1. Great write-up of a fascinating case. Why is this case so obscure? It reminds me a lot of the Unabomber case - seemingly random mail bombs, a manifesto, a deeply disturbed suspect, etc.

  2. Great question tbh. When I initially heard about the case I just assumed it would be one of those cases that nearly everyone else already knew about and I was just late to the party. But then I saw nobody had written it up in this subreddit, nor did it seem to be widely recognised elsewhere. And from the comments on this post, it really does seem to be strangely unheard of.

  3. Excellent write up. Thank you. Can you explain about the pharmacies visited connection? I didn’t understand that line.

  4. Not at all. I've been using it to learn french for the past month and I can definitely feel that I've made a lot of progress in terms of vocabulary and sentence structure. That being said, I wasn't starting from scratch (I took classes many years ago so a lot of the grammar etc was familiar) and I'm paying for the super subscription so I can do as much as I like without being restricted by hearts. I like it, but I don't think it would be enough by itself to become fluent in a language. Eventually you would need to supplement it with other things.

  5. I thought this happened to me the other day but it turned out that my layout had changed and the units were now categorised (into French foundation 1, 2 etc or something along those lines). So if this has happened to you your progress will be the same it's just the unit number will be different

  6. Hoping to get back to posting here with some regularity soon. I dunno, anxiety has been in the driver's seat a bit recently but immersing myself in a project usually helps to focus my mind.

  7. Anyone else game crash like two hours or so into the game? Basically when I went to the portal to go back to the dwarves my shit said it was corrupted

  8. I got this too. Fortunately a restart of the game fixed the problem

  9. Decided to start learning French! I already had a basic knowledge from school but that was a long time ago. It never ceases to amaze me how you think you've forgotten something after such a long time but it's actually still there in the mush of your brain, just waiting to be triggered again.

  10. The "Sasquatch" one is interesting. He was adamant they were human, not some kind of large ape. Bigfoot "researchers" routinely take stories of wildmen and such that were always presented as human and have tried to make it into something else. Even the word "Sasquatch" originally referred to a tribe that was just more primitive and brutal than the tribe that coined the term. It almost sounds like he encountered an uncontacted tribe or a family of feral humans.

  11. This is what I think too. It was likely some family that had lived in the woods their entire life, never coming into contact with wider civilisation.

  12. I have really enjoyed this series of yours. Can I assume there will be a super-creepy set on All Hallow's Eve itself? I hope so!

  13. Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed them! I do have a few more stories lurking around that didn't make it into two posts but sadly I don't think I'll have enough time to get a post together for tomorrow 😭 But I am planning more of these in future, starting with a cryptid edition sometime soon!

  14. Have others been watching Season 3 of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix?

  15. I've been watching it. You're right, some of the episodes seem like the most obvious answer is being willfully ignored in favour of a more dramatic narrative. The Tiffany case is one of them for sure (haven't seen the last episode of the ones released on Monday yet). The one with the guy dismembered by his girlfriend was good (I REALLY hope they locate that horrible woman). I've enjoyed both of the paranormal episodes so far as well, when usually they're the ones I find less appealing. Sadly it feels like they're grasping at straws with the 'human' mysteries

  16. Great post! I've been looking forward to your post since you told me you were making it, and it didn't disappoint--these are some seriously creepy stories that are totally in-season. Definitely hope you do more of these posts in future.

  17. Gonna echo the sentiments of others here and say I think this is definitely an accidental overdose. Meeting a woman in a hotel room to have sex and do drugs is hardly a new concept. Maybe he took too much, or the dosage was stronger than he expected, and he had an adverse reaction. The woman freaks out and doesn't call an ambulance most likely because she brought the drugs and didn't want to be caught. She calls later to check up on him out of guilt. It's the simplest solution and those are usually the ones that turn out to be correct.

  18. Just seen this now. Very compelling episode, which I didn't think I'd be saying for a UFO episode. When it comes to stuff like this, I always think the most obvious is true: that it was a military testing exercise, perhaps involving experimental aircraft. But why conduct such a thing over a populated area where people could see? Also, the sheer number and consistency of the accounts puts this on a whole other level to other UFO cases I've seen. All those people can't have been making stuff up or hallucinating or on drugs etc. Something happened for sure.

  19. Interesting stories! I guess one of the pros of living in a tiny house with no basement or attic means no room for strangers to hide out!

  20. I think sometimes witchcraft is used interchangeably with occult practices, particularly in news reports from that time. It might also be the case here with the wych elm corpse. But I honestly have no idea what could have happened to the woman in the tree. I suppose it's possible that she may have been a sex worker and was murdered by a client, but leaving someone's body inside a tree is so odd. The logistics alone sound far more complicated than simply burying a body in the ground.

  21. I’m not exactly sure why, but the Loveland frogs have always really creeped me out. My aunt moved there for a time and every time we drove around at night I was a little unnerved, despite not really believing the story.

  22. For me it's the fact they leave behind a smell of almonds. There's nothing inherently creepy about that particular smell of course, but it's almost the exact opposite of what you'd expect some weird tree monster to leave behind.

  23. Just watched the episode now. I started out feeling pretty strongly that it was suicide, but by the end I'd started to buy into the possibility of it being murder. Mostly because I couldn't get my head around why she would take off her shoes and walk almost two miles over rough terrain (which did not seem to leave any scratches on her feet).

  24. REALLY good work. I can't stop looking at it

  25. I am having a rough transition with the changing seasons this year. The dark mornings, cloudy days, rain, etc. are leaving me deeply unmotivated and lacking in energy. It always impacts me a bit, but I am finding it particularly hard this year - perhaps due to the suffocating gloom of the world at large? I am sure others feel the same - though I hope not too many of you.

  26. Same tbh. I normally have a kind of reserve SAD, as I love the darker evenings and winter season, but for some reason this year I'm feeling tired way more often and very lethargic. It'll fade for sure but it's weird.

  27. Great write-up! I wrote about this case a few months ago (I assume this is the post you mentioned at the beginning), and I was hoping somebody might bring it back here when the anniversary came around. So thank you!

  28. Ah thank you so much, you’re exactly who I was referring to, I commented on your post back then too!!

  29. Ah yeah, I think I recall you commenting now that I think about it!

  30. Thank you for reading! I think it'll be going on my list of cases I'll keep an eye on for any updates for sure.

  31. In the charley project page, it says mike’s gun was left in the truck with the trailer attached. I wish op hadn’t left that out! Seems ever so slightly important, maybe if he had taken that gun he could have saved himself.

  32. This is the first time I've seen that he had a gun in the trailer tbh. The sources I used never mentioned that being the case, and I only really used the Charley project site for the physical description of Mike. But I agree, it puts an interesting tint on things.

  33. Surprised no one has mentioned the black eyed kids. Those things freak me out. Not sure if it’s a hoax but the stories that these kids just show up and this immense feeling of dread sounds horrible. I don’t know why but kids showing up to your door in weird old timey clothing with BLACK eyes is so scary.

  34. THIS! My mind knows it's not real but it still freaks me out just imagining it happening

  35. I always tell myself I’ll wait until November 1st to get the decs out. And every year I cave in days before Halloween.

  36. I don’t get paid if I don’t go in (well, first three days, anyway) and I can’t afford to be off, but I still refuse to go in if I don’t feel well enough. You can make up for lost wages but you can’t make up for your health deteriorating. And in my place, management will take the day off for the slightest ailment. At least if I do it I’m bedridden.

  37. I mean it basically still plays exactly the same as OW1, so I can still have fun in it, but all of the life has been sucked out of it. No fire system to give you instantaneous feedback on your play. No ranking system to work towards, giving you a reason to keep going. No medals at the end of the match, giving others the chance to commend you on your play (loads of players don’t even stay around for the potg anymore because what’s the point). Endorsements aren’t categorised anymore so you don’t know why someone liked your play. No opportunities to unlock items anymore unless you pay for a battle pass or you’re satisfied with the dog shit items they give you for free. I know loot boxes aren’t great but they were great compared this system.

  38. I usually go for the fire starters but squirtle was my guy in gen 1 so team water it’ll be.

  39. So I got the prompt earlier today to merge accounts, which I did and entered a queue of 180,000. Now, a couple of hours later, I go on the game to check the progress but the indicator in the menu has disappeared?

  40. My account merge was at around 200,000 last night and now says it’s at 20,000. Feel like it won’t work but will update.

  41. Yeah I don’t have high hopes either until it gets fixed. But we’ll see.

  42. try unlinking and relinking your number on

  43. Thanks. That seemed to have worked. No idea what happened there!

  44. glad to hear it! my account got fully wiped and i’m back at level one lol, good to know some people are getting some luck in this shitstorm

  45. Ouch! Well, I had over 1000 hours put into OW1 and tonnes of skins but I haven’t played in years and had no idea you had to merge accounts beforehand to keep all that stuff. So I’ve lost it all and I’m also back to square one 😂

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