1. Saw your post the other day & I am glad to see it done well. Awesome tattoo my friend.

  2. Finally the Rock has come to reddit to put the smack down on there candy asses.

  3. I have an ink free leg & have thought of doing a design like this. Awesome piece. Your artist killed it.

  4. I like tattoos on women. I like tattoos in general. Have many my self. I prefer them small like the little heart pictured if on a woman’s butt. I do like them large or small everywhere else on a woman though. Just one guy’s opinion.

  5. I like to see your knife collection

  6. I edc my TR3 even though I own two Malibus. Nice collection you have there.

  7. I too went to the doctor for feeling fatigued all the the time. My doctor tried to blame it on all the fat joints I smoke.

  8. I do like the spartan blades. Welcome to the club. From experience the bronze coating will wear away if it’s going to be a user & not a safe queen.

  9. Which one do you want to lose to the cops. Even if you're in the right those m#ther f#ckers gonna f#ck it up. That's why you break into my house I'm gonna cap you with a hipoint. Lols

  10. Yep I got a Rossi 38sp in kitchen (other end of house) & keep ruger p95 on nightstand for this exact reason. Not getting my sigs or colts.

  11. I have seen many reaper tattoos & thought there is nothing I haven’t seen before but this is different. Killer design.

  12. Reminds me of Eddie Murphy's Mr. T bit. "Hey boy, why don't you come over here and fuck me up the ass?... Don't fuck around and come too fast or I'll get mad and squeeze my butt cheeks, and rip your dick off." Something like that.

  13. You need to put some sort of quality optic on at least a couple of those.

  14. Yea I had a shit Tasco on the Remington I’m putting a vortex crossfire 4-12 x 40 on it soon.

  15. Check out primary arms for the prism dot they also have a x3 power prism. Highly quality & affordable. Just my experience, I to have a astigmatism but found that Eotech’s do not produce the comet effect that other red dots do for me. You have a nice start to your collection & happy shooting.

  16. Protech makes some nice customs you can spend $500,$1000, or much more on one if you want to. They make great quality American made knives.

  17. To everyone saying they had no control of the dog, watch the end when he pulls him off. He was in absolute control. This is not your Fido at home, he is a highly trained attack dog that does what he is told to do when he is told to do it. Should the officer have had him release sooner, probably, but only that officer/K9 handler could have done it. Don't fuck with a police dog, it's never worth it.

  18. I know exactly how this guy feels. (I had taken lsd a handful of times prior to this & always enjoyed) I took x2 lsd gel tabs & had bad trip in my early 20’s. I also felt like I was going to die. It’s hard to explain. Luckily I had a friend who rushed to my aid after my girlfriend called them & gave me a Valium. It did calm me down & I laid in a fetal position completely silent for about 3-4 hours with my girlfriend beside me holding my hand & running her fingers through my hair. I finally came down & back to reality. I remember everything about that night. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. Know your dose. Its better to not take enough than to much.

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