1. Definitely thought this would be more “knock you on your azz” type

  2. Yeah I think it’s prettty good I have a high tolerance so I try not to say something’s good unless if it’s gets me high fr and not a lot of the flower out there has been keeping me satisfied here lately

  3. Is it a more energetic effect for you, or does it knock you out? I guess I was just expecting more indica

  4. Yeah I have yet to get my hands on the flan bc I can’t constitute spending $90 on it lol. The crumble is great as well, would definitely recommend

  5. I recently noticed a store around me dropped a different concentrate from 90 to 80 bc it sat so long without anyone paying that much for it

  6. I love it when the market determines wages. Can think of customer service jobs on the phone that let you sit at home all day pay more than $20 hour plus benefits

  7. Been staying off sherbhead and klutch. How am I going to be sold in November sherbhead flower packaged in March by a dispensary that opened up in august

  8. Their shake is pretty fire if you never tried it. Their machine shreds it and removes sticks and stems. Check their website

  9. Need to start using hon and wyldflower pods. Never had an issue with them

  10. I should’ve clarified, it’s not thc lol google kefir grains, it’s fermented milk so not sure how it affects ibs but it sure helps with my stomach issues.

  11. I think almost every Main Street product is solid when purchased at a sale price. Some strains better than others but they have some great products

  12. Hey, they got cones up... What more do you need? Proper areas for people to stand and receive their medicine out of the weather? They barely eek out a living as it is, why are you trying to cut into their 300% profit margin? 🙄. Poor fellas and ladies who run it might not have that extra waxing on their boat if they do all that and simply give a larger standing area indoors.

  13. Blows my mind they can do a 100% mark up on product and still be so shady

  14. I know it’s far from solventless, but the wyldflower problem child badder is spot on

  15. Definitely don’t want to stigmatize. Just warning beginning users that it can cause anxiety at high doses for new users.

  16. I’ve been trying to figure out why sometimes strains make me overthink ever

  17. Is Woodward any good I think my top would be klutch, ancient roots and only tried galanas once but second breakfast was good to

  18. Woodward is probably top grower in the program. You might pay a little more but it’s always worth every oenny

  19. Hon honey no doubt. Now they have strain specific. My favorite are the lemon skunk berry and the cookies honey

  20. I was pleased with this batch. $29OOTO. Has a great great taste. Although every batch of gelato I’ve gotten has looked different

  21. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad batch of animal face, definitely my favorite ww strain. Want to try this freshies but haven’t seen anything locally

  22. I missed that, but looked at some Sticky Buns by them and the time from testing to packing was just as long. Is kind of odd. You'd think there would be some decline in terps over that length of time.

  23. I didn't notice it on the SB label until you pointed out the one on the DSK label. I was actually pretty happy with the Sticky Buns. Bummer the DSK didn't turn out as good.

  24. This was my first time trying them. I enjoyed it, was something different but doubt I’ll buy again unless a last resort

  25. Hon honey is the way to go. They have terp specific honeys now also

  26. Epbc has been the only galenas strain I didn’t care for. I religiously buy this brand but this strain didn’t do anything for me. Loved this recent batch of second breakfast

  27. You just have to keep checking your local dispensaries menu for them. Most places will have it up on the menu within a day or two. Feel free to call your local dispensary and asm

  28. You can call and ask the dispensary for the information or when you go in, ask to see the container so that you can read the information off of it. Some may not allow you to hold it, so they will hold it up for you to read.

  29. I’ve considered that but it should just be more transparent from the start. Most dispensaries never answer a phone. Also most dispensaries already have long wait times on sale days. I just waited an hour in the lobby, now I change my order at the checkout window holding up the rest of the line and taking more time for them to get the new product.

  30. Good point, however most of the service industry are terrible about answering calls. Example: Airlines, chipotles, Cincinnati Bell stores, Kroger customer service, my barber. Lol too many to mentioned honestly.

  31. Preaching to the choir lol I worked 4 years on the phones in customer service

  32. Appreciate the info! One of their reps told me they’d have some new flavors coming out this week.

  33. Which makes no sense considering they’re probably top 2 grower in Ohio

  34. I was saying I’m not sure why everyone downvotes WW, they have great product

  35. One thing I didn’t care for about AZ was that some growers only grew high quality on the med side and you couldn’t buy it on the rec side. Not a fan of this. Although I would be fine if they sold the same with price differences for the high quality exotics

  36. I reached out, they have stellar customer service. Top terps are limonene, caryophyline, ocimene, and alpha pinene

  37. Stellar customer service is not having to contact the grower to find out the most basic information that should be on the label

  38. That’s true. I haven’t had a bad purchase from this brand, hope you’re able to give them a try

  39. I cried inside when they said the dispensary just doubles the price they pay from the grower

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