1. Liking the addition of Dee Dee's solo rap rock album.

  2. I know it's bad, but I'm sure owning a record of it has to be uncommon, atleast.

  3. Perhaps Scheller or McCombs if you want to enter tech.

  4. I have my disagreements with Ethan, but wouldn't call him a hypocrite.

  5. I liked him when I was first introduced to him almost 7 years ago. Regardless of his politics, I started to notice that what he was saying was more word salad and pseudoscience than it was legitimate psychology. Like can anyone explain Maps of Meaning without sounding like a ranting schizo?


  7. Honestly an underrated school. I'm sure if they had DI athletics, they may be more well known*

  8. It'd be nice if the limit wasn't 2 hours.

  9. Christ Community Church in Springfield has a YouTube channel under CCCSpringfield. I'm Episcopalian, but I try to watch their sermons when I can.

  10. They do a lot 😂😂😂 Especially nasa researchers 😂

  11. Inb4 "technically it's ephebophilia" comments from LibRight.

  12. God, I can't believe I'm agreeing with a fascist. Have my uovote.

  13. Borderline legally, but the male should know better. Now if it was a 4 year age difference in the 30's or something, he wouldn't be a pedo.

  14. No. Ir's unconstitutional but it's also used as political debate fodder by both major political parties.

  15. I mean I have mild depression, but I'm pretty sure that won't stop me from getting one.

  16. Jeff seems just as insufferable as David, but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't do the same to him. Hopefully David gets his just desserts.

  17. Not as based, but definitely more historically accurate.

  18. Those are the eyes of someone who isn't quite mentally sound but knows a greater threat to humanity when he sees one.

  19. Explain what you mean when they're too many Indians at CBS, then.

  20. The closest time I ever came to experience anti-white racism is the time the dad of the children I was playing with wouldn't allow me to enter his house for water. I was allowed water, but had to drink it outside.

  21. Spongorb is Sunni and Pwatri is Shiite. So they're both Muslim.

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