1. Also pull the tap all the way down dont slowly pull the handle, out you will get foam every time. If a beer loses has waiting on servers barely opening the tap is a trick to get straight foam to top it off.

  2. I'm 43. I was a manager for 20 yrs because that's "the responsible thing" i make double as a bartender than any managing job.

  3. You only want to engage private conversation with your top patrons (if they lead toward it). With others you keep it on the surface and cheerlead what ever they say. This book made wonders for me and you can find it for free on google. It’s a quick read.

  4. YES! We had one of those claw machines. There were 5 guys drinking, not drunk or belligerent. Very polite. We were just closing, and the baseball game they were watching was almost over. So I (manager at the time) told them they could wait for the game to end because we had cleaning etc.

  5. Do i have a second account in unaware of and posting from? Exact samething in going through. Hate it!

  6. Even the drive is going to be 30 minutes. Delay this game 4 hours. Haha

  7. He needs to be reported for theft and to the labor board.

  8. I use my dremel and carefully cut between the cubes. It takes longer, and most of it melts. But it gets the job done.

  9. $215 tip just to get the person to fight it, so that they can understand why their handwriting is so fkn trash. I'm petty ;)

  10. Can you imagine opening your bag froma. Dispensary and seeing that. Lol

  11. Since i just noticed this last week. When it says it has thc delta9, isn't that what they sell in smoke shops now? 9 and 8, I've even seen 10.

  12. “CashRegisterExpress.” We’re getting Toast soon, I think.

  13. Hopefully with toast you can make lots of dough...

  14. I do not know for sure but it does not look right. The peace sign is actually a sign of the bent cross with the arms at least in my memory bent upwards. This may be a Mandela Effect and would fit some of the strange things i have come across lately. In the bible I always remember the words the lion will lay down with the lamb which has been changed to the wolf will dwell with the lamb. I can not find any significant amount of pictures of the wolf and the lamb and everyone I have talked to has no memory of the wolf mentioned like this or in place of the lion but none the less it is the new narrative and was the old as well.

  15. Those aren't pickups, they're definitely ornaments.

  16. How do you know the parking spots marital status? I would think they would all be single. 🤣🤣🤣 I'm sorry it's late.

  17. Portioning ice is always a good one for a brand new, never had a job host/ess. Why? The servers have been wasting pop by but putting the proper amount of ice. So we going to portion them and the servers will use the right amount and it will save on pop.

  18. My underarmor compression hot weather shirt is my best investment. Its like Spanx for the belly and men.

  19. I had this, not this bad, last wednesday. A 19 top, all ordered drinks, no two drinks the same and only 4 beers. The chit kept printing and printing. My bar guests just looked at me. I laughed like the joker. Haha

  20. The only time i will skip is if its a server that never arrives within 5 minutes. And that's only if I'm getting slammed. And only because that server will have no idea anyway and the customer doesnt get a watered down drink. Lol

  21. Anytime a group walks up to order, life of they're waiting on tables for a party. When one orders i don't walk away until i have everyone's order. If you don't order when i ask you go to the back of the line that's in my head of order people arrived at my bar.

  22. I personally tip $5 per hour, per person im with.(if 20% is less than that) Your taking a seat that, on avg, would have at least one customer buy a couple drinks and food and leave a 5, each hour. You're there for 5 hours, idc how much my bill is. I'll leave at least a 20. It isnt what you spend while you're in the seat, its what you're costing the bartender. A normal person would probably leave a 10.

  23. Would you recommend tipping upfront and letting them know how long I plan on staying or tip per refill?

  24. If you tip at the beginning you'll probably not wait for a refill if you tip 10 or more.

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