1. Swallowed every last drop. Well done.

  2. It’s all dried up showing her joints. Give her a little lubrication and she might be good back to you.

  3. For sure, hit Green Labs in Luna Pier. I very much liked their hash rosin remix stuff.

  4. What about the flower quality at green labs? Some of their house flower genetics seems really good.

  5. No I completely get the purpose of it but most people dont need a dedicated slicer for sashimi and even then you can get 75% of the way there with a well sharpened victorinox, its just slightly harder to sharpen stainless but it has enough carbon in it too not make it too hard, i wipe all my blades after every use but having your knife ruined by 1 drop of water u accidentally left on the edge isn’t something the average cook should have to worry about, aside from very specific uses like sashimi i dont see the point of shirogami and if i wanted a carbon steel id probably go for aogami#2 or 52100

  6. I don’t need 95% of the knives I have.

  7. Yes some of our in-house concentrates use CRC but nothing like reddit makes it out to believe.

  8. One of the hardest hitting vapes you will find in your price range is the Angus. DM me for a promo code if you're interested.

  9. Unproven maker, already had a “recall” because of cheap plastics being used in air path. Hard pass

  10. Klutch kicks ass. ICC by them, unparalleled in my opinion

  11. ICC by light sky farms, much better.

  12. I’m looking for anxiety and pain relief.

  13. Blackberry kush, lemon royal and watermelon cake are all winners.

  14. Tried last year not bad but agreed not my favorite from them. This was still better than most .

  15. This is exactly it. Last years was way better. Still better then 90% in the program, but disappointed.

  16. This isn’t what they call dancing in 2023 I hope….

  17. It seems to go through batteries faster than the tm1 👀

  18. So would that mean this battery is safe to Use in the mighty since it discharges at 20amp?

  19. Not familiar with the brand. If it really can handle 20amp continuous, yea it’s ok for use in your tm1/2

  20. Alright thank you for the reply I appreciate it! I also have some imren 25rs they are 2,500 mah with 20-25a max continuous discharge would those work as well?

  21. I think OP is strongly exaggerating the lack of quality of the flower in this program, but I must say I 100% agree with you

  22. The flower at winewood is really excellent. Don’t Pay attention to their thc %. Have had 14% winewood slap harder than most others at 25+%

  23. What’s advantage rimmed vs basket 👀

  24. Looks like the size of a tic tac. Safe flight, space cadet :)

  25. Love Tally Mon but it wasn't the greatest in flower form. Try it in an extract and you'll change your mind. I generally avoid FS flower anyway.

  26. Depends how much money you can burn. If you can afford it, yeah do it.

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