. I moved home cause of covid for my Sophomore and Junior year and being at home was incredibly painful. Having the same conversation every day and having to repeat myself or correct him all the time was really frustrating. Eventually I just stopped really talking with him and tried to be away from him as much as possible since I hated what he had become and I hated having to just act like it was normal. I just graduated and his dementia started progressing pretty rapidly. He is just hard to deal with and really bitter and mean. Watching his decline has ruined all my memories Ive had of him from my childhood and I honestly just get angry when I hear how great of a guy he was from family friends and family.

  22. it depends on how quickly it is progressing. My dad went probably 5-7 years exhibiting signs of dementia before we got an official diagnosis. He is classified in early dementia now 3 years after a diagnosis but the disease seems to be progressing much more rapidly now and we finally went and had a meeting with a social worker to see what services are out there since we are out of ideas of what to do with him at home. I suggest you ask your grandmother's dementia doctor to see a social worker to see what options are in place.

  23. She works as a free lance person. If you want to make more money you gotta work more. Everyone in some free lance type business has to do this and it isn't uncommon now. Look at youtubers making more than stars of TV shows cause they do ALL the work for the content to go out.

  24. My sympathies… we’ve had to go through this with my mother-in-law who fell for a social security scam call and I’ve had to work to recover over $60k from hacked checking/savings accounts and rerouting her SSA payments back to her bank.

  25. my dad denies the fact that he has been scammed out of money or dooped into buying stupid/overpriced shit on the internet. Luckily it is only a couple hundred bucks here and there but Im trying to convince my mom to get POA before it turns into something much larger since he has said some concerning things in the past related to finances. I'm not sure if it is the dementia, him being stubborn or the fact that he was so smart before he got this disease/

  26. It’s hard to be sure. If I didn’t take control of my mother-in-law’s finances, she would’ve ignored it saying “it’s too much work for (her) and it’s not that much they took”

  27. yeah thats understandable. My dad went from never worrying about finances and letting my mom handle it to asking on a near daily basis if a charge went through and then him running into his office and not telling us what the charge is for. He has gotten super secretive about everything and even conspiratorial about a lot of things. I worry that one day he is just gonna hire some sketchy accountant or get dooped into buying a house or something without us knowing.

  28. Ive found a trend that whenever I promote between s4 to s3 now that I get the most unwinnable games. Ive been promoted and demoted between the two ranks 6 times in the past 2 weeks. I think it is just an mmr lock thing that is programmed into matchmaking.

  29. We had an appointment with my dads Parkinson's specialist and he set us up for appointment with a social worker to get help with my dad. He was concerned with how bad my dad has gotten recently in terms of memory and critical thinking and reasoning. After reading through lots of posts on here and watching several dementia videos on youtube I've got a better understanding of whats going on. It still sucks but I have more or less accepted the fact that he is not able to protect himself anymore.

  30. Your situation sounds identical to what I’m going through. My dad is fixated on his mail and thinks the ads/scam letters are real. It’s like groundhogs day every single day. I get so frustrated trying to explain that it’s not real and then I hate myself after the fact for getting frustrated.

  31. yeah my dad goes through the paper mail from the mailbox and reads what we got in the mail out loud to everyone. 95% of it is just junk mail, ads or scams and even though we tell him to just throw away anything but a bill he does this

  32. I know my words won't do much but I'm so sorry you're experiencing this. I also think about the days when my mother isn't here, it would be so liberating, The literal ONLY fact that I can think of is that we won't have these issues when we're older, but we could also possibly marry or be with someone who has the disease, but that's a morbid thought. This experience is truly isolating and I want you to know that you're not alone. You deserve to enjoy your youth. I haven't attended a session yet but have you looked into local support groups? I don't know how many cater to those in our specific age group but they may be out there.

  33. yeah its very difficult emotionally just dealing with the demented person and then the isolation from the experience is almost other worldly. I am moving to the other coast of the U.S in a month or so for a job so Im currently trying to get my mom in contact with local care centers and agencies to get help. My dad had an appointment with his Parkinsons specialist yesterday and went into the office saying he doesn't have the disease and the doctor was like "wow this is not good, he is getting much more angry and irrational since I last saw him."

  34. I was 27 when I started this journey and I'm now 33 and boy, can I relate to everything you're saying. I've been single throughout this entire thing aside from a FWB situation for the last four years that of course, didn't end well. I won't date. At this point I'd be bringing someone in to act as an emotional surrogate for me, to help me handle this but I couldn't offer the same as I am done, I am spent. Once this is over, our entire relationship would be based off who I was when I was going through the toughest time of my life.

  35. Im a 22 year old male and relate to everything you just said. I feel so broken and emotionally unavailable that I don't even try to date. I haven't felt loved or appreciated beyond a platonic level in years. I dont even feel love from my mom since she is the primary care taker for my dad who has had dementia(undiagnosed for 10 and diagnosed for 4) and she feels overwhelmed and constantly under an extreme amount of stress.

  36. you could make him a spotify account and pay for the premium version to avoid the ads. I found my dad gets sucked into ads really really easily. I would just connect it to a iphone or ipad and have a blue tooth speaker that you could pair with the device. You could have the device play them nonstop and just put the volume all the way down when he doesnt want to listen to it.

  37. The person starts to go in circular arguments, becomes more anxious and unreasonable. Also I found lack of being able to pick up on social queues and peoples emotions.

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