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  1. Bro you must’ve started watching this yesterday disrespecting the black beast like that, shut your fucking mouth

  2. The fact that there are people this talented that will most likely never be recognized for their work is astounding. That painting is insane

  3. Life ain’t fair. The question is, what are you gonna do about it?

  4. Not inconvenient at all since wife is a monster that likes all wine at room temp

  5. Every single member of the royal guard is active duty military on rotation to that job. I guarantee they've done more than you ever will.

  6. Yea man I’m sure they have, specially when they go fight wars for no purpose whatsoever. But yea, get out the way when security tells you to, I can see you enjoy doing as your told.

  7. It was pretty mixed, some docs gave a diagnosis of menieres, some said it could be otosclerosis,and the last doctor i met said that it may or may not be menieres,but it definitely has cochlear pathology? Tbh Most Ent specialists dont even examine thoroughly,they order an audiometry and thats it. Most sites say menieres is aggressive in the earlier stages with violent bouts of vertigo, but i’ve not had a proper vertigo spell in the last 2.5 years of my journey through this, just minor dizziness - and i am grateful for that. Maybe it is TMD? Btw , what other inner ear conditions could it be?

  8. Man I’m on the same boat as you.. just woke up today with my left ear full and couldn’t hear low frequencies.. Went to the doctor today, did the audiometry test and he prescribed me meds for menieres even tho I don’t have vertigo or tinnitus. Its just the fullness of the ear and the loss of low frequency hearing.

  9. Someone should do a teletext style app for football scores, tables etc..

  10. I don’t think you should be posting ruptured nutsacks on reddit sir

  11. The amount of mentally challenged people here commenting is concerning

  12. I’m surprised no one else noticed this! She’s legit not even pushing buttons, just tapping and flicking the board.

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