1. Firendly reminder for my europoor brothers that jpow speaks at 7 pm today since ameritards haven't switched to winter time yet

  2. Stock market is normally good before midterms as the party in power does whatever it can to look good and delays anything that might look bad.

  3. I try to inverse myself. But I’m aware of the market makers knowing I inverse myself. So i inverse my inversion. The market makers must know this too. Fek

  4. $VIX The VIX is about to enter a golden cross. Last two times it happened:

  5. So fellow lotto winning bears- we selling at open, then reloading on the rubberband bounce mid morning? What are y’all going to do? Think we drill harder at open?

  6. I wonder how the english feel about their govt going rupt lmao

  7. Who trades oil like a true oil baron around here? What’s the price going to big bros?

  8. Just messy, messy, messy price action

  9. Hey guys. Do you have any tips to help a trader control their emotions. I am stuck in a loop of consistently making 100-200 bucks a day, for longer than 2 weeks, only to lose it in 1-4 trades over 1-2 days because I throw risk management out of the window when I get overconfident. How do I stop myself from doing this? I scaled up wayy to much wayy to early today which caused me to lose a lot of my profits, while in the days before I didn’t scale up much at all and I excersized proper risk management. I get way to overzealous after hitting some nice profits. Please help me, I am at my wits end. I got proof of me making 100-200 bucks a day for multiple weeks, if you need it.

  10. Set rules. Keep to rules. Be zen. I am still trying to learn this. I think practice is the only way.

  11. Alright guys which way are we going.. SPY 200 or SPY 500

  12. This is a nervously awaiting CPI kinda week.

  13. Thanks for this. I missed the gap down (was making tea!) But got in and held until I saw it bounce three times off what I thought was the bottom. It went a bit lower, but I got out with a teeny bit of profit (cos I also shorted at the bottom, sigh).

  14. ha ha ha had this yesterday. Is OK, I overtraded and handed back my day's profits, so that got rid of the fear.

  15. I've blown up my account 3 times, breaking my rules. :S My advice, take a break, paper trade to get in practice to keeping to your rules, learn small position sizes and not to get annoyed when you get stopped out too soon / miss a trade / oversize. Most my bad trading came from revenge trading or annoyence. It's easier to be zen with small positions.

  16. A note on symbols, you'd think that arrows ➡️ are pretty obvious right? The pointy end indicates the direction that you go or look. And comes from arrows as in bows j arrows. 🏹

  17. Last week i lost about 4k in puts i bought 3 months ago, they were $23 TQQQ puts. Of course just a week later the NASDAQ nosedives past my expired puts strike and takes my long positions along for the ride. I'm a clown in a clown market.

  18. Hmmmm, I'm kinda hoping I can become a profitable trader (not necessarily an expert one) whilst having another job. I clear my lunchtimes (I'm in the UK, the US market opens at lunch here) and keep an eye on things. It's not the type of day trading where you make tonnes of trades on small movements, but a few trades at open that you close later (if you're correct, or straightaway if you're not).

  19. Yes, it seems that battling my own psychology to get me to stick to the rules is currently more important than learning more TA. Although reading TA books is easier

  20. You don’t have to trade!! Economic conditions are basically telling you DONT TRADE!!

  21. I ignored your wise advice, and my own rules, to give back half of my profits from the 13th. (Got about half that back eventually).

  22. This might be controversial but I think that most people should only stick to a couple instruments. Stock selection seems like a waste of time when there's so much else that can be done to improve your performance that trying to find new stocks every day can lead to confusion and not staying in tune with the market over time.

  23. I agree. I watch about 10-12, and I was given the advice to start with only one or two and learn them well. It helps with position sizing also (you Tey switching from futures to forex!)

  24. Moving more money into account. Going to triple all dollars with puts

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