1. pressing up on the dial wheel changes or even shuts down the screen, can you try it out, maybe it helps??

  2. Nope it's the display felxcable that's causing the issue. Not too much longer after this video was filmed it broke completely since I was turning the screen. Got a new cable coming for it already

  3. omg, that sucks. did you replace it yourself or send it in for repair?

  4. It's alright. The part only cost around 30€ and it's already on its way. Don't know if I'm gonna be replacing it myself. There are couple videos how to do it but I got limited experience and it's almost a 1000€ camera. I asked around but no one close by does camera repairs so I still got to figure that one out.

  5. Add that to the list of reasons why I will never buy apple

  6. Just gotta say you did nothing here but bitch about science and at the end after people provided 3 separate sources to finally appease you (apparently you can't Google anything yourself) you don't even have the integrity to admit you were wrong. Just a final "good source." Pathetic.

  7. I've gotta tell you. Either those were some pretty weak shrooms or you are a miracle of science man. 10 grams should be enough for anyone to get properly lost inside themselves.

  8. Yeah I would never ever do more that five myself and probably not even that again

  9. Which ones did you take. I done 10g recently and felt good but was no where near close to ' losing my mind'

  10. Dosage depends alot on the persons digestive system, bodyweight and the shrooms themselves. I took 5grams of goldens and that rocked me really hard. I've also taken semilanceata which are way more potent and even just 1 gram can feel strong.

  11. Just ask around. All the stoners I met in zurich during summer were chill af. Be safe tho, there can always be that one asshole too.

  12. No sourcing. Not only breaks community rules but also reddit rules...

  13. This guy really doesn't know when to stop. Watching this happening feels like the Titanic, but instead of it being tragic it's entertaining.

  14. That was a great place for a joint last summer. Definitely recommend visiting!

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