1. B.S in Computer Science at UW. A lot more money.

  2. If they could get in there, wouldn't they be doing that already? if its someone for whom community college is their option, they'd better do perfectly in that Assocaites degree and be a black, trans, woman if they want UW to even look at them.

  3. Do you blame gun advocates for the Uvalde or Buffalo massacres? They definitely pushed politicians to make it legal and easy for mentally unwell 18yr olds to be able to buy semi automatic rifles.

  4. Bullshit actually. You'r actually showing some horrible ignorance on a topic you're pretending to care about. NY has extremely strong gun laws including a red flag law. The asshole who did the Buffalo shooting had talked about shooting up a school already and NY state issued the permit anyways.

  5. But if a person can say all BLM people led to more violence, I get to say all gun advocates, including myself who owns guns, are responsible for gun violence. Paint with broad brushes leads to blaming everyone for the actions of a few. When I was in Louisiana and some conservatives protested the removal of Confederate monuments by waving Confederate flags and threatening violence against people, I didn't attach that behavior to all conservatives. When people who advocate for police being held accountable for murdering unarmed citizens, that doesn't mean they are pro-crime. If you think that, I then can paint with broad strokes too.

  6. Listen, I know what you were doing. First, how about you own up to the ignorant statement you made. The people who died in Buffalo deserve that people like yourself actually knows the knows there before dreaming up an emotional opinion. Going to talk about the Buffalo case? Go read about it. Not just the name of where it happened.

  7. Nbd, just another homicide brought to you by our local leadership.

  8. Shootings go way up when people are near each other in the evening, this is the first warm weekend in a year; was a lot of shootings and fighting's last night. The map on Citizen was all lit up, luckily Only heard about these two people dying.

  9. We had a lot of shootings during out unsung spring though. Maybe its just the longer daylight period.

  10. Like country music, rap is such peaceful stuff focused on community, family, treating women well, serving your country, God and leading a good life. Stunned that this would happen.

  11. It's 56 degrees; that means exhaustion after 1-2 hours, and death somewhere between 1 and 6 hours from hypothermia. It's gonna be a shockingly cold bath, but safe to spend a little time in there as long as you come out to warm up now and then.

  12. Cold Shock Syndrome in temperatures 59 and below. You can jump in and have it happen since it can trigger a response of gasping.

  13. That's why I said "dodging and diving and dipping through traffic", insinuating unsafe lane changing

  14. The state is running a $5B surplus to boot in case someone is thinking these increases were needed.

  15. Why are there so many fees? Why is everyone okay with this? Why do they need more instead of ever trying to do more with less like we all have to do?

  16. The state is flush with money. They're far left ideologies who want to massively increase social spending.

  17. Do keep this situation in mind if you vote here. We have people who vote for the most leftist thing possible. That's how we got here.

  18. Glorifying someone assaulting someone else doing nothing but quietly expressing their opinion is not ok.

  19. I'm genuinely confused as to what makes these people antifa? To me it looks like they're just upset and don't agree with the message. Calling them antifa seems a bit much.

  20. The people head to toe dressed in black with their faces covered at a peaceful protest is a rather good sign.

  21. Oh! (I’m 30 now) As someone who grew up in an agricultural region in Southern California, I remember seeing bees everywhere, all the time, everywhere. Parks, school, backyard. It wasn’t until around age 15 (2009ish) when I actually had to make attempts to find them. Throughout my twenties, I’d be lucky to spot one bee every other day, if that tbh. The later years, just nothing, no where, and I walked quite often.

  22. Yeah, sorry but that sounds like Trump Derangement Syndrome. Based on what I can read, there was one specific bee that was supposed to go on the list. The Trump administration delayed that by slightly more than two months as they reviewed all of the decisions of the outgoing administration.

  23. Yeah, but nobody thought they’d be able to stack the deck like this. The Dem’s problem is that they keep working in good faith with people who don’t believe in that any more.

  24. Good faith? Yeah, I don't buy it. What they did with Kavanaugh was far from good faith. Was not allowing a 3rd debate after Trump got COVID good faith? A refusal to move debates back to before people normally send in mail in ballots was good faith?

  25. No matter how many times it happens, it’s always a tiny bit surprising when a reply ignores what I typed, pretends I said something else, and uses that to split off. Dedicating a paragraph to “correcting” me on grammar, only to be wrong, is just icing on this amusing cake.

  26. You did whine. You just don't want to admit it. I also destroyed your argument, but you're kind of ignoring that part of things.

  27. There used to be a lot more intersections with smart light sensors a decade ago, but the city has removed them from most parts of the city.

  28. Yeah I've seen SDOT make light timing changes that really fucked up the flow in some areas. It's almost like they want people in transit instead.

  29. (1) It shall be unlawful for any person to carry, exhibit, display, or draw a firearm or weapon in a manner that either manifests an intent to intimidate another or that warrants alarm for the safety of other persons. I couldn't tell if that was

  30. Let's see, without rioting left wing pieces of shit defunding policer and making nobody want to work here and passing laws that make chasing stolen cars impossible, we'd have one car theft and possibly gun whip incident.

  31. Welp, time for that bail fund to jump into action to spring him out of holding so he can go kill someone else.

  32. Naw, they'll find another violent psychopath with a long rap sheet who just moved here to bail out on lesser charges in hopes that he'll kill someone while out on that charge.

  33. The listing doesn't say it but there's an old Native American burial ground in the back yard. It's been pending twice, but each time the new buyer died before closing.

  34. That's not true actually. They demonized because of really, really stupid people. The number of unarmed people killed by police last year was 32 with almost all of them being in a fight with police.

  35. Aren't the cops aware of the usual dumping spots and patrol them regularly?

  36. It's the criminal version of Hertz rent a car. South Seattle somewhere for a cheap ride home is what happens a lot of the time.

  37. That's the same woman that shows up to all yhe other protests with a couple of Proud Boy Lite type characters with their giant speaker and megaphone shouting about Jesus over anyone trying to speak at the protests. Her companions have assaulted protesters (first, I might add) on a number of occasions.

  38. Kind of sad that you're ok with someone being assaulted. What does that say about you?

  39. Lol, this is the thread the mods chose to keep active?

  40. They kept A thread open. I imagine there'll be another. I suggested a Thunderdome actually contradicting your foolish left wing narrative that people are trying to sensor you

  41. Fyn is one of the best places to sail in Denmark, but also one of the most popular so expect crowded marinas. Especially the southern part of Fyn is popular with places like Svendborg and Marstal always pulling a crowd.

  42. Thanks for that. I'm having us do sailing early in the day so can get to marinas in time to make sure we get a spot. Ill check out the haven site.

  43. The state, already away with money, passed massive increases in fees for most anything driving related. Blue mo matter who in action.

  44. I view abortion as a women's rights issue, and women are humans so I view it as a human rights issue. I disagree that states should dictate how human rights are interpreted, that should be decided at a federal if not global level. I understand that this differs from the foundation of your view, which is that it's not a human rights issue.

  45. "Blame your party for not establishing this into national law after so many years."

  46. I am upset at both sides of the fence, but I also disagree that the Supreme Court interpreted the constitution correctly. Multiple, widely accepted religions allow and even in some cases call for abortions. While the constitution doesn't protect the rights of women to control their own bodies (it fucking should), it does protect our freedom of religion. Religions which ban or otherwise look down on abortion are free to not take part in abortions or contraception but the right for anyone to go and get one at any point in any state should be protected.

  47. This doesn't really restrict the ability of anyone to practice their religion, so your logic isn't really valid there. AKA, this doesn't impact the freedom of religion.

  48. Weird. It was covered so widely by The Seattle Times. Oh right, they don't lower themselves to covering local news.

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