1. Yes you were robbed, doesn't matter if it was standard practice or not. If you can, start by buying a stand that should help tremendously when repairing/troubleshooting.

  2. My question is wheter or not i should remove the leftover sealant? I am switching my rims and removed the tyre. I cleaned it out and let it dry

  3. Unless there are big clumps I wouldn't waste my time removing the dried sealant. It appears you just have a thin even layer so dont worry about it.

  4. I like the paint, I would of kept the standard swoosh though.

  5. I heard tommy has a trademark on "liderally", "ricer miata" and "mung mouth". So he pretty much owns ruddy.

  6. These turned out good, its cool to see the og reimagined.

  7. You may get a warmer response over at

  8. Nike acg kids clothes and colabs with supreme..not sure I like the direction nike is taking with the brand.

  9. Just got some panda dunk highs, outsole stiching was all fucked up in a few spots. Dunk high Austrailias were perfect though.

  10. I think they look good. I won the SIZE? raffle on these, can't wait to get them! Currency conversion effd me though.

  11. Theres more to life than just baseball, Gil. 🗡⚾

  12. It’s a toss between these and the LA Dodgers pair for myself. Still haven’t decided, but I need to make up my mind soon in case they shoot up in price. I also live in Florida, so I’m always in shorts, and I think low tops look better with those, however high tops are nice for more formal occasions where I have to wear pants.

  13. Well are you a giants fan or a dodgers fan? Your answer lies with your true allegiance. Can't be both, these two teams are arch rivals! If your neither i guess it depends on if you like highs or lows, or a specific colorway. I personnally like the dodgers low with the blue and gum sole, but shit I could never be caught wearing that shit I'd never hear the end of it!

  14. Not enough snkrs interaction. Spend about 6 hrs per day on the app, thats when u start really hitn.

  15. Yes it is, at I think it is, who knows really.

  16. I could see myself skeet shooting in those sippin on a neat bourbon with a cigar in my mouth.

  17. I paid between $150 to $200 for each. They're way cheaper now. I got them all on Stock X or Flight Club

  18. Looking at the michigans now on stockx they look good, seems like a good price for the 2020s. I couldnt find the black/yellow sbs on there, is there a name?

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