1. Get a stainless steel one from aliexpress or something. Not that expensive and they last years. Additionally you won't have to smoke plastic or aluminium flakes.

  2. I want the gpu since it would give me the possibility to finally start video editing and 3d modelling for customers

  3. Got the a6400 and the sigma 18-50 and I feel like it's one of if not the best travel combo for the money. It's lightweight and has ton of potential. I've also done some videoprojects with it but do note that there is zero atabilization with this kit. Shooting video is difficult and needs work but it's doable.

  4. Nobody knows for sure but it's likely another Bakhmut type of situation. I don't see Ukraine going for another counterattack before the f16 arrive and weapon shortage is handeled. Right now they are probably digging in and creating heavy defense positions so they can crush as many Russian infantry and vehicles.

  5. A bunch of iron age humans who were straight up making that shit up on the spot.

  6. Yep. Most likely getting high as fuck while doing so to come up with all that shit.

  7. Got the sigma too. I use it on a6400 for both video and photos. It's the perfect size for the body and since there is no stabilization it kinda forces you to become better at shooting.

  8. I would blast the rusty spots with sand and clean well with acetone. After that I would just paint 2 coats over with mipa 2k epoxy primer and let it seal up. You can leave it like that or sand and hit it with colour if you like but that primer seals up really well. To top it off I would spray some cavity wax on it. Yes it's not its intended purpose and it's messy but it does prevent rust really well and it stays kind of oily. This is great because when typical underbody coating dries up it cracks and water eventually seeps in those cracks and starts to rust.

  9. I've got the same combo and I love it (bought 2022). I mostly shoot photos with it but I have done some video projects with it too (handheld). Honestly it really comes down to how stable your hands are and editing skills. If you get a cage and a handle it will make the footage look even better. The only real downside to video is 4k rolling shutter. Other than that it's a good bit if kit.

  10. Edibles are super hit and miss because it depends on what your digestive enzymes are doing, some enzymes make the thc stronger, others inactivate it entirely. I have eaten 1000mg plus many times and felt nothing, other times, well, trust me, if your body efficiently converted that entire 2000mg into active 11 hydroxy thc, along with it successfully crossing blood brain barrier, you would be in the fetal position watching your room melt, pulling your hair. Be careful. It's never fun to be that high. Lol

  11. Depends on the person really. I always make my own but I've had nothing but reliable experiences. Usually 40-60mg is just right for me.

  12. that autocannon is shredding! the guys inside that t90 were most likely shitting themselves

  13. Am i reading this right? A TRILLION tonnes of glacial ice lost since 1985

  14. Yeah and it's only accelerating as we speak... Everything just seems to be fucked well and beyond.

  15. Look up firecrackers if you want to make easy edibles. They get me hella high

  16. I once visited Switzerland for 2 weeks and this is pretty much what happened.

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