1. I would pay good money to smack that kids foul mouth

  2. The look when the oven timer is beeping and mom hasn't got your bagel bites out yet

  3. Don't leave us in Alberta! Unless it's somewhere warmer of course

  4. That episode was the first one I saw. It scared the fuck outta me

  5. Leahs bar and grill does wing night Thursday

  6. Takes a while to lose the "cheapened" feeling in my opinion.

  7. The courts and cops. Bigger criminals than anyone!

  8. Ex-husband should be a possibility after this

  9. What would the harm have been to keep it. At best you have a nice 2cb trip, if it's that small of an amount of m u won't feel much and eating the DMT would do jack shit. Lol. Don't be a loser

  10. He's well on his way to being Stallone level retarded

  11. Sounds like the name of an anime/manga

  12. So cute! Looks like my senior signor

  13. Gay retards are welcome here🙏🏼

  14. Had to google what 100s & 1000's were. Toast.... Didn't see that coming

  15. I don’t think it’s toast…

  16. Definitely not. Was just wondering who thought they would make a good topping for toast

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