1. That salmon River OG stays undefeated. Amateurs here get mad at the looks before even trying it

  2. If Galenas quit putting their flower in smashable bags, it would probably look a lot less like brick weed despite here smelling strongly of delicious earthy myrcene with mild sweetness. Smooth smoke, definitely a strong stoning indica.

  3. I only bought the rosin on sale days at Harvest. For the 3g of peach crescendo I paid $63 a g and for the other 2 I picked up today I paid $68 a g.

  4. I can’t think of any concentrates in the program worth paying full price for and not waiting on a sale day, unless you have one that fits your medical needs of course

  5. Green runtz is pretty good, whats weird is when I bought it the buds felt nice as fuck but a week later is dry as hell but the taste is good and effects are still there.

  6. That’s every flower in the program. Even with a humidity pack you’ll get 2 weeks instead of 1 week

  7. Give the Butterfly Effect honey a try. A half teaspoon before bed really helps me sleep.

  8. Hon got the best honey, plus they have cannabis terpene infused honey in addition to the regular

  9. Revel moon rocks has a strong CO2 taste. I tried the lemon tree moon rocks, would not purchase again. However, tried the pixy stix bubble hash by revel and that was amazing, great for sleep.

  10. That's sad. Not very suprising but very unfortunate. Ultimately we have to educate consumers not to THC % shop to stop this. I talked to 2 of my budtenders last month about this and they said still, the majority of folks they see care wayyy more about THC% than minor cannabanoids and terpenes, lineage etc. Thank you for posting the article and tweet. Good to raise awareness.

  11. If we’re convinced they’re fudging THC numbers, how do we know they aren’t messing with terp numbers

  12. Didn’t know this was a heavy indica, would’ve scooped for sure

  13. I’ve seen some concentrates going down. Also seeing some concentrates about to expire are being slashed so that’s also great news

  14. Can someone tell me what the review says? Video won’t play within the app

  15. This store is typically very professional and friendly, hoping it was just a confused budtender one off occurrence. But it wouldn’t hurt for stores to solidify more employee education.

  16. Chances are they are unfamiliar with the product or don't use concentrates themselves. I worked at a dispensary and the amount of times I had to remind my coworkers, boss, and owner to store or handle them correctly was ridiculous

  17. I doubt the concentrate reps provide much education to the dispensaries and employees on proper storage

  18. To me the flavor is “sweet cream vanilla mint”…. I like to add it to less flavorable strains…. I wonder if the “shake” bags are worth it??

  19. I hear galenas shake is pretty bad. But I’m also curious. I might try a 10th bag of shake if I ever see one again

  20. I gotta say idk how u guys can just tuck away 5gs here and 4gs there of this stuff it's so so so good I can't leave it alone. I'm a huge OG fan and this strain is top 5easily. Yes the really really fire stuff I can hold on to for a while but I always know I got it and I'm like this sucks I better break out the og lol fr I go through it like water.

  21. I’ve been taking one big nug out of everything I buy and keeping that in a different jar for those special occasions and trying times

  22. I started with a dab vape pen, then nectar collector and kept buying more stuff till I got my current rig. Looking back, wish I would’ve just went with the nice glass and rig set up from the beginning. Wasted extra money trying to be cheap about it.

  23. This is great advice. OP, do not fall into the same spending trap. A beginner can handle the rig set up just fine. The important part is keeping it safe and not breaking it. The actual dabbing is easy.

  24. Yep. Try to get a BOGO deal just if you’re worried about breaking anything. Side note: does anyone know if local glass makers will fix a broken rig? It was a very clean break and I have the piece

  25. Both are great but for me, salmon had a little more giggly euphoric, relaxing effect, where biker kush more just mellowed me out

  26. Are you newer to the program? Genuinely curious, because when a place has an amazing sale like 25% off the whole store, it’s going to be crazy busy. Please let me know of stores that don’t have an hour wait on sale days bc I will frequent them. We just have to be prepared and assume it’s an hour long wait when it’s a good sale day. Generally I’ve had pretty pleasant experiences at strawberry fields, great staff IMO

  27. This is correct, but if Ancient Roots sells their products to the dispensary at a higher cost wholesale than they did previously, the dispensary is going to use their usual markup price. They aren't going to take a smaller margin.

  28. Pretty sure the mark up from the grower to the dispensary is around 200-300% typical dispensary markup is 100%

  29. Standard markup is 100%, at my dispo at least.

  30. You’re doing yourself a disservice by not trying three or four different companies. Most every cultivator has one or two really really good strains that are fire.

  31. And they al sell out within 2-3 days, but you couldn’t be more right

  32. They are so great. I’ve never had a bad experience. EPBC was meh and that’s no moon wasn’t my style. But dual og, second breakfast everything is great. People diss salmon OG but it has me so giggly and relaxed now with heavy eyes. Just beyond consistent

  33. Y’all are nuts. This has my eyelids heavy and I’m giggly af

  34. Previous reviews on this page showed it was a mix of shake and smalls and regular nugs

  35. All unskilled labor is poorly paid. Because they are unskilled and anyone can do it.

  36. Not sure why this gets downvotes but it explains supply and demand. Moving up in any company is pretty hard and you have to go above and beyond your pay grade to get that raise. Most people don’t get that

  37. That looks beautiful. They have the best garlic cookies in the state

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