1. Lol, who are the clown shoe fan boys who downvoted me for this?? 🤣🤣🤣

  2. I'm assuming you have never purchased anything from Amazon? When you buy something from Amazon, you return it to Amazon.

  3. Nothing except no rear wiper and speedometer not in the centre of the display

  4. Every day I’m blown away by the fact that the speedometer and range are not visible when I’m in my normal driving position. I truly can’t believe this made it past prototype stage AND has gone a year without being fixed.

  5. On my EV6, if I hold down the parking alerts button for a few seconds, it disables the alarms and automatic braking so my bike rack doesn’t set it off. I have to do this each time I start the car though.

  6. Glad that works on your Kia... Unfortunately, I have a Hyundai Ioniq 5.

  7. I have the same issue. I have to rotate then it works. Super frustrating. No idea what's causing it. Just started doing this weeks ago.

  8. In NeoReader, which I use for my day planner PDF, I modified the touch settings to be in less parts of the screen and turned off tap bottom left or right to go forward or back. That helped a lot.

  9. I left 3 months into my year. I had a ton of issues with support saying my phone wasn't compatible with mint after working flawlessly for 3 months plus the previous 3 month "trial" period. That and the slow data speeds whenever I got somewhere congested made it unusable for me.

  10. You have to be kidding? The I5 just gives up on a curve if it’s slightly too ticket.

  11. I agree that the I5’s lane keeping is pretty terrible. I expected much better. It pulls my car into a turning lane on my drive to work every day and every time I do a two hour drive to Denver on i70, it disengages in 6 or 7 places due to curves in the highway.

  12. The inability to easily and consistently turn off rear automated braking when you have some thing on the trailer hitch has been having me want to sell this car as soon as there is an alternative available for purchase.

  13. We've been vacillating about whether to have a hitch installed for our bike rack but this info may finalize our decision. We don't tend to keep our rack on all of the time but, sometimes a few days to a week.

  14. This was enough of an issue that I’m getting a roof rack to put on instead.

  15. You're talking about your experience with or without a screen protector?

  16. To clarify: I dislike iPad Pencil writing feel, regardless of screen protector

  17. There is no way I would have bought this at even MSRP without the $10,000 tax credit I will be receiving. I had to pay 3500 in markup over MSRP and I sort of regret it. There are too many things this car compares negatively to ICE models costing much less.

  18. People like some amount of friction. Imagine writing with a steel tip on glass it gives you zero control. Pencil on paper is a nice medium of control and smooth glide.

  19. Turn off the sync before sleep setting to have it stay on the screen you were working on. It might be called something else. It’s really unintuitive that it isn’t its own option.

  20. Mmmm, more unpainted plastic to grey and look like shit over time from being in the sun...

  21. Idk, I find the “why have a functional roof with rails for racks on top when you can just put a bunch of glass on top” to be a pretty stupid trend.

  22. So you’ve discovered that this car has a lot of stupid annoyances and lack of features that don’t exist in most cars from the last 5 years.

  23. Zomg my tablet is on the way. I bought even the keyboard. I need a good case and I paid for the writing thingy. I hope it works though.

  24. You can USE the pen with the keyboard attached, it just has dead spots.

  25. Can you be specific? I have one and I have no problem writing.

  26. There are dead spots in the screen when you write. try to trace a bunch of straight horizontal lines and you will see the places where the line moves and places where it doesn't show up at all.

  27. This brings up something I always remind my conservatives friends: Republicans run on government being dysfunctional and not good for people. It is therefore in their best interest to prove that government is dysfunctional and not good for people.

  28. For a second I thought you had a shock absorbing stem on top of a shock absorbing Future Shock and I was going to SO intrigued by the kinematics… Thank I realized it was a modem without a Future Shock. I love my RedShift seat post. :)

  29. I have this weird problem where I can't log into the app when I am close to a specific EA charge station, and therefore can't start the charging on my own. I have to call customer support to have them start the charge remotely. I can however log into the app when I am at home... which is a bit useless.

  30. Oh yeah, I also have to log in to the app from scratch every single time I open it. It never saves my log in info no matter what I do.

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