1. "Horse" is a bit out-dated. Most people these days just call it heroin.

  2. I crack open one of these bad boys every time I start a new kdrama. Can't eat ramyeon without it.

  3. You might ask yourself: "Why does the Netherlands have the tallest average height in the world?" It's so they can see what's going on in Ukraine and send them some badass weapons.

  4. Well, the one on the left is James, but we call him Jim, and the one on the right is Roberto, but he usually goes by Bob.

  5. My parents used bible verses to decorate the paddle they beat us with. "Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die." Prov 23:13

  6. That's what we're going to write on your gravestone.

  7. How stupid does someone have to be to buy a hot sauce that was designed to taste like truffles and then get their panties in a knot because... it tastes like truffles.

  8. Wouldn't it be an enchilada casserole? Casserole is just a preparation method, not a specific dish.

  9. Well, sure, yes, to all of the unwashed masses. :) But everyone who has tasted the oil-fried goodness of real enchiladas wouldn't let the word become sullied by association with baking or casseroles. :D

  10. You just described a chimichanga, not an enchilada. Those are fried, enchiladas are baked...

  11. Gee, that's weird. I guess I'll have to tell my grandma in rural Michoacan that the way her mom taught her to make enchiladas is wrong. And also every single other authentic Mexican enchilada recipe is wrong. I guess it's the Martha Stewart American-Style enchilada casserole that is the only one true authentic version.

  12. I'm 10 zfs snapshots ahead of you and you haven't even figured out what game we're playing yet.

  13. Pfft, operating systems don't matter. It's keyboard layouts that are the real problem. When I have to go from my full-size wireless keyboard to the completely different layout on my laptop it drives me nuts. Luckily, at least all laptops used the same standard layout. Ha ha! Just kidding: every laptop is a unique and special flower that needs its own custom design. We don't want to be able to type too fast, amirite?

  14. I don't normally name drop, but I once met the Chuck E. Cheese. Everyone tried to tell me that it was just an animatronic puppet, but I knew it was really him.

  15. Oh, we don't have to worry about that! Russia signed the Budapest Memorandum in 1993 which provides strict guarantees that they would never invade Ukraine and in return Ukraine would give up their nuclear weapons.

  16. Well, being on discrete multitone modulation (DMT) was pretty frustrating. Having to use OFDM-based communication systems with bit-loading so that the bitrate is adapted to the co-channel interference and bandwidth is inferior to orthogonal frequency-division multiple access.

  17. Just wait until you meet a fat-earther. They believe the earth is a little too round and needs to go on a diet.

  18. I probably should have noticed some of the red flags a bit sooner, but I guess I really became aware when we went on a clan raid and they still had the same armor that level-1 characters start with. Doesn't get any lower than that.

  19. I didn't know Siamese twins were actually from Thailand. :D They're adorable.

  20. Just to be on the safe side you should probably do both so you can get all of the health benefits of each option.

  21. Yeah, atheists aren't necessarily skeptical. And you can't just look for "skeptics" because you'll get the "yeah, I'm skeptical of the moon landing too" people. And if you clarify by saying you practice "scientific skepticism" then you might get "yeah, I'm skeptical of scientists too."

  22. ๐ŸŽต Hull down, ass up, that's the way we like to fuck ๐ŸŽต

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