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  1. Maybe my bad fucks were less bad than yours. I’m pretty good at wanking. Actually.

  2. Yeah ive seen you do it, very indulgent and plenty of communication and aftercare

  3. Haha. Don’t take me so seriously.

  4. He didn’t want kids. True. He still wanted to fuck. True. He’s not too smart. True.

  5. Yeah. I wouldn’t do that.

  6. I start hyperventilating at 10 seconds.

  7. This guys killing me snd I don’t know why.

  8. This is a “fly til you die” kinda sport.

  9. Some really poor countries need birth control.

  10. What’s the hurry guys?

  11. Lost 8-10 inches of the room for this?

  12. Orchids fuck with you! Almost always die, except for a few lucky people. Keeps industry healthy.

  13. Weeks of mulling and this is what this POS comes up with?

  14. Talk about missing the point!

  15. A loser either way. But know a phony and a loser.

  16. You don’t know that. Second cumming.

  17. I wish people would stop flattering this guy!

  18. She got her 15 seconds at least.

  19. Russia calls these “vodka promises!”

  20. A whole lotta not-NSFW

  21. What else do they have to do? “Move a building? Sure, at least it’s not shoveling shit!”

  22. That gave me a woody. Don’t know why.

  23. What, you can’t eat a cake in a day?

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