1. Where is the Grove? Seen many comments about it here and there…2nd Roo this year would love to check it out

  2. How much kandi should I be making for the entire weekend?

  3. dump his ass. trust issues and he’s making you feel bad for how you like to enjoy raves? nah

  4. not from cbus but i want to feel included as an ohioan

  5. real talk for the kandi kids…. how many do i need to make for the entire weekend

  6. Good fun for the price. They have great artists. There was no water in the campgrounds last year. Whole thing is pretty ratchet.

  7. I heard only no water in the campgrounds day 1... was it like that the entire time?

  8. mine is the week of roo too!!! wear something that says it’s your birthday for sure

  9. grant aka griz since he will be there for 2 days?!

  10. i LOVE the first one!!! 🫶🏻 here’s some of mine! still waiting on a lot of pieces to come in so i can style my outfits, but

  11. i know bianca pavlic when i see it!!!! these are gorgeous on you

  12. for anyone looking for both style and comfort, i highly recommend checking out freedom ravewear! quick shipping, great customer service, and a lifetime warranty on their products!!!!

  13. first time i ever got cajun fries, the dude loaded them up with so much seasoning there was like a quarter inch just in the bottom of the bag. been chasing that dragon ever since, but no one's ever done it the same

  14. i swear post covid employees do not season the fries the same

  15. I have this (kind of!) as a tattoo!!!! Love the choice I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you

  16. is it SLSL? i would love to see it, thinking about getting matching Griz tats with my bestie

  17. When you actually think about it, speaking up against animal abuse is incredibly PLUR. It's just not the fun kind.

  18. Also 2018 Post Malone, those bleachers were packed

  19. You didn’t know coz it was terrible 🤣 showed up late and drunk.

  20. this is why non edm artists should not perform at edc 😭🤣

  21. Those are the worst . You’re fully conscious and aware but somehow forget the last few seconds and how you ended up at a light or near home etc.

  22. you actually described the experience PERFECTLY

  23. Being scared in the moment is one thing but still being scared to this day means u just have anxiety either way

  24. ptsd from a car accident is a very real thing btw

  25. I was told by an ex employee to avoid essence/verano as they are generally shitty/bad quality brands

  26. queuing enough songs for the duration of my drive

  27. I do not recommend buying incense or candles from five below. A friend of mine did the same thing and I visited their apartment to find them incredibly ill after lighting.

  28. my five below sells wild berry incense which is a very well made incense brand, so if your store carries that kind you’re good

  29. Check out the roo bus preparty at WITW Wednesday at 3pm 😉

  30. Cannot confirm or deny, but I think you'll be happy

  31. i am now rearranging my arrival for this so i better be!!!

  32. listen to ALLEYCVT she’s up and coming :) she produces her songs and sings in them

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