1. It was a picture I found on pinterest i don't know where it's from! =( sorry!

  2. Nice sweaters! For the second one I would make sure to wear a necklace, so that the upper chest is broken up a little.

  3. Thanks!! Oh that’s an awesome idea I’ll use that trick when I wear a sweater like that😊

  4. I keep reading that colors in your season look most harmonious, but sometimes disharmonious colors create a fun and striking contrast. It's not "wrong" if you like the look!

  5. I totally agree! I like to think of all this stuff the same way we apply colour theory to art - you learn the "rules" so that you can know how and when to follow them, and how and when to break them. For example, I know someone who's while aesthetic is "pale Victorian ghost child"- she wears colors that purposely wash her out and bring out her dark circles, and she looks amazing!!! But her style isn't for everyone- nor should it be! We have to remind ourselves that this entire theory is based on a western European understanding of colour, and standards of beauty. What we think of as "flattering" is cultural, not universal.

  6. This was such a great explanation thank you!! You're so right, it's funny because ever since I've been following my color season I've felt pretty but a little boring but couldn't figure out why, but now it makes sense that it was me breaking the rules in the past and choosing contrasting colors that made me personally feel more visually interesting! I'm going to play with both sides now and find what works for me =)

  7. As someone who went from being brand new here to dissecting kibbe within the last 6 months, I think people are so focused on body typing because kibbe is just confusing and it seems like you can't find your type without analyzing your body. The explanations switch between being abstract & literal depending on who's commenting, so when you make it literal like "ok my shoulders are wide to me they need accommodation" people tell you "no it isn't that clear cut, that doesn't mean you need accommodation". So then you focus on the clothes, and you're like ok I feel great in these types of clothes I think they're right for me, what would that be? And people tell you "clothes don't have ID's, read the kibbe book extracts" and you try to decipher the abstract language that he uses, where he also goes into detail about body parts and what a type would look like. Although these types of details are outdated, they aren't noted as being outdated so you turn it back into a focus on the body.

  8. I know this was a month ago but what a great post! I read the whole post and you have helped me immensely! I have been trying to find my type for such a long time but after reading this I truly believe I am SN. I thought I couldn't be because I thought they were curvier but after posting on the type me thread someone said I might be SN, so I looked into it and that's how I came across this post. I used to lift weights and in those days my nick name was little j-lo because my body was so similar. Sadly, I stopped lifting weight and exercising because I didn't like how quickly I could gain muscle, I wanted to look like a VS model.

  9. Aw thank you so much!! I'm so glad I could help you on your journey and I hope you love being a soft natural! I think the best part of kibbe is the way it helps you learn to love the things about yourself that you might not have before =)

  10. I can totally relate to you about this. I am also a soft natural but didn't understand so in the beginning. Although my weight can fluctuate, I always have a petite ribcage with a wasp-ish waist (23.5" waist/41" hip), which apparently wasn't typical for Soft Naturals as they tend to be overall 'broader'. This is the reason I first thought I was classic. I actually found out later on that my legs and arms were too broad and elongated for a classic. From there on I found out that I was actually a SN, something which become very clear to me once I took a look at other SN celebrities! I was so caught up in having to match every single on of the descriptors to find my type that it prevented me from really knowing. It also helps to get other people's input as well. I am only 5'5" which for a woman (I'm 20), is considered a bit short here in Norway, but despite that people tend to think I'm 5'7"/5'9", and are surprised when they see me up close. I always though my wide (and fleshy) hips and broad shoulders gave me more 'horizontal' but apparently not!

  11. Wow what an interesting journey!! The soft natural description is definitely soo confusing at first, every time I read that they lose their waist when they gain weight I was like nope that's not me haha, but I forgot that you shouldn't just focus on small parts of yourself like that and just look at yourself as a whole. That's awesome people think you're taller though haha I can relate to that online when I take selfies people think I'm taller than I am despite my hips/shoulders as well! I'm glad you found your type though it can definitely be a journey to get there!

  12. I like to go for something like a 4 in hem, but with a little skin showing or a no hem with same color shoes... Can someone explain why they chose the 2 in hem?

  13. I just chose it bc it's visually what feels right for this pair of pants specifically on her! With the width of them and the way they lay they look a little short with the 4 inch hem and too long without a hem. I don't think it has to do with soft naturals not being able to pull off a longer/shorter hem so that's totally ok if you like a different hem. Since we don't accommodate vertical or petite we have a good amount of options for pants! =)

  14. You did a great job that must’ve taken so much effort! It’s funny bc my rising is Gemini with Virgo and Scorpio in my big 3 and I thought I was TR at first then SD😂 I’m SN though and the description makes sense!!

  15. Omfg!!! We literally have the same exact style, where I was scrolling and thinking that I’d actually wear that and the next (except in different coloring Bc of my color season lol) and saw that I literally bought number 4 and 5 like two weeks ago. My dream jacket is something like no. 3, where it actually has waist emphasis and doesn’t hide my shape but i also don’t have to compromise style for shape or comfort. And the first dress is also just too cute😩 The 2014 military jackets though…I knew I loved them for a reason💀

  16. Omg no way!! That's insane! Aw I love when people share the same style as me. I was so excited about the jacket in the 3rd pic because I'm the same way, I wore a lot of boxy jackets before kibbe and I'd always hate how I felt like a marshmallow in them hahaha. I think depop or thrifting is a great way to find these coats cause boxy coats are very in right now, so looking for older coats gives better results for me. You should totally try that dress it comes in a lot of colors and it's so flattering!! And omg yes I've been holding onto my military jacket for dear life since 2014 hahaha they're the best

  17. Oh, thrifting! Yesss, it’s honestly the best bet rn considering as you said, oversized jackets are whats trendy rn and its really hard to find a form fitting jacket that’s also cute and good quality, and doesn’t break the bank lol. And thank u for the recommendation for the dress💖💓💖

  18. Yess I feel like thrifting is so much more helpful right now because of the trends!! And aw anytime I got you☺️💞

  19. Can anyone recommend skincare products or resources for someone who reacts to and breaks out from everything? I’ve had red (I think rosacea) irritated looking oily but dry skin with little textured bumps all over for 15 years, I’m seeing a dermatologist and even she seems unsure how to help. We tried benzoyl peroxide (allergic), Differin (allergic), clindamycin (worked at first but made it more red), and now tretinoin .25% for 7 months which has helped the redness but not cured anything, probably bc it’s my only source of exfoliation and also my moisturizer is too light. I’m using Vanicream cleanser and Cetaphil daily hydrating lotion which is ok but drying out my skin. I was using squalane oil for a couple years and just realized my skin is less bumpy without it so I think I need oil free ingredients. I also was using the ordinary azelaic acid but the texture clogged my skin a little.

  20. I would simplify your routine and go back to the basics so cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Maybe try baby skincare if you’re looking for basic products.

  21. Thanks for your help! I feel like even if I go months without exfoliating my skin is very reactive, but I'll keep just sticking to very gentle products =)

  22. I got some great recommendations on this post:

  23. Here's a couple things I bought this month that fit great!

  24. I really love the last pic! That top is tighter and has a deeper neckline which I think helps us see your shape more under the jacket, and the white shoes help to keep the vertical line going which I think balances the boxy width of the jacket😊 maybe try skinny/slim jeans too!

  25. I think so too! The loose top + loose jeans + loose jacket just makes OP lose too much definition. I’m amazed how changing one item of clothing altered the final look so much! I was thinking skinny jeans originally as well, but after seeing the last picture i think skinny jeans might create an top heavy look.

  26. Agreed!! And you're right about the skinny jeans, I think the wider leg balances the jacket now that you point it out!

  27. You look sooo beautiful! It's a perfect dress for you

  28. From the way I'm reading it, it doesn't sound like Kibbe is making a statement about any jacket length being better or worse, as much as the importance of having some sort of shaping and definition at the waist. I think he was offering tips on how to achieve that waist definition at various lengths.

  29. Thank you!! Yea I think I was just reading into it because the recommendations are so open, but that makes a lot more sense😊

  30. I'm a short SN and I really can't wear coats that end at the top of my thighs. It cuts me off where my thighs are widest and makes my legs look stumpy.

  31. Thank you for your input! The top of the thigh is def a weird spot for coats to end for me too, I also like them a little higher or lower! And I agree I definitely would need a belt if it was longer or some sort of cinching to bring it in, but I’m glad to hear you wear longer coats as an SN😊

  32. I haven't tried looking at winter coats yet but after reading what Kibbe wrote for jacket recommendations it seems like if you want a longer jacket it should either have a lighter, draped material with some movement, or if you want a thicker rigid coat make sure it has waist definition in some way to help it not be overwhelming!

  33. Hi all! Would really appreciate any help typing me :) I took the quiz and think I might be either SN or SC because I have broad shoulders and a shorter vertical line but I might also be totally off. I’m a 5’4” 25F. I tend to gain weight in my upper arms first.

  34. It's hard to tell in these pics if you have openness in your top half I'm not sure if I see SN but maybe, or TR honestly I see petite and possibly double curve, just my guess though!

  35. Some influencer/models I follow are Charly Jordan who I would believe is FN and Devin Brugman who could be SD? Also more of an actress/singer but a few people think Sabrina Carpenter could be SG. But these are all guesses so take them lightly!

  36. I just want to see cool outfit suggestions for Soft Naturals besides the very soft, pastel, boho options! I'd like to see more outfits where they use modern stretchy fabrics to accommodate for width rather than these very loose blouses. I'd like to see edgy/grunge styles for them definitely and more shoe options! I know if I search the sub I can find things here and there but I'd love to see more so people get excited about being a Natural, I love all the FN mood boards lately

  37. I think it looks great honestly, it’s a high neck and long sleeves you’re all covered up to me! You could always bring a lightweight cardigan for the church. If you add accessories I would just do gold earrings/rings since your neckline is already busy😊

  38. I saw your post about the green dress! I’m not an expert but I think you are romantic, you’re certainly very yin and waist emphasis looks great on you. Maybe try out romantic for a bit and see how you feel =) if not then stick to the other yin types with waist emphasis, narrowing it down to that is honestly enough to put together some great outfits. All the outfits with skirts look beautiful on you btw!

  39. I totally agree with you! For me, understanding why certain things don't look good on me was the biggest confidence booster. Instead of being like "this outfit looks bad on me because I'm not as hot as this person wearing it" its changed to "this outfit doesn't work for me because it's not in harmony with my body and it's yin/yang balance" and that has been the best part of this system!

  40. I worked there for years and can confirm that the fit of clothes there is just awful sometimes! I definitely found clothes I loved once in a while, but they're just a fast fashion brand that sends out a bunch of clothing every month without making sure it would fit well on a person. I don't think it says anything about your Kibbe type I wouldn't think much into it!

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