1. I have one left send me one and I’ll send back $Traelah-Johnson

  2. I’m on MTN1 ship dock and i see so much of pack just standing down, it’s crazy. Hopefully the VET comes back soon, otherwise consider cross training into a busier department so you can get VET for those shifts

  3. Yeah I have thought about cross training into different departments not sure what departments have a lot of work rn though

  4. I got 3 left send me one and I’ll send back $Traelah-Johnson

  5. There's only certain stores that will let you do your first order. For me I ordered a $22 pack of Nike socks from Dick's Sporting goods.

  6. Mines the same. I got my state refund tho within a week after filing. Maybe we’ll get the federal one after Valentine’s or 3rd week the latest.

  7. I filled mine two weeks ago and I haven’t gotten either my state usually doesn’t come untill the summer

  8. It means be patient. You will get your refund soon (assumes no errors in return).

  9. Yeah there isn’t any errors or anything this is my second year filling I claimed my brother because I take care of him but I’m trying to stay patient

  10. Site will never offer vto during peak. The senior ops have to clear it with the regional ops manager.

  11. Do you know if they deposit on saturdays?? today is my payday and I still have nothing smh

  12. I’m having the same problem my direct deposit haven’t come yet even thought my payday is today I’ll keep you updated if I get anything

  13. rsun says:

    It'll be cheaper to just get a new stick if you need both a cable and a remote.

  14. I was thinking that but I just got this stick and I didn’t want to replace it this soon but I do think I just need to buy a new one

  15. rsun says:

    Is that a stick or a set top box? If it's a set top, you might be able to use a universal remote to control it via IR. It it's a stick, you'll have to use an RF remote. Does your existing remote blink when you attempt to pair it? If not, check the batteries (I'm sure you've done so, but can't hurt) and make sure they're in the proper orientation - most current remotes have the two batteries in the same orientation, but some older ones had them in opposite orientation. If the LED on the remote still doesn't blink, the remote is probably bad. If the remote does blink, but the Roku never pairs, make sure that you have the Roku connected properly - on some of the sticks the WiFi module is embedded in the power cable, so if you swapped that cable out for a generic one, that's the problem. If the cables are all ok and it has an external WiFi module, it's possible that the module or cable has gone bad and you'd need to replace it.

  16. Ohhh ok that you so much I have a stick and my dog chewed up the cable a little but I’m still able to power my stick on and what not however I will replace the cable and get a new remote to see if it fixes the problem

  17. I have 3 left boost me and I’ll boost back $Traelah-Johnson

  18. Have them type up a letter that states the start and end date of your treatment program.

  19. Who do I need to get the letter from I have anxiety and it’s been getting bad lately I currently do not have a therapist but I have doctors notes saying that I have anxiety

  20. I checked myself into a mental hospital and my assigned therapist typed up the letter. I was dealing with suicidal ideation and intrusive thoughts that interfered with my ability to work. The letter specified that I would be attending group therapy sessions Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 3:30pm, which would interfere with my work schedule. I was on a medical leave of absence for 8-weeks (the duration of the program)

  21. Wow I hope your mental health gets better and thanks for the advice

  22. Very confused on this. Our am told us that the added pay was flat rated. So it wouldn't count towards overtime. Hope he's wrong of course because that's some bs lol

  23. Yeah the hours not counting toward ot definitely sucks

  24. How I understand it, whatever your base pay +3$ will be your hourly for the day. But I think shifts that have this extra pay attached to it DOES NOT count towards overtim so that's the real slap in the face.

  25. I come in/stay late on my 4 scheduled days and pick up 1 full shift and a 1/2 shift Friday. Still hit my 58-60 and have Friday afternoon/Saturday off.

  26. That’s what I recently done I swapped my shift on Saturday to Sunday and I’m gonna pick up a extra shift tomorrow since I only worked 20 hours last week

  27. Per week? Where I'm at, the maximum is 60 hours, any more than that and you're kicked out until your weekly pay period is reset. Per day? This varies afaik, where I am you're not allowed to work more than 11 hrs in a day, you technically can legally but for some reason they insist you don't go over 11 hours, which you wouldn't want to do anyway since shifts are 10 hours long and very few people work between the 10 hour period and the next two hours when the next shift starts.

  28. Thanks I just wanted to know because I’m going to be working a lot more to save up for a apartment soon so so I’ll just work 60 hours for the next few weeks and see how much I can save up

  29. It’s probably a sign to slow down on the anytime pay addiction lol

  30. Funds aren't available to withdraw until Monday, because Sunday is the start of the new pay period. 100 percent certain on this.

  31. I would ask for a mental health's 2 weeks unpaid but hey you get off for 2 weeks

  32. You can contact HR and explain your situation. They may give you an additional 2 days off, unpaid.

  33. I went to hr and they told me to contact erc they might can extend my bereavement

  34. I would definitely walk out if there isn’t any double pay and they calling met

  35. I clearly stated above that I take full responsibility for my actions I was upset that he went out of his way to write me up

  36. I don’t even know if someone could explain that would be great😂

  37. I personally would do it I do this at least once a month if I don’t have any time usually they don’t ask for proof and it’s good to take time off instead of working All the time especially since we are all just numbers to Amazon and we all can be replaced easily

  38. I’m pretty much in the same boat. Shit sucks

  39. I have really thought about going to the doctor to get a note for intermittent leave because she is giving me so much anxiety. AM is no help, have gone to HR about retaliation I feel as though only thing I can do is go to ethics or the ROM and is it really worth it? might as well just let them write me up however many times and get unemployment. I worked 11 months as a seasonal before they finally converted me Oct 3, 2 days after the UPT drop so I only had 10 UPT for peak last year-I just keep telling myself if I could get thru that I can get to July. The way I feel lately though 🤷

  40. I would personally get a note to go on a leave sometimes my anxiety gets really bad i sometimes don’t eat and being in a place for 10 hours constantly working and standing for a long period of time isn’t helping either my anxiety also effects my emotions and I sometimes feel the physical effect of it heart pulsations etc I have been thinking about taking a leave but Amazon doesn’t offer paid mental health leave options which sucks because in my personal life I cant miss a paycheck at the moment but I hope all is well with you and let me know if anything I can do to help you

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