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  1. As someone who’s experienced this I was on a table 2 weeks after my surgery. Obviously not pulling with that arm but I think it’s important to get back on the horse asap. I never fully recovered as I had some nerve damage that I had to get another surgery for. You will be fine physically it’s more the mental hurdle that will be challenging.

  2. It was being restreamed I know the person who was streaming it on Facebook

  3. "We are concerned with building bridges. You can use sport for peace reasons... But one thing we don't want is to have the FIA as a platform for private personal agenda," Ben Sulayem told reporters.

  4. Serious question, if your employer asked you not to make political statements while at work would you abide by the request or would you seek new employment? I realize the FIA is not the employer of the drivers but they offer the platform for drivers to showcase their talents. If I am a contract worker employed by a firm that leases me out to other businesses I am obliged to follow the rules of the company that I am being leased out to. I can obviously request not to work for said company. It’s not the same situation I understand but the underlying tone is similar.

  5. No the underlying tone isn’t similar and I wish people would stop making this asinine connection.

  6. Then get a different governing body, see quite simple.


  8. Todd is shorter I’m 6 foot and he’s about and inch if not 2 shorter than I am. I’ve ran into Todd multiple times at tournaments in Ohio.

  9. Incredibly nice by OP, such a kind gesture

  10. He won’t follow them. Mercedes sacking him over a 38 years old Hamilton would be lunacy and PR suicide

  11. Yes the Clio cup is waiting for George

  12. It's funny how the general opinion changed so fast.

  13. I always found George unlikeable, he just gives off the vibe of entitlement and superiority. I could be off but that’s just my impression of him. He could be a lovely chap but he does himself no favors when he acts this way.

  14. In my experience it’s Galenas hands down. Only strain I’ve tried from them that I like is blueberry cookies. My experience is also limited to the non artifact stuff because for some reason that shit is like non-existent in SW Ohio. Multiple of their strains have hurt my lungs (haven’t had this with any other cultivator) and I’ve had a couple strains from them that were just generic weed flavor/effects. All for the low low price of $45/tenth.

  15. If you haven’t tried Galena’s second breakfast I would give it a shot I loved it.

  16. Max has matured greatly since winning the WDC last year (some say gifted), he’s more patient now and calculated. Spa is a prime example, he hung back when needed and avoided trouble. I think we would see the same Max from 2021 if he had not won, aggressive and risky. Winning that title just gave him the added confidence as he already has 1 title in the bag and it’s not a weight over his head. Just my opinion.

  17. Humerus Spiral fractures are the worst it literally took me over 6 months to get back to work from mine…

  18. I had surgery on mine and was back to work in 3 weeks.

  19. Motorbreath here as well just picked it up, very nice

  20. They need to get rid of sausage curbs…

  21. Same experience very busy most of the times I’ve been there, I feel as if you ordered online you shouldn’t be forced to wait through the line. Feels like they should have a section dedicated for online orders.

  22. Devon's a big guy for sure. Levan I think is 6'2" at best. But thiccccc. At LEAST more 40 lbs of muscle than Devon.

  23. Devon’s a big guy probably 6’4 maybe taller, I am 6 foot and he dwarfs me. It’s shocking how large he is when you stand next to him.

  24. Went well! It’s been 3 years since that happened so recovered quite well.

  25. That's good to hear! Are you back on the table at all yet?

  26. Haha I visited my brother 2 weeks after surgery out of country and was on a table. I haven’t made the film return back. Got lazy during Covid and let myself go.

  27. I get the 20mg 27 pack and I normally eat 1 1/2 and I’m good for a few hours and about an hour after I peak I’m ready for bed.

  28. He’s very highly ranked in Canada, probably top 10 for sure. But there are a lot of studs out in the Edmonton area as well.

  29. Depends on where you live but Harvest in Columbus is open and there was nobody there.

  30. This is a good indica , tastes great and a smooth.

  31. Good Crowd at land Grant if anyone is still on the fence and the delay in the race

  32. Pretty sure land Grant will be open for the race

  33. Love this smells great and smokes great!

  34. Good luck!! I went to high school in Watertown many years ago.

  35. Firelands sour papaya has some high Terp percentages

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