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  1. Am I the only one that found this argument stupid? Yes? Ok😭

  2. Literally lol, OP's attitude is going to hinder then in an artistic career. I enjoy sharing my work with my friends because it's exciting and I'm proud of it, and it's reassuring to see that my writing has had the intended effect. That critique shouldn't shape your entire view on your writing, but it does feel great to get positive feedback, and negative feedback is taken as an encouraging opportunity to improve. I don't see the problem?

  3. I was looking for this question because what the heck is OP's problem?! 😭 A negative critique should not destroy one's own view of their work, nor should a positive critique blow one's head up to the point that they need not further try to improve their work. It's natural to want validation and feedback on one's art. A good writer is able to take feedback and reflect/analyze it, then use their own artistic discretion to make changes to their work. I'm not sure what OP is getting at.

  4. It's my first day out here. Day 1 of ever trying to get sober. Hey guys 👋🏽

  5. If you ever met your expectations, you'd introduce yourself, shake their hand, realize they're a complete idiot, and vow never to meet them again.

  6. Lol this is a brilliant statement. You could frame this.

  7. Seriously recommend this one ☝️ It's very well written, and captures the nuances of death and the grieving process in a way that is both fascinating and relatable. The story itself is unlike any other I've read on wattpad. It's smooth and immersive and I found myself sympathizing with the main character and her sister from the start. If you enjoy unique adventure stories with memorable characters and meaningful themes definitely add this. It's got some funny moments too

  8. Maybe it's because I got desensitized to violence thanks to the military and seeing some horrific things but you'd have to take the uncomfortable plunge about reading what certain effects have.

  9. Thanks! Check your PM, I just messaged you.

  10. I guess research some medical mumbo-jumbo? Maybe read some medical report stuff?

  11. Thanks, I'll see what I can find. And damn, "Their guts turned to gravy" made me cringe but it definitely gets the point across. Is that from Mercedes Man?

  12. I'll look into that for sure. Hoarding runs in our family, and I seriously hate the idea of holding onto things I won't need/use, because there's already so much junk in this house.

  13. I might be going out on a limb here but I think your mom‘s reaction was not about the bag lol. I also had to temporary early move in with my parents when I was in my 20s after being out on my own. It was very hard for my mother to not control my life decisions. Keep an eye out for other over reactions to your decisions. Just remember just because you live in their house does not mean you have to tell them everything you do sometimes the vague answer is the correct answer. Best of luck

  14. You're 100% right. I realize could have avoided the whole fiasco by simply saying yes and selling the bag on my own time. Thank you for the advice.

  15. This is so good for character development though 🤍

  16. Good idea, let me just get my time machine here....oh wait. It doesn't exist.

  17. we see exactly why you got scammed 😂

  18. Sure, we can go with that. But perhaps your naivety and your poor attitude played a part as well.

  19. Hey, 23F here! I mainly write mystery, thriller, and poetry. I'm always looking for new writin friends :)

  20. One, my fiance just suggested it but ultimately, it was my sins decision even though I dint agree with it.

  21. You admitted that you thought your fiancé's decision to make him pay for restaurant meals was harsh and yet you were complacent in it anyways. You let another person enforce a rule regarding your child, and you didn't want to speak up about it until your fiancé wanted you to pay for him and his friends. YTA and I'd reconsider this engagement and think about the type of man whom you want setting an example for/being around your son.

  22. I lost all of my friends to my abuser too. They weren't his friends originally they were mine and he hated them and they hated him as more came out about our relationship. They all encouraged me to leave and said they'd support me and be there for me and acted so disappointed whenever I'd go back to him. Well...he ended up with another friend of ours, one my childhood best friends to be specific, she had always been heavy set, she had never really had a partner and all the sudden their mentality towards him completely changed. they were all fully supportive of him being with her and became friends with him, they all just acted so happy to see her finally have someone to be with regardless of the fact that he was my abuser and she was supposed to be my best friend who had actually seen the abuse and even called the police on him multiple times. I had to burn all those bridges and walk away from everyone I'd grown up with. The next few years were lonely and that hurt but....being alone pushed me to go do things by myself I'd never done alone before, I had moved, moved jobs, completely started over and 3 years later I have a few really amazing people in my life that I probably never would have met had I not gotten away from everyone and I've had some really awesome experiences going out by myself that I would have been afraid to go to by myself before. I guess what I'm trying to say is sometimes the burned bridges can be the thing that leads you to your new tribe and your next chapter. You don't need people to go out and have fun....just go out and do things you enjoy and you are sure to cross paths with some awesome like minded people along the way. I've found people are more confident in striking up a conversation with someone who is out on their own rather than approaching a group of people. It seems scary at first....but after you've pushed yourself out of your comfort zone you'll never want to go back to the way things were.

  23. I had the same thing, although, they were all her friends before me so I guess I should have seen it coming. I didn't expect them all to turn on her, I just wanted them to hear me out and then reach their own conclusion from getting both sides. Instead, they yelled at me, told me I was gaslighting them if I told a different story than hers, and went back to her to say I abused them when they wanted to resolve things peacefully. So, hindsight says not great friends.

  24. Yeah. We all started as friends, but when he and I started dating we eventually became ___ and ___. It's such a mindfuck because behind closed doors, he used to talk shit about how our friends were annoying, how he didn't actually like them and that they had secret animosity toward him, and then I'd bend over backwards trying to convince him that wasn't true. Yet in front of everyone, I started to notice where he'd started doing this thing where he would be extremely generous, extremely personable, like covering the tab when we go out, always volunteering to drive or pick people up. Like he's so good at being charismatic and friendly that it's scary. I just can't seem to wrap my head around the way he's managed to isolate me from the same group of people he claimed to dislike, and how the same friends I thought really cared about me chose him instead. It's so much to process.

  25. Mate, no offense, but after reading all your replies, you’re either looking for a “reason” to find this annoying, or you’re just kinda stupid. No offense.

  26. OP is getting ate up with these downvotes and they're still going 😭

  27. Right? I mean they finna hit them up wherever, I think not badgering someone is a boundary. Right ?

  28. The first few times I tried breaking up, he would continuously spam my phone from unknown numbers, over and over so that I couldn't use my phone until I unblocked him or picked up. It makes me so much angrier to think about now because I can't believe I used to let that slide.

  29. Congratulations!! Keep going and stay on that momentum!

  30. YTA. She's your guest, and not just a "guest" but your girlfriend. YOU invited her, so YOU should pay for her. It's not like you guys are going on a five star cruise where splitting costs would be more practical, it's your family's rundown old cabin. With that said, what difference does it even make if she pays or not? She's a new potential addition to the family, not an already factored in contributor. What difference would it revenue make if she paid or not?

  31. Hey, I also write about adult siblings! My advice is to allude to events that happened in their childhood using dialogue. Just be careful to make sure you're not obviously using dialogue to infodump.

  32. yeah my life isn't interesting. makes sense.

  33. It may be more interesting than you think. I mean, you're compelled to write about it for a reason. Writing is art, and all art is a piece of you that needs to be expressed. So just write. :)

  34. Wait, really? So 3k words being stressful now is nothing later? Thank you so much for sharing! I started feeling like my disability was holding me back, but I should’ve just given myself time to grow! Tysm!

  35. Yes, trust me that'll feel like a breeze soon. Like OP said, word count is arbitrary. The trick is to stop getting hung up on how >much< you're writing and to just keep telling the story.

  36. I noticed this is getting a lot of attention; I'm still looking for a writer's group, so if anyone would be interested in starting one or has one to join then let me know!

  37. This was the absolute best tip for me! I was really struggling with my side characters, like i know they have key moments in the plot so they need to be there and I’ve always imagined my story with them in it but my writing felt disjointed around them. So i started writing fanfic for it and it’s really helped me develop backstories and ships i’d have never gone for before! I also recommend making playlists for characters, i think that helps too!

  38. Yes haha, I love making Spotify playlists for all of my characters!

  39. I think you can do both OP. The best stories are the ones that heal and entertain at the same time. And a lot of times, healing is entertaining. When you put your heart and soul into your stories, it shows. You'll be surprised at how many other people your stories may bring healing to. Even if it's just one, or even if it's just yourself. It's always worth it.

  40. I want to be a storyteller. I have been an emotion-bottler forever, but stories and storytelling honest to god gets me going. I'll go on drunken rants to my lifelong friends around a campfire. They don't care about what I'm talking about but they listen anyway, because I'm different when I talk about it. I'm happy when someone reads a chapter I've written or says they want more of the world I've built. Stories make me happy and I want to be part of it because I want to be happy.

  41. It's so cathartic too. Like getting the emotions out of your head and into your story makes you feel a lot less heavier, otherwise you're just carrying around ideas and emotions all the time and they won't leave you alone.

  42. It’s weird and rude to listen to things going on around me in a public space?

  43. There's a difference between listening and eavesdropping.

  44. We need to stop telling people to do this. Conversation in real life is nothing like in books and movies. If you want to practice, read books, watch movies, watch TV shows, read movie/TV show scripts, study them, rewrite them, and stop being a creep eavesdropping on people’s conversations in public.

  45. I agree... not only does this not actually help, it's weird. And rude.

  46. Great extract. I'm really intrigued about what happened and who the man with no face is... I look forward to finding out, if you continue to share your story... I do have suggestions.. take them or leave them though, its entirely your decision...

  47. Hey, thanks so much for your feedback! I agree, the excerpt reads a little weird when it's laid out like this. In my book, the sentences are stacked on top of one another, staggered a bit like a spatial poem. Bit of a spoiler, but "Nothing" is a recurring metaphor for the secrets each character keeps. If you'd like to read the first few chapters, I'd be glad to send you the link! It's a murder mystery about several siblings, and as a warning, I go into some dark themes. But any feedback is appreciated!

  48. Being vegan is when you avoid the consumption of animal products as much as it is possible for you

  49. I don't know how you related veganism to a thread about sexuality. That was weird of you. I support veganism, but it's very uninformed to assume it's a practical or economical option for everyone. For example, I have IBD and have a very sensitive stomach. I eat what works for me, and I won't hyperfocus on whether there are animal biproducts in the ingredients of my food, because I also have an ED, and that would easily lead me down a rabbit hole of a whole bunch of other problems. And like they said, there are still so many other reasons why someone wouldn't be vegan. Please get your head out of the sand.

  50. "Being vegan is when you avoid the consumption of animal products as much as it is possible for you " read my argument

  51. I read it lol don't worry it wasn't much. Under that definition, I gave you the answer as to why someone may not restrict what they eat based on animal biproducts.

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