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  1. Throwing knives are the most fun IMO

  2. I keep reading this in Glen from Letterkenny’s voice

  3. Is there good transit by the stadium or is it smart to stay close?

  4. Yes the T reaches out pretty far, the commuter rail extends even further. You could stay outside of the city and take the train in.

  5. The tunnel has been there for like 100 years and hasn't been this big of an issue until more modern times. Maybe the players need to act more sportsman like and not jump each other.

  6. “Should we hold people accountable for their actions?” “No, it’s the building that’s at fault.”

  7. Love how the media is using the word “fight” instead of “assault”.

  8. It’s driving me insane. They aren’t even fighting back! I can’t believe the first video was called a “scuffle” either.

  9. Have you tried it recently? I have it on my PC and it works fine.

  10. Same here, CW performs significantly better on my PC than MW.

  11. "Darvin, I'd like to be alone with the sandwich for a moment."

  12. Compare to league of legends. If you're in Plat rank, you expect to be usually playing against others in Plat. If you're on the high end of Plat, you'll run into some diamond players, on the low end some gold. But you're never going to run into bronze or challenger players. Warzones current sbmm essentially places bronze players with challenger players more than never, which is not cool.

  13. LoL is a competitive game with 10 players per lobby. Warzone does not have enough challenger level players to fill a large lobby in a reasonable amount of time, so they are (usually) put in the highest level lobby available, which will still have mostly worse players by comparison. It is a casual game, so the matchmaking does not need to be nearly as strict as competitive games.

  14. I'm not sure how many people play warzone daily during peak, but assume that 100,000 people do. That puts 1,000 people in the top 1% of players, 5k in the top 5% That's of fully lobbies right there.

  15. 1% of 100,000 is 1,000, not 10,000. This doesn’t even account for matching with players in your region.

  16. Or say you suck when they're sitting on 1 kill and 320 damage after half the game and you quietly have 7 kills landing at a not insane spot like Prison. Will I drop 30 at Chem? Prob not. But I have a MUCH higher chance at winning and I still have fun.

  17. Most of the time I’m muting voice chat because it’s either super toxic or they have a potato for a microphone and I can’t even hear the game.

  18. Controllers with more buttons that cost more. Ever try needing to reload while you have a downed teammate at your feet and a vehicle right next to you? Reloading, reviving, and getting in vehicle are all the same inputs! But you can buy a pay-to-win controller (or MnK) to avoid that. It’s a bullshit unlevel playing field.

  19. It’s still the same input for all 3 of those actions regardless of where the buttons are located on your controller

  20. LOL nobody watches college football in LA and New York, when I worked in New York for a year I had to always get them to put on college football games.

  21. It doesn’t really matter whether people in those areas are tuned into the games tho

  22. Regardless of your opinions on streamers & the existence of a white list, this post is being deliberately misleading.

  23. OP conveniently leaves out the string of demon lobbies they had immediately following this game, which they also performed extremely well in.

  24. Are scuf controllers any good? I’ve heard mixed reviews on them, especially when it comes to their durability.

  25. I’ve had a Scuf Impact for about 2 years now, still going strong. I take very good care of it; never dropped, clean it regularly, replace consumable parts when they go bad, keep it in the protective case. Sometimes it’ll seem like I start getting stick drift every few months but taking it apart and blowing compressed air into it always fixes it. It’s definitely on the high end price wise but I use it almost everyday and it is by far my favorite controller.

  26. We're you not talking about improving your gunfights? Getting to know the map is a different thing. If you wanna improve at gunfights, regardless of the situation, multiplayer is the way to go. And you might be surprised, but there's several maps other than shipment.

  27. Totally agree, plunder is good for getting dialed into Warzone health and feeling how the guns shoot on Warzone’s engine. The multiplayers are the best way to get better at gunfights in general because you get the most repetition. But that also assumes you’re playing in a way that makes those reps valuable and not just farming cheap kills.

  28. Poole is a legit sparkplug for the Warriors. If things aren't going well for them, you can really count on Poole to come in and kickstart them.

  29. I’m not gonna hurt these refs! Why would I ever hurt these refs? I feel like you’re not getting this at all!

  30. But this is a game, and quick scoping has always been a part of it, for snipers like swiss or pellington , or marksman like the KAR, should have a slower rechamber speed than say the dragunov and a WAY shorter max distance and greater drop off than the HDR and AX-50, but increased movement. As a quickscoper, if you miss the first shot 80% of the time you’re gonna die especially with how short the TTK is, and how OP the SMG’s are and the range on vangaurd AR’s. The increased flinch was a good balance. But everything else was overkill. It’s should be equal, slightly slower movement, slower rechamber, increased flinch, and one chance to hit the headshot, against slightly faster, fast TTK SMGs. (I mean did you see the video of the Owen gun downing a player with four bullets posted on here earlier?) They should still be one-shot headshot if you’re sniping about 1/3 the distance on rebirth. (This is just a guess, I Can’t find the actual dimensions of the island but will be happy to post once I find. I myself have hit headshots that only cracked the dude even though they were relatively a short distance away like from the stairs by grandmas house(headquarters garrison by prison) to the chimneys on the roof of Nova ). But it’s just my opinion, there almost no reason to snipe anymore, atleast not on rebirth unless you’re holding somewhere and shooting from farther. Caldera is much bigger.

  31. Where did they nerf quick scoping? Isn’t that in close quarters while the nerf is for long range snipes on high mobility snipers?

  32. Yes you’re right actually, I might’ve been a little mistaken. But I personally think 50m is too much of a nerf still.

  33. I think some of the ranges could use further tuning, but I would say it’s a step in the right direction. If you’re sniping outside of like 50m you’re not really quick scoping at all, so this nerf doesn’t affect the close quarters quick scopes and no scopes. If you want one shot kills at any ranges there should be significant downsides, namely to mobility. If the majority of your sniper shots are outside of that 50m range you’re probably better served by something like the ZRG anyway with more bullet velocity and less drop. I think the one shot range should scale with the mobility of the gun, so they should readjust something like the Tundra to have slightly longer one shot range than the Kar or Swiss. The Rytec seems to be a contentious nerf, but it’s also semi auto and shoots explosives and thermites. Maybe a further adjustment to that could be making the explosive and thermite rounds 2 shot kills while regular rounds can have a 1 shot range to a certain point. Overall I think this nerf brings more balance to snipers, and also makes the sniper rifles much more distinct, rather than everything boiling down to ADS speed.

  34. Reason they probably wouldn't do it is because of balance reasons. Having a ranked mode would mean restricting certain weapons and kit which would be a monumental task in itself with all the guns and then have to have a system to effectively matchmake 40 (rebirth) to 150 (BR) players around the same ELO.

  35. I don’t think it would be very difficult for them to implement a ranked Warzone mode, and they may already be doing that for Warzone 2. However, a ranked mode would play much slower (I’m thinking like Apex ranked) and that just isn’t what a Call of Duty BR game should be. At its core it is a fast paced arcade style shooter, and compromising on that changes the whole philosophy of the game for the worse.

  36. That's up for debate because the reason for CODs runaway success is it's ability to be both arcadey and tactical yet accessible all in one package. The other aspect is accessibility, think of just how intuitive CODs control has always been.

  37. Agreed that scaling up their past efforts at ranked would turn into a huge mess. Also agreed that a lot of their success is allowing a diverse set of play styles. My point was that adding ranked takes away one of those core play styles (arcadey)

  38. I mean you can check. Current active players in Warzone are 3 times less than in PUBG and 10 times than in Fortnite.

  39. Where did you get active player data for Warzone? I don’t remember that ever being made public.

  40. I think this site is fake data. Every time you click “update player count” the total count changes by tens of thousands. There are a bunch of other posts saying that site is fake as well.

  41. You certainly wouldn’t be in any danger

  42. I’ve been wanting ranked for so long. I just don’t actually see it happening unfortunately..

  43. According to the MW 2022 leaks they're making a ranked mode. Won't be for another year though.

  44. Yeah, I've not given perk 1 as much thought as I have 2&3 to be honest. But you're right. I've used combat scout a bit but think I prefer the advantages of quicker weapon swap still. So may give cold blooded a go with my high alert and amped

  45. On the Vanguard guns there are rear grips that give you faster weapon swaps. It's basically amped for free so you can run combat scout.

  46. Phone control is a nice to have in case of an emergency like this, but I hate using phone for controlling anything, too many steps to get anything done, and that fucking fingerprint/face recognition works like 70% of time max

  47. On iOS at least you can access shortcuts from your Lock Screen without needing to unlock your phone. Makes for a very convenient remote since my phone is always on me.

  48. An unranked mode would be some of the sweatiest lobbies you've ever seen. A significant number people that would be ranked high in a ranked mode would stay out of the ranked mode because they can't dominate there. People ranked low would stay away from an unranked mode like the plague if they knew what was good for them. So, unranked mode would have a pretty high average KD.

  49. I don’t think you’d need to take away SBMM for an unranked mode. Rocket League has casual playlists but you still have a casual MMR so you’re not getting matched with bronze players while you’re in champ.

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