1. yes, use a VPN and connect to the US, no need to change the region. Use a PC, phone or table to connect to a VPN, and then go to with your browser.

  2. Yo it worked i literally got The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY Edition for 3 dollars im so hyped

  3. Well i have it even worse ( im not downplaying your problems everyone's problems matter) as a 17 year old I've been bullied my entire life like literally my entire life and because of this I'm numb to this pain and I've decided to stay heartless for now and keep a straight face for everything

  4. Why did people bully you i was bullied due to havin a physical disability but fortunately if kinnda learned to live with it

  5. Mostly because of my face and my interests and the fact that i didn't have friends to hold eachothers back and so i am still vulnerable to this day

  6. It really suck when you get bullied for something you have no control over

  7. Chess is my only distraction too its only temporary but i can get lost in chess for hours on end even though im might mot be that good its one of my hobbies that i really love

  8. It will be even more special once you play

  9. Bruh in the back broke THE FUCK or if his leg

  10. Not only does it look painful asf i bet hes also extremely embarrassed

  11. Sleeping dogs, Witcher 3, titan fall 2


  13. Same bro I average 160 ping in game from South Africa. Praying some new servers are released

  14. Oh yes I was just curious. It was a good thing i was like oh wow it looks way better than I thought it would.

  15. On the 4ktv everything looked pretty smooth/well defined. I've played on PS4 and it looked much better to me than on there. Overall I was really impressed with how it looked and played.

  16. Absolutely! If anything it might help you. The worst case is that they ignore it.

  17. Yes. It’s up to them whether they want to click the link or not, so make sure the letter is still compelling on its own.

  18. Helped thanks i think the letter itself explains who i am and what i want i just wanted to add the link to give them a idea of my work

  19. I love football but think it should be taken more seriously, especially in kids. I dont think that most people realize that even one concussion can be life altering.

  20. But yeah american football can either fuck you up or you could play for years without getting hurt i dont think the chances of you getting extremely hurt is high but theres always a possibility its up to you tho

  21. As far as I’m aware we haven’t figured that out yet. The brain is extremely complex and there’s a lot we don’t understand.

  22. Thank you yes the brain is indeed complex and extremely intresting at the same time

  23. Bingo. I got mine this morning and re-download like 5 games that are optimized for the XSS. I wish I played Elden Ring the first time with the XSS. It looks and plays way better than the One S.

  24. Id suck your dads slong just to get a taste of the secret formula

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