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  1. That’s not a secret and it’s often used to try and absolve slave owners of the brutal system they placed enslaved people under. As many African tribes were at war with one another, some tried to get a economic, trade and a military advantage over their rivals which included captured Africans.

  2. Did the Africans sell every single slave they captured from other tribes in wars or did they use the slaves in their own economy as well? Genuine question, my country's history classes never covered this.

  3. Demand and supply. If it wasn't for Europeans (/then Americans as well), those slavers would've found another job like farmer, fisherman or whatever the fuck

  4. Did the Africans sell every single slave they captured from other tribes in wars or did they use the slaves in their own economy as well? Genuine question, my country's history classes never covered this.

  5. Yup. Into the Spider-verse is the best Spider-Man movie but just did $375 million. I think it'll just pass $500 mil.

  6. I think these are still really generous estimates, Wakanda Forever is just barely going to hit $800M and that's MCU's blockbuster sequel to the $1.2B Black Panther, and basically all recent animated movies struggled to hit even $300M, a huge Disney hit like Encanto only got to $250M, Superpets with the animal appeal for kids and families and huge superstar VAs like The Rock and Kevin Hart barely passed $200M, only Minions: The Rise of Gru got to $900M and that's because it's Minions. People's movie going habits changed deeply after the pandemic.

  7. Overall I feel like you're right, but I feel like people are kinda getting back to going to cinemas and that won't be as big factor for ATSV, as I think it will do better than ITSV purely cuz people kinda didn't realize how good is the first movie and most of the people got familiar with it after watching in Netflix and now ATSV is overall more anticipated, will do better (unlike Wakanda Forever, which failed box office wise to beat the first BP, but that's most likely cuz of the passing out of Boseman). Also, even without Peter, we have the second two most popular Spider-People, Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales, also most likely we will get more Peter with the new trailer on December 13th. In the end I think it will make over $500m

  8. ‘Cuz Spider-Gwen was a fairly popular preexisting character from before ITSV came out and the creators wanted to use her in a Spiderverse movie. It would be odd to have characters like Noir, Ham, and Peni and proceed to just create an entirely new character in the place of Spider-Gwen. There was also precedent for a Spider-Gwen/Miles relationship from the comics

  9. I don't see how you make the jump from "character is popular" to "character should be paired with Miles", if MJ Spinneret or Spider-Ma'am were popular instead would you expect them to be paired with Miles as well? Not to mention I don't think there are any metrics to prove she was "fairly popular" or that you don't need to replace Spider-Gwen with an original character in the first place, you can have both at once.

  10. If you don't understand what the complaint is about you can read my previous replies, I explain it there.

  11. Everyone here crying, but if you actually think cass is broken I got news for you….

  12. Well that's the thing, on paper it's stronger and there's tons of people here saying it needs a nerf, but he's a terrible pick right now and a rework would have to make him better to make him viable, so it's a strange situation Blizzard found themselves in.

  13. True cowboys walk backwards and only shoot from 360 spins

  14. the reason it feels that way is because you likely are either too high for your skill level or are tilting very easily.

  15. Actually I climbed from bronze to platinum (and still climbing) and that was my experience throughout, I doubt the game would be showering me with forced wins that let me climb if I was too high for my skill level.

  16. This sounds like you’re in the correct elo. You’re aren’t good enough to take over your games and solo carry and so the games are just balanced around which team has the better players which could feel stompish. If you’re winning 50% of your games you will eventually just balance out the mmr by have the same losses as wins and they could come in massive win loss streaks or every other. Until you play better as an individual you’re going to keep watching coin flip games.

  17. That's actually the opposite of how it should work, in a well designed system the "true Elo" would be nothing but super close games where you feel "if I did just slightly better we would've won", and doing slightly better would make you climb. Unloseable games where you're dominating the other team should only happen if a high tier player somehow ends up in a low rank match, and vice versa for unwinnable games.

  18. This meme is saying "wouldn't it be awful if the game became fucking FREE and you only had to pay for the SKINS"

  19. No this meme is saying "wouldn't it be awful if the game became free and you had to pay additionally for features you already paid for by buying the game in the first place".

  20. Yep, that's pretty much it, everyone "defending" OW2 in the comments is ignoring this point which is the main thing I was getting at with the image. Earning skins for free was part of the game people paid for, and that part of the game is now behind a heavy paywall to justify it going F2P, which is a net negative for people who paid for the game.

  21. no it's not. you're just a rat in a skinner box being tricked into thinking you're doing something meaningful when they flash a shiny new costume in front of you.

  22. A dopamine hit is by definition fun, not sure what your argument is. There's really no difference between playing a single player game and getting dopamine hits on leveling up or finishing levels, and playing a multiplayer game and getting a dopamine hit for cosmetic rewards, neither of them are more "real" than the other or the "real world" alternatives (unless you're suggesting everyone who plays video games should go out and party or play sports because they're real fun instead).

  23. Huh I just checked it and you're right, it seems they quietly expanded it in the meantime because there were definitely only ~25 countries available initially and for a long time after that (here's a

  24. I've been playing since 2016 but OW2 is the first time I feel like Blizzard doesn't care what my experience will be like because I'm not a paying customer "anymore", nothing in OW2 gives me confidence they'll even try to make things fun for free players.

  25. The brand new PvE mode is free. I don't know what you don't understand about that.

  26. But the whole game is free now, why does this need highlighting, they don't say "free new map" every time a map is out.

  27. 6 years is nothing for a live service game. League of Legends is 13 years old, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is 10 years old. Dota 2 is 9 years old. Hitting a decade lifespan should be easy with a multimillion dollar budget. All you need is devs that know how to keep a game from getting stale...which Blizzard didn't know how to do as it took them literal months to barely change heros.

  28. Exactly, not to mention Overwatch was a full priced game and not F2P like LoL, and only 3 years out of Overwatch's 6 had a rational content schedule, the latter half was basically barren.

  29. I mean… yeah. A company isn’t going to make a good or product if they aren’t making money from it. I’m sure Toyota made plenty of money selling cars in 2005. But that greedy company just keeps increasing their prices, now a Camry costs thousands more than it used to. They’ll stop at nothing to take our money! If you don’t like a product, or think the value justifies the price, don’t buy it. Companies are greedy. That’s kind of the idea. If they can make money selling something for $10, but people are willing to pay $15, guess what they’ll charge? They don’t exist to make us happy, they exist to make money. I’ve paid very little for Overwatch, and gotten a ton of enjoyment from it. They could shut off the servers at this point, and that would be within their right. It’s a consumer good, not a god given right.

  30. But they WERE making money on it, lots and lots of money for minimum effort, I would go as far to say with the amount of effort and money they put into OW1 for the last couple of years, the ratio of the returns they got on it from people still buying the game and lootboxes even though Blizzard was putting NONE of it back in the game must've been insane.

  31. Yeah, I consider myself somewhere between a casual and a dedicated OW player and I put in maybe 600 hours over the last 6 years, which is like 18 minutes a day on average. I still unlocked everything I wanted and a ton of other stuff without ever buying a lootbox though, the same amount of playing OW2 for free would net me, what, 3 legendary skins?

  32. Good thing no one read comics anymore or that age gap would've been a big controversy.

  33. Yeah… Good thing people don’t read comics anymore… otherwise they’d realize both those characters are high schoolers…

  34. She was 19 in her debut and quite some time passed by the time that crossover happened, he literally says he's 16 in it and 20 and 16 is both icky and illegal.

  35. Yes you are correct except it would make her early 20s at most. Evidence however directly shows she is 19 maaaaaybe 20 though.

  36. Well if he was early 20s and is now early 30s, she was 18 which would make her late 20s.

  37. And given that she started her comic run at 19 according to the writer, and then went to prison for a year, and a whole bunch of other stuff happened both in her 65 and the 616 universe, all of which took a lot of time to happen, if we tried to use logic to get her age she'd be a ~25 year old college freshman.

  38. Aye, agreed. The 2D image only has to replicate volume from one specific perspective, but the 3D model has to be balanced to read well from all sides. From what I've seen, they struck a good balance on this one for readability. Also the specular highlight is just missing because of the darker, diffused lighting in that shot.

  39. That's true but they managed to do justice to Tracer's voluminous bangs in her 3D model, yet the JQ hairstyle is nothing but almost cylindrical spikes in the 3D model.

  40. Personally, I'm satisfied with the face model although the red eyes make her look a bit like Ashe, but I'm kinda disappointed in the outfit choice, the previous designs with the leather jacket and the cape looked more "regal".

  41. It's not 100% accurate but I thought it was funny.

  42. Not him and I wouldn't call it shit, but I do think Amphibia struggles to follow up on most serious moments because it's afraid it'll ruin the humor vibe, but it just comes off as tonally dissonant when a character experiences something really fucked up and then it's fine and back to the jokes not 30 seconds later, most notable examples are the S2 finale and its S3 followup, and All In so far.

  43. Hopefully the game will look at least as good as HZD. The character models in that game (and FW) are stunning. The terrain and environment is great, too. So I am hoping that ES:6 will look at least that good.

  44. If Starfield is set for 2023, and their games take 5-6 years on average to make, TES6 will be a 2028-2029 game and I wouldn't be satisfied with just HZD (2022) visuals, not to mention the controls and responsiveness would have to be perfect after such a long wait, the floatiness of Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim would be unacceptable. I mean I