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  1. Weird f*cking pedophiles. This is the post that makes me leave you creeps

  2. Covid propaganda and gov lies are not the same as flat earth nonsense.

  3. Enjoy your endless boosters with 0 efficacy sheep

  4. Ironic that you say that, isn’t calling everyone that disagrees with you an NPC, NPC behaviour?

  5. Can someone seriously wrangle in this robot’s code?

  6. The biggest reason crypto has failed is because it was centralized we want it to be decentralized

  7. Which is why we are all signing up to join a centralized GME NFT exchange?

  8. What people here don’t realize is that centralization is not the devil. Decentralization is a buzz word.

  9. But here is my biggest issue - what if they come into a liquidity issue…. Will they lock up everything on their exchange just like the rest of these crypto exchanges?

  10. Uh huh. I’m sure it has nothing to do with w wey thing costing a lot more

  11. Legitimately nothing is safe. There are so many people here that need to PULL YOUR MONEY OUT of these horrific exchanges.

  12. Even though you guys hate him, you guys definitely dick ride the man lmao

  13. Even i did not subscribed to him, i keep having notifications when he posts anything.

  14. This is typed like you were programmed to misspell things. Bot

  15. I’ve always thought this pomp dude was weird and cringe. Looks like he’s involved with all the major criminals that seem to have legal invincibility when it comes to their public BS.

  16. Bain capital was Mit Romney’s hostile takeover group. Guess where they started? Boston Consulting. Of course

  17. It’s unrealized tho … why is this even being reported on? American propaganda to crash the Japanese economy??

  18. I was in the same boat. All the initial talk about phone calls, nah fuck that. Once the chat drs route was made known I still was apprehensive about the whole deal. Sent one. Waited anxiously until I saw that one get deposited in my Computer Share account. Then I let out a couple ape noises and sent the rest. I'm 100% drs now. I thought it was right for me and now that I own my own shares I couldn't imagine letting these slimy fuckin brokers anywhere near my assets ever again.

  19. Why is it anxiety inducing to make a phone call, I don’t get it

  20. Anyone holding crypto on ANY EXCHANGE right now is in danger. Get your money out of these scams. Omg how are you people not seeing the writing on the wall

  21. This entire conversation seems like bot chat. This is very odd. Red flags all over this forum

  22. No worries. There's always so much information coming from everywhere! I try to remember what makes the most sense for me and research and ask questions anytime (often lol) I think I'm missing a piece of the puzzle.

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