1. I think there is admiration for Ned from a lot of the people. However, I always think its mad how he isn't seen as this daring war hero. All of his exploits during the rebellion should be plays or songs or books etc.

  2. Yeah he should have a song at least. Dude almost died returning to the North and then he had to rally up a bunch of rowdy northern lords who did not know him as well as they knew Brandon. He was only a second son who spent most of his life in Vale. He had to earn his lord's respect and admiration.

  3. Yeah. It's perfect for a Shakespeare style retelling or a German opera

  4. according to whom other than himself ? from his point of view also aerys was the rightful king and brought justice by killing the starks, who came to his castle screaming like an animal that he wanted to kill his son. same for joffrey with Ned who organized a putsch without even waiting for the body of the good king robert to be cold. they administered justice to traitors and threatened the established order.

  5. I just consider that you can't just convince by just saying "it's his right" and reproach others who also thought that because of their bad action ,while rejecting those of stannis outright

  6. Where are you based? This is something I'm tempted by.

  7. I’m not sure. I can hear it yelping. Might be next door. I’m worried it might be abused.

  8. Behave. It's a puppy. It's like a baby crying

  9. My GP recommended me Donner Diet. All the nutrition is included, a dream!

  10. You said the same joke as the person above you 15 minutes later. I have to belive this is some pop culture reference I don't know about.

  11. I'm with you man. I mean I think you're trolling but equally I don't give a fuck. We have money to spunk on friends of the party's PPE equipment and thingsvlike that. I don't guve a fuck about spending a couple of dozen £ on some fat yanks foot amputation or whatever.

  12. The whole thing is a train wreck. I hate academies with a passion and everyone just seems totally fine with allowing schools to be run by businesses. Pay is shit and people can't afford to live as teachers. The pressure is pretty intense and although in some places there is an abundance of jobs for a lot of people it's a career of short term contracts and pressure to find employment. You're made to jump through hoops for a salary less than £30k with no security really.

  13. I'm surprised by the lack of God father so far.

  14. Road to Perdition has a bunch. Two fathers and two sons, on opposite ends of parenthood.

  15. He's a driver (HGV) but gets like £55k. Probably not a lot to some people but to me that's a fortune.

  16. Yeah I hate work. I can't stand it and I'm actively looking forward to 55 when I'm mortgage free and I can stop working full time. I've always had a bad relationship with work and it's the only thing in my life that causes me stress.

  17. That's why I don't like him. His entire thing is saying an obvious punchline in a silly voice. It's not funny and it wasn't funny when the dickhead at school use to do it. The only person laughing was the teachers and I imagine that's the sort of crowd he draws now.

  18. It's my day. I got married on my terms and did it how I wanted to do it.

  19. I want to say it's a Tri-fighter droid from RoTS

  20. Its a Separatist Tri-fighter, seen at the begining of Episode 3

  21. I got to like 32 and my skin started going dry and flakey. I thought I had an allergy (I have a light wheat intolerance). Went to a doctor and she said it was just a case of moisturising more. Since then I've been moisturising most days before I leave the house for work.

  22. Raiders of the lost ark. Not a fan of Jurassic Park. I do love Jaws though. Tintin is a lot of fun and I loved watching it with my kid recently.

  23. I read this as 10tf giraffe. I was thinking that's got to be about a young giraffe travelling the nation for some reason.

  24. Richard Gere , basically he made a criticism of Chinese human rights abuses in the disputed region

  25. Peter Norman the Australian athelte who took part in the Black Power protest at the Mexico City Olympics. He returned to Australia an outcast and missed out on selection for tye next games. Ironically he was also kinda forgotten about by the black community until many years later.

  26. I think he could have been anyone really. I just assumed he was there as he got caught for something and put in the cells. I think the other prisoners are probably scared of him due to his ability to kick their arses.

  27. I use to work in care and it was wild. Like, I worked with people on the spectrum and it was a doss to be honest. However, it was like the wild west I worked in like outdoor ed with the most able of clients so that was basically baby sitting. There were loads of people in the same company though who worked in residential servings and although there was lots of neglect and playing loose with the rules the staff were treated appallingly.

  28. Alexander can easily turn into an Alex or a Sandy. Isaac has no wiggle room.

  29. He could grow up to be one of those utter twats though who everyone calls Al or Alex and he corrects them to say its Alexander actually.

  30. I just say give me the full hit. Spare no prisoners.

  31. I left one career to train as a teacher and I'm now leaving teaching for the second time. I wish to god I had chosen something better for me.

  32. No because we don't live in some mad dystopia where a frighteningly large number of people thing the ex president is fighting a satanic cult of child abusers.

  33. I was watching a YT video about this and the spoilers from it and the fact it's called the dial of destiny worries me.

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