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Can't stop seeing stars

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

  1. It'd honestly be a bunch of freeloading fat fucks. Who don't actually cook.

  2. You are dead wrong about people being complacent about sexually abusing children in the mid-20th century. The problem was naivety, not complacency. Most people had little or no idea that children being sexually abused actually existed except in extremely rare circumstances. The example of adolescent girls being allowed to date rock stars isn't a good example to prove people's mindset on sexual abuse of minors. These girls were definitely very few and far between, and many of them had naive parents who believed the rock star's promises not to do anything other than preserve her innocence.

  3. Mmmmm idk. Might take some research but I think I truth may lie between both of your points.

  4. Jeeeeesus this image is needed. There's a far higher quality one out there somewhere. At least I believe so

  5. Rosemary on some certain roasted vegetables is delicious.

  6. So you do think this is expensive? By weird I'm saying costs of goods have gone up but everyone's wages necessarily haven't, so we're all feeling out what basic things like a breakfast sandwich "should" cost nowadays. Things are in flux, thus my original inquiry: do people think this is a good deal or not.

  7. Got ya. And yes by comparison to the average fast food chain breakfast sandwich, I do find this to be expensive.

  8. Not having a tipping culture at all would solve this. If you expect somebody to pay a certain amount for your services, take the tip out, raise the price to include the extent you expect to be tipped, and tip yourself from that price after the transaction. It avoids ugly exchanges like this when they leave part of the price up to the consumer. It turns the haircut into a negotiation when neither party thinks it should be.

  9. The service industry would take an absolute dumpster dive in quality if tips weren't a thing. At least in places where they traditionally are transacted. And things would be significantly more expensive. A lot of places would go under and the barrier of entry would be much higher for these jobs

  10. I don’t know; most countries don’t have a tipping culture and the ones that do, it’s still not expected. Regarding things being more expensive, what are you comparing it to? Are you saying it’s more expensive or it would be more expensive somewhere than simply combining the price of the meal and the tip amount? Or how else do you think it would be more expensive?

  11. From my perspective this is more coming from the perspective of a skilled laborer. (Barbers, bartenders, servers, casino workers, etc).

  12. Nah. I played it on gamepass and played it once through. Very much enjoyed it but I don't think I'd ever buy it for 40. But then again I rarely buy games unless they are on a deep sale.

  13. Not a fight that kid should have taken. Should've ran or somethin

  14. OK Mr agressive, he was saying that he wondered about it. No expectations mentioned.

  15. Hey leave her husband alone he’s just petrified of seeming possibly maybe almost feminine or even gasp GAY?? We all know men who show emotions are gay and weak! And oh yes, more, more, MORE babies! We need more ignorant, poor, unhappy people to commit crimes to scare the public into voting for “tough on crime initiatives,” or perhaps to fight on the frontlines of our consumption wars, or possibly to continue to keep the status quo glued together with a useless placeholder job in a massive soulless corporation. These people want to offer their children up to fight for the Christian fatherland hitler youth style. Damn do they love the boot.

  16. I think you could've done better. A for effort tho

  17. Shitty situation but I think this could have been avoided from biker man

  18. Constant pressure to be the fuckin man. Constant pressure to never slip up. Pressure to provide.

  19. Thanks for the guidance. I'm such a fucking moron I don't know where else I should read for the main content of the post. Thank you.

  20. You saved the company $2 million last year and yet you're still living in your car.

  21. I wouldn't be able to say this with a straight face if I were op lol.

  22. He's 9. He writes better if he slows down and writes smaller.

  23. Totally normal 3rd or 4th grader handwriting.

  24. Play more hours. It’ll give your wife and her boyfriend more time to fuck.

  25. Imo it's a win, take your emotions, erase your memories and run away and not have to worry. Maybe not the healthiest though.

  26. Is there anything here where you can start from the bottom and up?

  27. Not going to lie, if someone on a dating app was like “Hey, I need some arm candy for my divorce celebration. Wanna come?” I would be honored and excited. Plus, that’s hysterically meet cute to me.

  28. Bro fuck you! Unless mod pizza has changed in the last couple years that shit is amazing and a good value.

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