1. Dead Rising 4 is set during the holidays.

  2. Someone just asked this same question recently and here’s my previous reply…

  3. I don’t think there’s any free ones, but you can download the free demos for some of the newer Resident Evil games. I know there’s demos for Res Evil 2 & 3 remakes, and also the newest one, Res Evil - Village.

  4. I have the C935 and I love it mostly, apart from the crappy panel uniformity. I use it mostly for console gaming on the PS5 and Series X and it ticks all the boxes.

  5. I have the C935 in my room which is a bright room. I only have the brightness level at just over 50% and it’s still burning the retinas off me with its brightness.

  6. It’s the Xbox one version that you’re looking at there. It will work on both Xbox one and Series X / S. But it’s still only the Xbox one version that you’ll be playing, that game doesn’t have smart delivery option.

  7. Here’s 3 of my recent faves, they should be on the usual streaming sites to check out

  8. If you’ve got a PS5, then definitely check out Returnal. It’s so good, one of the best action / horror / sci-fi games I’ve ever played. Anyone that doesn’t have a PS5, keep an eye out for the PC version that should be out fairly soon-ish. Either way, check it out on any platform you can.

  9. Readers be warned, this is a shill/marketing account.

  10. I’m recommending a game that OP asked for that fits their description. A game that’s won multiple awards, including 2022 BAFTA game of the year.

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