I figured you people would know. Is there a makeup that would help me cover my scar? I'm rather self conscious of it and I'm tired of it being the first thing people notice.

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  1. Lol you’re prolly right just my favorite pair in the picture

  2. I forgot what mine looked like new🫢 I’ve skated mine. Probably my favorite dunks I have. Dunk mids are heavily under appreciated

  3. What are we supposed to do in this robotic future?

  4. You picking up that Z?👀👀👀

  5. Anyone have any good wallet suggestions?

  6. Have it heated underneath for all the warmth

  7. I believe they made an ‘02 STi but it was only sold in Japan. The 2004 blobeye was the first STi sold in America. This looks like a USDM left hand drive so I would assume it’s a standard WRX with some work done.

  8. They also sold the 02 STi in Europe (with left hand drive) :)

  9. That I did not know, thank you🤙🏼

  10. I paid 8k for my 158k mile 04 and I’ve had to put in another 4k in replacement parts. Also one owner, mine came with oem wheels and the gold BBS. She has her problems but I love her. Your headlights look great though. Mine are fogged out. If you love your car it was worth it

  11. Leave shoot house and shipment in 2019 what the hell

  12. Sniping should be premeditated and not run and gun.

  13. After what he did to Virgils legacy I got 0 respect for his RIPs and condolences

  14. He didn’t do a thing to Virgil’s legacy. Virgil rests in Power.

  15. Bruh in lobby's you can't even see the that stuff so even if that's there you can't look or show it off.

  16. They should do a ghost style lobby in my opinion. You saw both operator and calling card and emblem.

  17. Can anyone help me get the burger town skin from Burger King? I would be most appreciative

  18. Dude, I did a quick Google image search of "yeezy products" and... my god, 90% of them are a absolutely hideous. Like, I truly cannot comprehend why anyone would see some of those shoes and buy them for any price, let alone the inflated prices I see listed.

  19. Kanye aside, If y’all don’t have style just say that🤷🏼‍♂️

  20. I’ve got the xbox version. The xbox green goes so well with the matrix green!

  21. I made it through a website and it cost me about $70 with shipping. If you want the files I used for the record, let me know and I will definitely send them to you!

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