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  1. We bought tickets for our local RATM show like 3 years ago.

  2. Same here. I still remember pulling over on the side of the road to get them when they went on sale at 10am. Pain.

  3. Looks like open pit and underground there.

  4. I would think the room and pillar materials was later completely dug up during pit excavations.

  5. I worked as a contractor at Ticketmaster back in 2013, developing the ordering system that allowed ticket transfer and resale. I'm happy to hear that my work was able to facilitate your petty revenge.

  6. My rage tickets got cancelled after 3 years today so there's that...but one thing I noticed was that the automatic refund is being applied to whoever bought the tickets, even if they have already been transferred. Why wouldn't Ticketmaster just credit the current ticket holder instead?

  7. I was recently in Redding and I didn’t find it that bad at all.

  8. Even if you are a Trump supporter. How can you justify him taking these documents? What is your explanation for what he was planning to do with them? Why did he lie about returning them if he thought that it was OK to have them?

  9. Haha I thought you were joking. Looked it up and that looks like it was designed by someone with a mental illness.

  10. I kind of like the reverse jughandle they have in the photo except then you have to wait for 2 reds potentially.

  11. The short story is that when I moved in, I got the sellers to get him to sign an agreement for me to replace the old hogwire fence that doesn't actually still provide any containment. The fence is 2' on my side of the property line, so I didn't even think this was necessary, but my realtor insisted it was a good idea.

  12. Can't you just do what you want on your land and tell him to kick rocks?

  13. how u gonna say all this about the movie and not give us the name

  14. The police are too busy sending 8 officers to pick up people like me having sex in apartment pools at 3am along with my neighbor and wasting the courts time to bother with Catalytic converter theft issues.

  15. Until you account for disposing of the oil, then its basically always cheaper at a mechanic.

  16. No. Dead serious. I can't understand how many dudes who watch poker are suckered into thinking hot chicks like Poker Bunny and Robbi aren't exceptionally good players.

  17. She thinks he has enough 56 67 or 78 there to call his all in? I'm not buying it.

  18. The fact that HCL even allowed Robbi to give Garrett's chips back is what gets me.

  19. Robbi said she gave him 135k from off the table (it was her 2nd buyin she hasn't used yet). So not chip passing.

  20. So just casually handing someone $135k under the table. How these players get away with tax implications with these type of transactions is baffling lol.

  21. Hmmm... what was your job at the time. I remember that more than I do names. PM for security if you want to answer that. I find this interesting that someone remembers my house from 7 years ago. I've invited a ton of people here (from reddit especially) over the years so it's hard to remember everyone.

  22. Back then I would have been working for a nonprofit doing trash cleanup around BLM lands in Vegas and the desert.

  23. I just dug through my post history to see about those parties. Man those were good times. We have too many crazies posting here now to do that kind of stuff anymore :( one of the girls who showed up to one of our Thanksgiving parties ended up being a room mate for like 3 years. Reddit is a crazy place :)

  24. Haha that sounds like it was fun while it lasted! Glad you never had anything go wrong before you stopped em.

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