1. the pot we would have to fit them all in is much larger then standard sized pot

  2. not how this works, both of you will get .5 of a cone. But I appreciate the sportsmanship.

  3. Oooooo maybe like take one with the 2nd round pick?????????????????????????

  4. Carved into the floor with an altar in the middle it's a sigil used for witchcraft.. plain and simple, it's not anything crazy or weird, just a fact of the matter. How symbols are used aren't up to anybody besides the individual. In this case, this is literal witchcraft..

  5. Your shocked team blue grifters you again? A guy was spent his entire life saying “if you elect me this time things will change”

  6. This makes me feeling like he is just grifting everywhere

  7. Can’t let a kids movie get in the way of playing victim & causing a scene

  8. History’s mysteries, started watching in late 90s. You can still find them online

  9. Your fucked my dude that ain’t your girlfriend. She’s catching cock else where. Cut ties find greener pastures.

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